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Desi Arnaz - television actor and producer/bandleaderEmilio Bacardi- Industrialist, Philanthropist, Politician, Author, ArtistRubén Cuesta Palomo (CandyMan) - reggaeton/hip hop singerEmilio Estefan- Music and ProducerLuis Haza- ViolinistAlberto Juantorena - athleteJosé Martí - independence hero, born in Havana, interred in Santiago de CubaFrank Pais - revolutionary and urban organizer for the 26th of July MovementJorge Reyes- Cuban-born American authorCompay Segundo - Son singerMey Vidal - reggaeton singerEsteban Salas y Castro Baroque composer InfrastructureSantiago is served by Antonio M

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Marvin :

My family hails from here and I'd like to know what's there now, but as an American, I can't go and see for myself. If anyone is going to Santiago de Cuba and you're in the neighborhood..... You can email me at.

maton_purple :
"try this link"
Sweet D :

The only flight i've been able to locate is from santo domingo, dominican republic, but the time frames are too close. I find flights to Havana, but I don't want to go there. Or maybe you know what airlines land in Santiago de Cuba other than Aerocaribbean. thanks guys.

Niki :
"Don't know of any but they are connecting flights in jamaica"
CatMont :
"Not sure if they make direct flights, but the largest airlines I know of are: 1) Mexicana de Aviación 2) Aeroméxico 3) Taca"
lisamisc :
"I assume you are flying from the states? If not, than please state your departure city. There are no flights therefrom the U.S. The only other way may be via Mexico City or Cancun, via Aero Mexico or Mexicana or via Caracass, Venezuela. Canada has non stop flights to Havana, but I don't think so to Santiago. You can check with a Canadian airline out of Montreal or Quebec."
missNewhouse :
"There are none , only national filights , meaning you will have to fly to Havana city or Varadero Beach in Matanzas.."
Dimplez P :

If so what is the best way to travel from Holguin to long is the Journey by car?

Los D :
"Actually i'm going to Holguin thursday. I dont knw abut Santiago think to get to Havana I'll take the bus ($50) or the plane $100 which is quicker but its in the evening whcih means whole afternoon in Hoguin. After all night bus trip I'll arrive in Havana 7am, does that answer it?"
spider :
"Its 170km from Holguin to Santiago about 2hrs by car."
amyjay51 :
"We went in november and it took us two hours by taxi, we loved it. Really apprecitate how good we've got it over here now!!"


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Date: 2008-02-05 20:05:09

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Date: 2008-02-05 20:05:09

El quinteto de Matanzas derrotó a su similar de Santiago de Cuba 99 por 90 y esta fue la novena derrota consecutiva que sufren los ¨Halcones¨, quienes no han podido paladear aún su primera victoria en la presente versión de la Liga Superior de Baloncesto;

Date: 2008-02-05 20:05:09

La representación de Santiago de Cuba conquistó el título provincial de softbol (f), primera categoria, y destronó a Palma Soriano

Date: 2008-02-05 20:05:09

La goleada que propinó el equipo de Las Tunas 4-1 a su similar de Santiago de Cuba en la jornada de ayer, correspondiente al 93 Campeonato Nacional de fútbol, ha metido en aprietos al elenco indómito,

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