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Sardinia is separated from Corsica by the Strait of Bonifacio.Sardinia is a generally mountainous island dotted with a few coastal plains. The island's mountains are divided into three ranges; the highest peaks are in the middle section of the island. Gennargentu, at 6,016 feet (1,834 m), is the highest point in Sardinia. Sardinia has few major rivers; the largest river on the island is the Tirso, which has a length of 94 miles (151 km) and flows into the Mediterranean Sea. The island has a Mediterranean climate, with hot, dry summers and very mild winters. The climate in

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Plantgirl :

I'm going to Sardinia in 2 weeks time. Staying in the south. I want to know which are the most scenic parts of the island (In reasonable driving distance from Cagliari.) I want to see the real sardinia and keep away from the tourists.

*Aquamarine* :
"Well, I'm Italian and I've been in's just fantstic, but I don't know where you can see the "real Sardinia"... A boat trip it's an easy way to discover the hidden places of our beautiful sea... Enjoy your holiday ;)"
Craig G :
"Oh you're in for a treat! Sardinia is my most favourite place in the world and the south is very beautiful - I used to live there! You will find great scenery in either direction of Cagliari. 1) If you head East, after about 30-40 minutes of driving, the roads begin to climb up the cliffs, with the crystal blue sea below, you then turn the corner and you come to stunning views of Mari pintau (meaning painted sea cos it's so blue) Continue along the coastline and you will pass many sandy beaches lapped by turquoise waters until eventually reaching Vilaasimius with a wonderful long stretch of sand and again that beautiful water. If you continue along the coastal road towards east, you will come to yet another favoutite place called Costa Rei - again a long sandy beach which will remind you of the Caribbean. To head back to cagliari, take the road that goes through the mountains for more stunning scenery 2) The other option is to head West. Again at first the scenery won't impress you until well out of cagliari and close to Pula. Follow the coastal road in direction of Chia. Once you reach Pula the scenery becomes nicer and you will come to some very nice beaches in Chia. If you continue further past Chia you will come to another wonderful beach called Tuerredda. you'll know when you're there because it will take your breath away with it's blue water and stip of sand coming out to sea! Again looks tropical! If you wish to continue, you can keep going until you reach Porto Pino...a nice stretch of beach that if you walk East along it you will come to powder white and impressive sand dunes which sweep down to the sea! Remember, the south is not that touristy - the hordes tend to head for the not miss the coastline - it's Sardinia's speciality and it's not difficult to find quite coves. Hope this is helpful...Sardinia is wondeful....whatever you do, don't stay in one place...go and explore....30 minutes from Cagliari in both directions and you're in heaven!"
swenson0 :

Have you been to Sardinia ? How did you like it ? Was it expensive there ? What would the weather be there in Spetember ?

"It's great-it will be early spring!"
daddybear :
"yes been there in the summer a while ago, enjoyed it and worth hiring a car and doing the coast round trip. I enjoyed my time there."
pierluisa :
"Sardinia is wonderful. It is early fall now, but you can probably still swim, especially in the south."
Elisabetta :
"hi! I'm from Milano! I like sardegna!! is a little bit expensive, especially Porto Cervo, where there are vips! In september the weather is warm..(is it right word?), you can go in a water, and swim, I went to San Teodoro two years ago, near Olbia, there the beaches are like carribean !! Beautiful!! bye"
stephen m :
"For the best information - go to an Italian Travel Agent and he'll make you an offer that you can't refuse!"
flavia :
"Hi... my grandparents are from there and I go there every summer... it's the best sea of Italy, great food... but it is a bit expensive, just think it is the summer place of Italian's VIP. the most expensive area ( and when i say expensive i mean REALLY expensive, also to eat an ice-cream) is near Costa Smeralda... if you wants to save some money could go near Villasimius(Costa Rey) , is south-east of Sardinia... i always go there, the sea is great... in September weather is cooler, i've been 1 year in September but i didn't liked because it was too windy ... if you need some information you can ask me!"
Antonio :

Hello! We were planning on a trip to Sicily this summer but now we're thinking of Sardinia because we've seen some stunning pictures in the web and also because we have the impression it might be less crowded. Which would you recommend? Bear in mind that either way we plan on getting a rental car and we like to see the sights besides going to the beach. Thanks.

Andy W :
"Sardinia definately - yes, it is less crowded and you'll get a better flavour of older, more rural Italy - Sardinian cuisine is absolutely fantastic. Have a good trip, Andy :-)"
andrew s :
"Both are lovely but I prefer Sardinia. In terms of history and interesting towns I would say Sicily though. I sometimes just get the impression that Sicily looks very dirty and some of the stunning beaches have been ruined by people building illegal houses on them. Many of the others look like local rubbish dumps."
hressay :
"Sardinia has wonderful beaches, but if you are also interested in visiting towns and historic sites Sicily is much better."
martox45 :
"Let me tell you the truth. I'm not the Bible but a few things posted in previous answers are simply not true and you run the risk to decide based on misinformed suggestions. 1.-In summer season Sicily's resorts are widely less crowded than Sardinia.It's not my feeling, it's the reality. 2.- Probably natural landscape is nicer in Sardinia but not that different. Also waters of Sicily are just a bit less transparent but we cannot say they're dirty. 3.- Moving by car it's much easier in Sicily then in Sardinia. Aside the less crowded ways it's also a fact of motorways being totally absent in Sardinia. Routes of Sardinia are really narrow and with a lot of bends. 4.- Archeological sites (well present in both islands) are widely most interesting in Sicily. Agrigento, Siracusa, Taormina and Selinunte haven't any correspondent in Sardinia where the most interesting thing is the "nuraghe", a kind of small very ancient (3/4000 years backdated) building made by stones. 5.- The Sicilian cooking is tastier (and with a wider choice) than the one of Sardinia. In Sardinia you will enjoy good meals. I don't want say that's bad, but in Sicily it's far better. Also wines of Sicily are best renowned. 6.- I don't see differences about people being friendly or places being dirthy. I consider they are absolutely similar. 7.- Last but not least in general cost for hotels and restaurants (as well as the cost of common items) are rather cheaper in Sicily than in Sardinia. Just to support my preference I'm passing you the link to a site (is in Italian but it's enough you click on the names to get pictures of landscapes,monuments and other interesting things that Sicily can offer you)"
etna_enrico :
"for advice send a mail to i suggest you sicily for more info have a look here"
macka :
"Graceful apartment on the island of Ortigia to endowed Siracusa.Ideale for two or three persons of all comfort.A the little meters from greater monuments and the sea. Convenient prices, a house on one island.Biancheria comprised, consumption of light, gas and water and final pulizie comprised in the price you can visite the web-site bye bye"
tweedy778 :
"okay I have been living here in Sicily for 5 year(going on 6) and I can tell you that Sicily stinks!!! BUT!!!!!!! There are amazing site to be seen! I have not been to sardinia though. My offering is only of SIcily! I know that there are many beaches(its an island) that are to die for. It does look as if it were a 3rd world country though! But you would have too look behind that to see the real "Sicily". Catiana has an amazing nighit life! Messina is very busy and if you have a chance hit up the SIgonella base area! American's all around! And there is the Taromini area that is just beautiful! White beaches the whole deal! I think Sicily is just amazing to visit and if you wanna visit the main land the ferry is in Messina that cost very little. Also you have the "Eolie islands" that are like a "mini American" that are so damn beautiful! Good luck"


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