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The Scottish Highlands (Scottish Gaelic: A' Ghàidhealtachd) include the rugged and mountainous regions of Scotland north and west of the Highland Boundary Fault. The Great Glen divides the Grampian Mountains to the southeast from the Northwest Highlands. The Highlands are popularly described as one of the most scenic regions of Europe.The area is generally sparsely populated, with many mountain ranges dominating the region. Before the 19th century however the Highlands was home to a much larger population, but due to a combination of factors including the outlawing of the traditional Highlan

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ren w :

Hi i recently met a man from Tain in the scottish highlands and i noticed he had a Geordie sounding accent why is this? do the population of Tain have a geordie sounding accent? and if so why? thanks

Trevor :
"Tain is in the Scottish Highlands north of Inverness. People born and raised in this area will have a very pronounced Scottish accent. Perhaps your friend was originally from Tyneside, home of the Geordie accent, or maybe that's where his parents are from and he's developed his accent from them."
robski :
"People from this area do indeed have a very unique accent which has no relation to the "Scots tongue" spoken in the rest of Scotland outside the Highlands. Traditionally the Gaelic language would have been spoken here, but that was before 1746. With the defeat of the Jacobite's that year the population was forced to speak English by the British authorities. Sadly failure to do so often resulted in their deaths. Hence speaking English in the Highlands is still relatively new and it has consistently been muted that the the people who speak the purest form of English in the U.K. are from the Inverness area. However the accent is not a familiar one to the majority of people in the UK unless they have visited the area. Many have likened it to an Irish accent, but I have never heard of it been mistaken for a Geordie one. Please visit this stunningly scenic area and find out for yourselves."
kawergen :

My holiday will last for approx. 2 weeks and I would like to travel the scottish highlands, therefore I would like to know the best sightseeing places there are. Any help to find those would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

jenko2005 :
"Loch ness, Go and see NESSIE!!!!!"
scud :
"dunno about the best places, just stay out of glasgow!!"
chezza3232 :
"Edinburgh is the most beautiful city...I loved it...been there many times. Glen Coe is amazing! Visit Glamis Castle - in Angus Visit St Andrews...lovely place My best friend lives just outside of Glamis in Balkeerie Village. It is won't want to come home! Train service is great...or rent a car to see the small villages"
lothien :
"Definitely stop in Fort William and hike Ben Nevis ("ben" means "mount" or "mountain" in Scots Gaelic). Ben Nevis is the highest point in the UK. It has some of the most beautiful scenery I've ever seen, and I'm a traveler! Be prepared, though; the trip up and back will take you most of the day. Wear comfortable broken-in hiking boots, and carry water and snacks, preferably something like an energy bar. You'll need it! Oh, but it's so worth it...."
parsonsel :
"Don't forget to visit Stirling"
monkeyface :
"Edinburgh is not in the highlands. Go north from Edinburgh up to Aberdeen where you can go on a tour of distilleries, castles, mountains, historic sites etc. Go to a "Visit Scotland" tourist office & they will be able to point you to the type of events & places you want to see & supply details of buses, accommodation etc. Have a good holiday. One last piece of advice - avoid Dundee if possible (it is a hole of a place)."
Jim :
"Head west from Edinburgh along the M9 and visit Linlithgow (ruins of royal palace). Then head on along the M9 to Stirling (the city and castle are worth a visit). Head up the A9 to Perth and carry on up the A9 to Inverness. You will want to have a look at places like Pitlochry, Blair Castle and some of the Speyside whisky distilleries ;-) From Inverness you can head east along the coast and visit towns such as Elgin, Nairn, Peterhead, Fraserburgh and so on. You might also want to take detours to places like Balmoral Castle (the queen's Highland retreat in the summer) and Braemar (home of the royal Highland Games). On returning to Inverness you will want to go down the Great Glen and see Loch Ness and you can carry on to Fort William. you have a few choices. One is to head up the west coast but I would recommend heading in a loop to take in Eilen Donnan Castle and back to Inverness. This will allow you to head north up the east coast until you reach John O'Groats. If you are really adventurous you might want to visit the Orkney and/or Shetland Isles. You then want to go along the north coast and start down the west coast. You will want to visit Ullapool and possibly consider a visit to the Outer Hebrides. Further down the coast you will want to visit Plockton before a visit to Skye. Heading south again you pass through Fort William on the way to Oban. Here you have a choice of visiting more islands such as Mull. From Oban you want to head inland to Crianlarich before following the road down Loch Lomond. Head east along the bottom of Loch Lomond and make sure you visit Aberfoyle and Queen Elizabeth Forest Park. From here you can start to make your way back to Edinburgh. There are many more places worth visiting but I hope this gives an outline of what is possible. Have a great holiday :-)"
The Old Moo! :
"Well, I think that you should visit St Andrews (I know it's not the Highlands, but it's special!) If you're in the area, you could also visit Anstruther, Elie, Crail, Pittenweem - lovely little towns. Then, Perth, Aviemore, Inverness, Fort William, Oban - take the time to have a trip to Mull; it would also be good to visit the Crinan Canal; Inveraray, Loch Lomond or Helensburgh and then back to Edinburgh. I'd also recommend Glasgow - but think you should take another week's holiday to enjoy the City of Kultur! The Old Moo!"
rubydoo :
"It all depends on whether or not you have a car. It is much easier if you have a car. If you do, you can stay in Inverness and travel to a lot of scenic villages, like Glen Coe, Pitlochry, and Beauly. You can also visit Loch Ness, take a ride down the Great Glen way, and go see some fantastic waterfalls. Otherwise you have to rely on the train and bus services, which is what I did. The bus will get you from one village to the next, but you miss out on things like waterfalls, unless you are willing to walk miles and miles."
miss_jojo :
"Most of the answers are great - having lived in Scotland, I can particularly recommend Jim's answer, although it does seem very ambitious for two weeks! And Rubydoo is right, if you want to see a lot, rent a car. To help you prepare, make sure you check out this website: It highlights the best attractions of each region, and the map will give you an idea of the distance between Edinburgh and the Highlands. You can look at the kind of activities you are interested in and already work out a rough itinerary. If you can't rent a car, have a look at their site: And you absolutely must see Skye and Glencoe - it's mindblowing."
mishka_aurora :

