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// HistoryBefore the arrival of Christopher Columbus in 1492, the Taíno Indians populated the island they called Quisqueya (mother of all lands) and Ayiti (land of high mountains) or what is known today as Hispaniola, including the part now occupied by the Republic of Haiti. At the time, the island was governed by a system of Casicazgo (chieftains) consisting of five divisions; Marien, Magua, Maguana, Jaragua and Higuey by caciques (chiefs) like Guacanagarix, Maireni, Macorix, Caonabo, Enriquillo, Hatuey among others.Bartholomew Columbus, brother of Christopher Columbus, founded the settleme

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Tigres del Licey :

The last time I was in DR was in 1997. Back then the entire province of Santo Domingo was Distrito Nacional and the capital city as well. Now that they divided it the capital is much smaller and it's surrounded by SD Este, SD Norte, and SD Oeste which are part of the province. So back to my question...when people say "Voy para Santo Domingo Este..." doesn't it sound like they are saying oeste because the two Os sound like one O? Yeah I was born in Los Mina :-)

nightglare :
"Yea.. it does sound almost the same... but if you pay close attention you can hear the O... pero just pon mucha attention. Your from Santo Domingo?"
OverboostedDrummer :
"no , they dont. any other question?"
bob_scott45 :
"East, west, north, and south. Easy to remember. Este and Oeste are similar, but listen carefully and it should be easy to hear the difference. Cheers!!"
L´Antipodien :
"No, we don't have any problem with this, do you?"
Milos K :
"There is a stop sound after o. The say thing as Dominican says oh-oh when they are surprised. Learning Spanish I was constantly getting confused between derecho (straight) and derecha (right) specially in taxi, when I was confusing taxi drivers in Santo Domingo."
Nico :

We are planning to take a vacations in santo domingo however when looking about the beaches there, we find information only about great beaches that are almost 20 miles or something like this, so my question is, do you know if santo domingo has good tourist beaches without having to travel a long distance?

HaLF_BaKeD123 :
"Bavaro Beach in Punta Cana, great resort and beach. Boca Chica is pretty nice too."
arecibena_ausente :
"I recommend you going to the resorts area better."
stella39 :
"The beaches in Santo Domingo are not that great, you will need to travel for great beaches to Boca Chica, Juan Dolio,La Romana, Bayahibe. The best beaches are in Punta Cana if you are staying on the south side of the island. Good Luck and have a great trip."
Playin A :

Hi ,i would like to know if its a good idea to go from us to dom republic,santo domingo,is there any good stuff to see besides nice beaches,or there is somethink better in islands around... thank you

shoe s :
"yea the DR is A dump they just do alotof advertizing"
Jolie :
"I am sending you a,link with information on santo domingo.....looks pretty cool."
Amy L :
"You should come to the North Coast - Cabarete and Sosua ... we have everything from waterfalls to climb through to 4 wheeling, beach, off-roading, hiking, great restaurants/bars, nice hotels and interesting people :-)"
josbel_07 :
"Yes, Dominican Republic is a good pick! While in Santo Domingo go to the worlds biggest shopping tower(25 Floors up) called acropolis located on Ave. Winston Chruchill. Visit teh Plaza De La Bandera located on Ave. 27,it's a nice park with an arch in teh middle and from the sky it's a cross, the platform of the arch. Go visit to colonial city(ZONA COLONIAL), it's very fun finding out about when christopher Col. landed in D.R, oh and visit my great-great-great-great etc. grandfather(died in 1813) in teh hall of presidents located in the colonial city.GO see teh faro de colon across teh Rio ozama"
mstrywmn :
"Go visit the beautiful resort of "Casa de Campo" where they have championship golf courses right by the ocean and it's located in La Romana, about 2hrs from S.D. While you're there also visit "Los Altos de Chavon", where students & artists from all over the world come to teach and learn their trades. It is a small village high above the Chavon river made from old stones imported from Spain. Beautiful!"
yaritza :
"It would be a good choice. Santo Domingo is the capital of Dominican Republic, the nearlest beach is Boca Chica at 45 minutes from town. We also have other recognized cities like: Higuey (where Punta Cana is), Puerto Plata, La Romana, Samaná, Santiago, etc. that have good places to enjoy and beaches with our characteristics white sands and hot sun. Hope you enjoy your Trip to Dominican Rep.!!!!! Yaritza Santo Domingo"
Ron H :
"anyone who's said the dominican republic is a dump has either never been or doesn't appreciate amazing culture!! I recommend the DR to ANYONE ANYTIME!! I've been 100's of times and have loved every single trip!!"
dirkmonsieur :
"I am from Europe but I live for 6 years now in the DR and it is indeed a beatifull place where you can find everything : not only exotic beaches with all inclusive resorts (Bavaro,Punta Cana) but also mountains (Jarabacoa) ,big cities (Santiago,Sto. Domingo) with modern and ancient places, unspoiled nature (inside the land), sea,beach and small mountains (cabarete,puerto plata,sosua,samana) and most of all, a friendly people. Of course there is crime, which country has it not, but be alert and nothing will happen. Go to the DR once and you will return more. Dirk"


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Date: 2008-02-05 20:05:47

SANTO DOMINGO, Dominican Republic -- United States consular officials in the Dominican Republic are reviewing visa applications from professional baseball players who have served suspensions for using performance-enhancing drugs.

Date: 2008-02-05 20:05:47

Autentica e straordinaria, la cittadina di pescatori di Bayahibe racchiude la vera essenza dominicana e ci regala alcune delle spiagge più paradisiache dei Caraibi... bayahibe, isla saona, isola saona, isla catalina, isola catalina, altos de chavon, rio chavon, santo domingo, repubblica dominicana, brugal, bachata, catalinita, p

Date: 2008-02-05 20:05:47

SANTO DOMINGO, Dominican Republic — Subtropical Storm Olga brought drenching rain Tuesday to the Dominican Republic, forcing the evacuation of low-lying communities ahead of the rare December storm.

Date: 2008-02-05 20:05:47

The cities with the highest level of population congestion are: Manila, the Philippines; Cairo, Egypt; Lagos, Nigeria; Macau, off the Chinese coast; Seoul, South Korea; Dhaka, Bangladesh; Buenos Aires, Argentina; Jakarta, Indonesia; Kaohsiung, Taiwan; and Santo Domingo, the Dominican Republic. I guess you don't even have to check the link.

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