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Seattle (pronounced /siˈætəl/) is a coastal port city and the largest city in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States. It is located in the state of Washington between an arm of the Pacific Ocean called Puget Sound and Lake Washington, in King County—of which it is the county seat—about 96 miles (154 km) south of the Canada – United States border.The Seattle area has been inhabited for at least 4,000 years, but European settlement began only in the mid-19th century. The first permanent white settlers—Arthur A. Denny and those subsequently known as the Denny

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Karen :

Im planning to go to Seattle on mid June but i have no idea where to go and see while im there, can somebody help me and tell me what are the best places to see and visit

Bunny :
"Space needle, Boeing museum, and the Fresh Market at the square."
bsbfan95 :
"Space Needle (only if it's sunny)! EMP, waterfront, OR Ride the Ducks! It takes you on a tour all around Seattle and even in the water!"
SeaGirl :
"That should be a great time to visit!! I would recommend these tourist attractions: 1.Space Needle 2.Pacific Science Center(in the same vicinity as space needle) 3.The experience music project 4. There are carnival rides around all 3 of the above 5.Pike Place Market(you can buy fresh produce or local products, plus you can see the "flying fish market") 6.5th avenue(great shopping) 7.See a play at the paramount theater 8.If you have a rental car snoqualmie falls!(30 min. drive from seattle, totally worth it though) 9. Pacific Center(good shopping) 10.Go to Gelatiamo(the greatest Ice Cream place in seattle, take a cab to it, its about a 10 minute cab ride or you can walk there depending on where you are, if you are near the waterfront you can walk there) 11.Gameworks(a gamers paradise!) 12.The metropolitan grill(top 10 steak place in the country) 13.Go on an argosy cruise 14.Go to Fremont to shop at boutiques and see the troll under the bridge(seriously!!) Have a great trip and hope this helps you!!"
johnathon_alexis :

I am planning on writing a short story in which a character travels by car from Seattle to NYC, how long would it take? And what major cities/ landmarks are they likely to hit on the way there? I live in the UK so I am unaware of this.

buffalokimbg :
"It is 2,840 miles from Seattle to NYC. It would take approximately 55 hours to get to that destination if you're traveling 60 miles per hour on average."
mellotron :

My wife and 4yo daughter are considering moving from the bay area of California to Seattle. We are making a trip to Seattle in a few weeks to check it out. But what areas should we check out? We are seeking quiet, safe and quaint neighborhoods/towns with a sense of community. I work in the tech field (user research) so can't be too far from possible employers (tough one I know). Anyway, what towns outside of Seattle and neighborhoods inside of Seattle should we consider. Oh, gotta have good schools.

cynthia :
OhIluvEm :
"I would recommend Madrona. Its a nice area and close to Lake Washington, Trader Joes & Madison Market. They have great private schools such as Bush. I would not recommened going to the Madrona K-8 just because the kids seem un-cilivalized. Also: Seward Park, MT. Baker, Leschi, Lake Washington. I would stay away from these areas: South Seattle: Just around Rainer Ave and Rainer Beach H.S. The closer your to Lake Washington is when the people nice and trustworthy. White Center: Trash and lots of drugs Burien: Same as above Anywhere along Pacific/International HWY is just a calling to get robbed. Central District: Its so-so but again the closer your to the Lake the better. But, the people are nice even though they look like there in gangs. They are very nice its just they dress that way. The only bad thing is there use of language. I even had one of them save my daughter from almost falling out of her carrier and not to mention help on the bus. ."
cammie4ever :
"I think Mukilteo is the best area because there are great job openings (like at Penguin Windows) and the schools are amazing. the people there are great, the the neighborhoods are really nice and safe. The houses are on sale for really good prices too, you can save lots of money just by buying a house there instead of in Seattle. Good Luck!!!"
rooster_nugget :
"inside seattle - magnolia, ballard and queen anne hill. outside - shoreline?"


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Date: 2008-10-10 10:42:24

The Green Bay Packers travel to Seattle to take on the Seahawks after reeling from three straight losses. Last week (NFL week 5), Green Bay Packers played against Atlanta Falcons...

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Find locations in Boston, Seattle and SF with this cool website that explains the unique process and unique beans being used at the few stores.

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This week on Greys Anatomy A plumbing leak becomes a deluge and wreaks havoc at Seattle Grace, as the Chief attempts to implement new teaching policies and George tries to retake his residency exam. Meanwhile Derek hopes to make some changes at Meredith’s house.

Date: 2008-10-10 10:42:24

Preparing fresh foods from Seattle's Ballard Farmer's Market.

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