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Twin Cities Edinburgh, United Kingdom, since 1985. Bristol, United Kingdom, since 1991. Marysville, United States, since 2001. Famous SegoviansJuan BravoPedro DelgadoNicomedes GarcíaAndrés LagunaCandido Lopez (Mesonero Mayor de Castilla)Aniceto MarinasCayetano Redondo AceñaFlorentino Trapero

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forthegoodtimes :

Please help. I am doing a project on Segovia for my Spanish class,and I need to include one famous person from Segovia. I can't seem to find anythinggg. I just need one person. Maybe some links to helpful resource sites for Segovia. Anything would be appreciated. Thanks(:

Diego G :
"Famous Segovians Juan Bravo Pedro Delgado Nicomedes García Andrés Laguna Aniceto Marinas Cayetano Redondo Aceña Florentino Trapero i have tons of information"
Encantar :
"One more to add to the list above. Perhaps it may help, but it may be interesting to read about him. "Doctor D. Pedro González de Velasco""
Ana :
"Juan Bravo Pedro Delgado San Frutos Nicomedes García Andrés Laguna Agapito Marazuela Aniceto Marinas Florentino Trapero Comandante Director Músico y Catedrático D. Miguel Sacristán Ramos Esteban Vicente Arsenio Martínez-Campos Politician and had a brilliant career in Cuba Eva Hache Showoman Lucía Jiménez Actress Rebeca Jiménez Julián González Actor"
Iain :
"Candido. The founder of the famous restaurant! Crayfish soup, followed by roast suckling pig then ice cream."
astronomy :

How did Andres Segovia elevate the guitar as a stringed instrument in the classical society?

Steve S :
"This sounds like a homework assignment - so, do your homework, junior! There is so much on the web if you just look for it, so don't be so lazy!"
hfrankmann :
"Segovia was the first classical musician whose records I bought. His popularity was based on his talent and intelligence but also luck. At a time when baroque music was just becoming popular he played many pieces by Bach and Telemann transcribed for guitar."
refugio :
"I believe it had partly to do with his personality and charisma, in addition to his talent. I once attended a concert of his at UCLA, and even in his old age there was something absolutely riveting about the man. He poured his soul into what was already great music, and it became even greater."
brian777999 :
"The guitar at the beginning of the twentieth century had fallen from grace and was no longer regarded as a serious instrument. The young Segovia disagreed with this he managed to bring the guitar back into prominence. He gave concerts in public, performings pieces such as Bach's Chaconne for violin (transcribed by Segovia for guitar). The critics and public were amazed that the guitar could be made to sound like this and gradually the guitar became accepted as a serious instrument again, not just a "toy" or something for young ladies to learn to accompany them while they sing. His importance in the guitar world cannot be overestated as he brought recognition of the guitar to the whole world. "
eatyourself666 :

hello, i've been listening to segovia for a year or so now and i really admire his playing, im looking for more guitarists of similiar fortitude to check out...seeking suggestions of what that might be! thanks

Nicnac :
"Nobody is quite like Segovia... What you want is not someone similar but accomplished in their own right. Try Christopher Parkening."
Matt A :
"I've always loved the California Guitar Trio. Very different, but you should like it. Matt"


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Date: 2008-02-05 20:14:20

One of my favourite places to buy food in Toronto is Segovia Meat Market in Kensington Market. It's also known as La Casa del Chorizo and it's where I’ve been buying my chorizo for years. Leonard Segovia is the proprietor and a friend, and I like to think of him as the Chorizo King because he runs the first Latino butcher shop in Canada.

Date: 2008-02-05 20:14:20

Amazing article about the lineage of electric guitar!

Date: 2008-02-05 20:14:20

The founder of one of the largest internet search engines, participated as the key speaker at the International MBA program inauguration. 285 students attended it at the IE business school, 91% of them foreign, from 51 countries.

Date: 2008-02-05 20:14:20


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Well, sorry for another audio clip (bastards took down some of my video clips), but this one is especially worth listening to. The great master himself playi.
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