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Anny07 :

i would like to know the type of volcano cone? when last erupted & type of erruption? historical eruptions? human, environmental, and economic impact? other interesting stories about the eruptions or the region and its people?

lykovetos :
"The several islands are on the ring of the original caldera. The volcanic explosion that occurred about 500 BC produced a tsunami that destroyed the Minoan civilization on Crete to the South."
Depy greece!! :
"it was not the tsunami that destroyed the minoans. it was the poisonous gases too. and here is what wikipedia says on this The eruption of Santorini volcano in Greece in about 1650 B.C. was one of the largest (VEI=6) in the last 10,000 years. About 7 cubic miles (30 cubic km) of rhyodacite magma was erupted. The plinian column during the initial phase of the eruption was about 23 miles (36 km) high. The removal of such a large volume of magma caused the volcano to collapse, producing a caldera. Ash fell over a large area in the eastern Mediterranean and Turkey. The eruption probably caused the end of the Minoan civilization on the island of Crete. There is also a school of thought that suggests that the “parting” of the Red Sea might have been caused by event. Although this is only conjecture."
cpinatsi :
"I agree with the above, and also you might be interested to know that there was a major incident - I don't remember if it was just an earthquake or if there were gases coming out of the volcano too, in the 1950's, causing many damages to Santorini. Then the people were abandoning the island and selling their houses very cheap, because they were very scared. Whoever bought them is now rich, as you understand, as Santorini is now a very touristic island."
mkn :

I am traveling to Santorini with a group of 7-11 people in a couple of days. We are looking for a place to stay. So far, we are clueless! There are a few kids (ages 9-16) in the group, and we are looking for a hotel close to Fira or Firostefani(main towns) ... We've been looking around, but so far, most rooms are booked, or they are made for a maximum of two people. If any of you have any suggestions for a good place to stay, a good website to search for hotels, or any other advice for our very large un-Santorini crowd, please let me know! Thanks!

G Detroit :
" Have a great time what a spectacular trip. Make sure to hike the volcano. I stayed with a friend when I went so I cant help with a hotel."
~Nanoose~ :
"look outside the main cities....there are some smaller hotels. but you will LOVE it!!!! it is truly the most magical place I have ever been too. If you'd like I can send you some pics.. and dont miss the sunset at Ia, it is known for its beauty around the world"
scousebabestar :

looking to get married in either sorrento or santorini i have never been to sorrento or santorini. which do you think would be more romantic? anyone married in either destanation? does anyone recommend any fab hotels? Thanks in advance

kikipania :
"Maybe you should do some research before you decide on the destination...."
jed slade :
"both are extremely lovely but both are volcanic,sorrento is where you land at the bottom of the cliffs in the town to get to etna,the volcano and santorini is a giant caldera or volcanic crater full of sea water in the centre."
"I have been to both these destinations and each has it's own appeal. Sorrento is a beautiful place with some stunning scenery along the Amalfi coastline and there are some beautiful villages to visit inland. Santorini is an amazing island with unbelievable views from the top, gorgeous black sand beaches and superb sunsets. If you want quiet and relaxed go to Santorini, if you like it a little more livelier go to Sorrernto. My own opinion......Santorini. Either way you will have a great time. Hope this helps."
Jim Brick :
"Santorini for sure. You'll have far more beautiful wedding pictures there. And I think the hospitality there is among the best of all the places I have visited. Quiet and peaceful. There are two very different worlds on each side of the main island. Had our honeymoon there. It was perfect. Congrats."
KjC :
"my sister in law got married in Sorrento just over a year ago.I was bridesmaid and my fiance was best man.It was truly amazing.It is the most beautiful place I've ever been.we stayed in the hotel Michelangelo,which was excellent.It is right on the main street and only 5 minutes walk away from the piazza,but it is a quiet hotel!They got married in the 14th century cloisters which is right beside the cliffs so as you could imagine the wedding photos are fantastic.I would definitely recommend Sorrento as a romantic wedding destination."
Brad D :
"They are bot beautiful, it depends on what you want though. Santorini has better sunsets and has a more intimate, secluded atmosphere, however, Sorrento will have nicer hotels and will have more (luxury) stuff accessible to you, that is harder to get on a more isolated volcanic island like Santorini."


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Date: 2008-02-05 20:06:15

Santorini is the name of a Greek island formed by the force of an enormous volcano which erupted so fiercely that its top collapsed and an 8km (5mi) wide bay was formed from it’s sunken crater.

Dean Jakson
Date: 2008-02-05 20:06:15

Destination weddings are so hot these days! Why not get married in the sunset on a beach, with the blue waters and rooftops of Santorini or wine vineyards in the background? Check out this article for more information, and others for HOW to plan the perfect destination wedding, and more. .!

Date: 2008-02-05 20:06:15

Escape to the blue and white beauty of Santorini and get your sanity back while in Greece. I have seen the proof and the boats and the beauty. Get the connections.

Date: 2008-02-05 20:06:15

Watch spectacular video footage of one of the most beautiful islands in the world, Santorini Greece.

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