We are planning to get married in The Scottish Highlands in Spring but I can't find any Registry Offices to look at online. Gretna Green has a very pretty Office but it's too far from where we are staying in Spean Bridge (Near Fort William).

iiitttsssaaadoozy :
"I don't know if you will find it pretty exactly, but I got married on the Isle of Skye - the register office, situated in the pretty harbour of Portree, was next to the hardware shop. While it was hardly the most beautiful office, the countryside around is fabulous so it may be worth a look. Have a great day."
sparkleythings_4you :
"Gretna Green is very commercial, although pretty. All of the major towns should have a registry office, try Inverness and Aberdeen, or use they have a venue search on that site."
ladyfromdrum :
"Inverness is a lovely city. It has the River Ness running through it and is set in some of the most beautiful scenery and only an hour and a half drive from Spean Bridge. I don't know what the Registry Office is like though but I hope you have a lovely day."
mary k :
"We got married recently in Dunoon. The setting is grest and only a cple of hours from Fort William. The registry office is in the Castle itself. You should find it under Dunoon Castle House on the web. If you need any phone numbers etc let me know and i'll pass them on to you. Good luck xxx"


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Date: 2008-02-05 20:12:43

Interesting article on Anna Metzler designing Corsets in the Scottish Highlands

Date: 2008-02-05 20:12:43 its like Myspace with a heart and soul (and controls that work) and its based here in The Highlands of Scotland. is a well developed Scottish MP3 community which is expanding rapidly, we topped 1/2 a million page hits last month. Its particularly useful for promoting artists or your selves in Scotland, its the place tobe

Date: 2008-02-05 20:12:43

WINNER! #1 Card/Mahjong Game of 2007 Pull out your clubs (and your diamonds, hearts and spades) and enjoy a round of Fairway Solitaire! This exciting new card game includes 70 unique courses in locations ranging from exotic forests to Scottish highlands. Fairway Solitaire...

Date: 2008-02-05 20:12:43

I was very pleased to finish off my Scottish holiday and come away with a photo of the traditional highland cow, and i was treated here as she had her young with her. Added: Animal photography

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