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Fronk :

Holy cow, Does anybody agree with me that the Miz and Jon Morrison vs Shannon Moore and Jimmy Wany Yang match on the latest ECW show was a hell of a good match? Holy crap, even though they lost, Shannon Moore did a hell of a good job. Shannon Moore has so much potential and they definatley need to let him do his stuff and get him out of jobbing to people. Maybe they should send him to ECW so he can get more attention on that show instead of a huge show like smackdown since they took away the cruiserwight title. Your comments or thoughts??

ramon t :
"I want to see a longer rematch of this. That match was great and Im getting surprised that the miz is getting better."
«G6260» :
"The Hardy Boyz ruined Shannon Moore's Career. He should have stayed in TNA where he could have become a seirous contender for the X Title, instead of returning to the WWE to perform in a division that has long since been dead."
Air Guitar Goddess :
"I totally agree with you. Shannon Moore and Jimmy Wang Yang are awesome. He was on ECW before, back when it first came back. He had a stupid goth gimmick though. And he was a heel, being put against CM Punk. But yeah, he's much better than WWE gives him credit for."
junky_pal :
"yea... i dont watch boring tag team matches with such boring people and i dont watch ecw so....."
ummpaxlummpa :
"I saw that, with Yang wang that was a pretty good match, especially when Wang Yang flipped Morrison that was pretty sweet, But yeah Moore and Wang make a good tag team."
Rated-R Avatar (4-UP) :
"I agree that it was a great match, i would like to see it again. Moore and Yang are a good team, as much as i hate Jimmy Wang Yangs gimmick i have to admit he can wrestle. Moore is wildly underrated and Miz and Morrison are great. Morrison has always been one of the best and the Miz to everyone surprise has gotten alot better. Maybe we can see a feud between these two teams, instead of letting Jesse and Festus (dumbest gimmick in WWE) have the spotlight."
[S]te[V]en...EcW rules!! :
"i want shannon moore to go to ecw cuz i like him and i want to see him get a push and more air time plus he could always be a no.1 conteder for the ecw heavy weight title soon"
dAmIAnOO :
"i missed ecw last tuesday but shannon was in ECw already and he lost every single fight that he was in ( he was feuding with cm punk) maybe thats why he come to smackdown but i guess that he and jimmy will be next wwe tag team champs"
blackstar :

Shannon is a member of our team and when i come to activities outside work, Shannon usually ducks out of them. The whole team is going out for a drink after work on friday and Shannon is already making excuses not to come but says she will still make it! Do you think she'll show up?

Oeuf :
"Shannon sounds like she has a baby!"
gillett66 :
"No that b*tch never comes out with the team."
Katies Price Is Always Right. :
"Shannon sounds like she thinks she will get to drunk and start dancing on the table... or do something stupid... that would be a party and a half."
dave_lyss420 :
"is she married? does she have a controlling type husband? are you all male. maybee she just really doesnt dig you guys"
Diana D :
"ahhhhhhhhhhh my crazy eight ball looks probable - or not - or maybe so. Tell Shannon you'd really like to have her help you all celebrate the holidays. Let her know she is an important part of your team and chances are she may join you all for at least a little drink. Good luck!"
doctorslapnut :
"I did Shannon last week,"
Chris :
"i'm sorry but i cannot tell you what one person will or won't do what i can say is its probable! Congrats Gillett and doctorslapnut your my first two reports to yahoo today!"
Adreeene :
"I think she doesn't like you guys, so NO she won't go"
amsterdam :
"Isn't it enough that she has to work with you ? Does she have to socialise as well ? She probably has her own friends"
Chad :
"you should ask her, and then get her real drunk."
Mrs.Phil Brooks aka CM Punk :

Does anyone else agree that Shannon Moore should be the Cruiserweight Champion. Shannon Moore is a great wrestler and he is the best wrestler in his division. I think he should hold the belt.

Undertaker-RIP- PAC :
"in due time yes"
asr_yuk :
wwelover_33 :
"I agree with you. They should at least give him a chance."
Superman :
"no i think his whole gimmick whatever it is is kinda out there and he doesnt deserve it because hes only been in a few matches. Plus i think Jimmy Wang Yang deserves one,but now that reys coming back i dont see that coming anytime soon"
HBK&Edge :
"Shannon Moore is a very good wrestler but, I'd rather have Gregory Helms be Cruiserweight Champion again."
Waggyhang :
"Rey is gunna hold it for a long time i think...."
Randino Cage Gonzales :
"Yeah Shannon Moore is underrated he deserves the title more than Jimmy Wang Yang and Chavo"
***ME*** :
"yeah but not the best in the divison"
jeff hardy's #1fan :
The WWE Fan :
"You are Correct. He deserves more than he is getting."
Y2J :
"HELL YA !!!!!!!!!!"
True wrestling fan(pac) :
"yes shannon moore is underrated he is very good im glad he dropped the mohawk and makeup he's one a lot better since then."
psychominion :
"Yeah, But The Top Cruisers In That Division Have To Be As Of Late; Chavo G., Gregory Helms, Rey Mysterio, Jimmy Wang Yang."


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Is it too early to label Randy Shannon the king of college recruiting? I would say yes, but that doesn't mean he isn't being crowned on message boards across the nation after Vaughn Telemaque committed to the 'Canes last night...

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Passengers on an Air Canada flight from Toronto to London said the co-pilot was restrained after yelling and "invoking God" while at the controls of the Boeing 767. The flight diverted to Shannon airport in Ireland early on Monday and the crewmember was taken to a nearby psychiatric hospital.

Date: 2008-02-05 20:21:49

Shannon is member of Republican Youth of America, Hawkish Republicans, and GOP Republicans on MySpace. She is also college coed with a love for animals. The brunette has an all American fresh look

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