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// Early life and careerSeward was born in Florida, New York, a community (which since has incorporated as a village) in Orange County, New York. His parents were Dr. Samuel Sweazy Seward (December 5, 1768-August 4, 1849) and Mary Jennings Seward (November 27, 1769-December 11, 1844).He attended Union College, studying law, and graduated in 1820, with high honors. He married Frances Adeline Miller on October 20, 1824, after meeting in 1821. They raised five children:Augustus Henry Seward (1826–1876)Frederick William Seward (1830–1915)Cornelia Seward (1836–1837)William Henry Seward, Jr.

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Jessica - :

To everyone who lives or has lived in Seward Alaska. I am moving to Seward with my boyfriend July 19th. (Im so excited) I wanna know what you guys like about it. We also are going to look for a place after we get jobs, so if you know what to avoid or places that are nice let us know. We already have a place to stay so we can save money to move into our own place

Big K :
"I think you should have jobs and a place to live before moving there."
verilita :
"While I haven't lived there I've been to Seward enough times to give you a good sense of the town. It's rather small and has a quaint feel to it. Being small there are not a lot of amenities (only 1-2 grocery stores, no fast food places etc.) but what Seward lacks in modern stuff it makes up for with cool family owned restaurants and charm."
Cart10 :
"I too haven't lived there but have visited enough to know that it's one of my favourite places! Incredible views - no matter which direction you look. Every time I'm there I spend time at Exit Glacier - truly amazing! If you need city life or something other than nature to entertain you, Seward probably isn't the place. It's a very small town - job opportunities probably aren't abundant, especially off-season. Best of luck with your move!"
mairzydoatz :

What was 'Seward's Folly'? - and how much did it cost? Who was Seward???? Put your thinking caps on.

seemorebetter :
"purchase of AK. from russia Three million"
Claire W :
"Seward's Folly was the purchase of Alaska from Russia. It was commonly called the Polar Bear Garden. Seward was the Seceratary of State. Finally, Alaska cost about $7,200,000 (about 1.9¢ per acre)"
Andy :
"William Seward was Secretary of State under Lincoln and Johnson. He strongly believed in the coast-to-coast destiny of the U.S. and that we were slated to become one of the world's great powers and democracies. To this end, picking up Alaska from the Russians was an opportunity he just couldn't pass on! He began to negotiate with the Russians, before even getting approval from the President. It was a hard fought deal. The cabinet saw the immediate value of purchasing Alaska and the idea saw little opposition at this point. The senate didn't feel the same way -- the Alaskan Purchase was approved there by just one vote! When the deal was finally inked it cost the U.S. $7.2 million -- about 2.5 cents an acre for an area twice the size of Texas."
mistersato :

I am planning a visit to Anchorage in late July with my wife and 7 year-old daughter. We're planning a day trip to Seward for a sled dog tour, but the train back to Anchorage leaves late that afternoon, leaving us with time to kill in Seward. Is Seward and Resurrection Bay a good place to kayak? Can anyone recommend a good kayaking tour or rental company? I'm looking at Backcountry Safaris right now, so if anyone can comment on that company in particular, that would be especially helpful. Thanks!

Cierra S :
"I dont know if kyacking is good but when your down there in Sewerd the Sea Life Center is always a good place to visit."
aksnowman31 :
"not too sure about seward, but kayaking in Whittier is absolutly wonderful.. I live in Anchorage, and I've kayaked Whittier several times.. There are rentals right there on the water, but I can't remember the name of the company.. Enjoy"
Arthur R :
"Backcountry is a good company accordingly to some friends who used them in 2005. They took a trip that lasted most of the day and were well satisfied. We spent a week in Seward last year, I wanted to try the kayaking thing but my wife wasn't capable. We canoe in the lower 48, but kayaking was to demanding for her. Resurrection Bay is pretty large and your time might be limited to really do a good trip. Check their short trips and maybe you'll find something you like. Have a good trip if you do. Alaskan Girl had a good idea with the Sea Life Center. There are enough things to see and do to keep you busy for a day. You'll see many animals and birds that you might miss otherwise. If you can catch a ride out to Exit Glacier there's many hours to be spent out there. There's several trails to different sections of the glacier."


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Legendary street artists move up to the roof at Seward Park High School Brian and Matthew Lentini created a tribute to Lower East Side pickles with mock movie posters starring pickles.

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Stephen Seitz wrote this book after reportedly discovering a cache of unpublished journals and letters of the personable but bumbling Dr. John Watson, Holmes' old friend. This story presents the personal views and experiences of Dr. Watson, Jonathan Harker, and Dr. Seward side by side in an entertaining way, unlike other Holmes-Dracula tales.

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It is not generally remembered, but the assassination of Abraham Lincoln was part of a larger conspiracy. Not only was Booth set to kill Lincoln, a couple co-conspirators were sent to kill the Vice President, Andrew Johnson, and the Sec. of State, William Seward.

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MUSKEGON -- The Muskegon Family YMCA has revoked the memberships of 20 people because they are on the state's sex offender list.Chief Executive Luke Seward said the agency's insurance carrier suggested looking at adopting a policy of not allowing sex offenders to be members. The board of directors approved the new policy in September, and lette

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Situated at the head of Resurrection Bay on the Kenai Peninsula, Seward is one of Alaska’s oldest and most scenic communities. Known as the 'Gateway to Kenai Fjords National ...

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