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Santa Fe (Navajo: Yootó) is the capital of the state of New Mexico. It is the third-largest city in the state and is the seat of Santa Fe County. Santa Fe had a population of 62,203 at the April 1, 2000 census; the estimate for July 1, 2006, is 72,056. It is the principal city of the Santa Fe, New Mexico Metropolitan Statistical Area which encompasses all of Santa Fe County and is part of the larger Santa Fe-Española Combined Statistical Area. Santa Fe style and “the City Different”The Spanish laid out the city according to the “Laws of the Indies”, town planning rules and ordinance

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September77 :

I'm about to purchase the 2008 Santa Fe Limited and wanted to know if anyone has any opinions on the black leather interior. I like the beige with wood trim but don't care for the black steering wheel and dash with the beige so I'm opting for the black leather, which I'm told is more like a dark gray. Any problems where heat is concerned with the black leather? I know the Limited has tinted windows so I can't imagine it being that big of a problem. Also, what are your insurance rates like with the new Santa Fe's? I'm going from a 2000 Honda Civic to this and wanted to get an idea of what I would expect? Any other comments or opinions you have about the new Santa Fe's are also very welcome as I've never owned a Hyundai before. Thanks!

brandon h :
"well it sounds like a god deal"
El Jefe :
"Its a good car great rating, and built well. Good luck"
Jason K :
"i love my santa fe, i thought it be stupid b/c its a hyundai but its better then my mom's lexus with more features and option and cheaper too and black leather is great"
Marti A :
"On my 3rd Hyundai. They rock! Just got a Sante Fe and love it! Not sure I would get black leather seats. Black is hot and leather is hot or cold, but they have the seat warmers for the winter. Hyundais handle great and wear greater, Started with an Elantra, moved up to Sonata, which hubby totalled. But thanks to front and side air bags all he suffered was a scraped hand where the air bag got him. So now we have a Sante Fe, oops! I HAVE a Sante Fe. He's not allowed to drive. LOL"
Linda L :

SANTA FE (AP) — The Santa Fe Police Department is considering the possibility of recruiting Mexican nationals to fill vacant police jobs. Sgts. Gillian Alessio and Marvin Paulk, who are in charge of the department’s recruiting and training, said Tuesday they are considering alternative approaches to fill 20 vacancies on the city’s 155-person police force. But Police Chief Eric Johnson said New Mexico Law Enforcement Academy regulations prohibit non-citizens from serving as police officers. “Every day, we get approached by young men and women from Mexico who are in the country legally but are not naturalized,” Alessio said. “There is a huge pool of people who are dedicated, hardworking and trying to become citizens of this country. They would like nothing better than to devote their time to protecting the communities that they live in,” she said. --- Isn't this outrageous? Now the police force wants cheap labor and fakes a shortage.

meanpressure0 :
"Why not cant be any harder than landscaping and it will reduce your tax burden as they will be paid in cash under the table OR the mayor will pocket the cash, that is the American way."
Chuck_junior :
"It's already been addressed. In New Mexico, as in all states, Police Officers have to be citizens...either naturalized or born here."
Herschel K :
"Wouldn't that be a amazing? A Mexican national pulling over a U.S. citizen for speeding? Coming from a feel goody place like Santa Fe I'm not surprised. Heck, they probably have an outreach program going on where they are trying to recruit more muslims to the force in the name of "diversity"."
kevw25 :
""Every day, we get approached by young men and women from Mexico who are in the country legally but are not naturalized,” Alessio said. MEXICAN NATIONALS ARE NOT HERE ILLEGALLY read before you post a question like that. they would be paid the same rate as anyother officer. how dare you say they "fake" a shortage? i think if they can pass the acadmey, whats the problem"
angela R :
"I would like to know why the good people of New Mexico, are not stepping up and filling those jobs? Maybe, New Mexico needs to pay these sheriffs more money, afterall they do put their lives on the line everyday....."
Free M :
"Um... well, for starters, your headline is dead wrong. The article clearly states, "Mexican nationals who are here legally." Therefore, they are not attempting to recruit "illegal immigrants". Therefore, you are an idiot; thank you for playing, and have a nice day. Furthermore, it's worth noting that such individuals do often enlist in the military, and spill blood, sweat and tears to protect this country that they've come to. I see nothing wrong with the idea of them joining the police force, so long as they can pass the appropriate background checks."
JessicaRabbit :
"This can't be true - you can't LEGALLY hire an illegal alien! You said yourself, the people are "in this country LEGALLY.""
Lili :
"I did a google on the article it states: “Every day, we get approached by young men and women from Mexico who are in the country legally but are not naturalized,” Alessio said." I am fine with this because it states the people applying for the job are legal residents. This means they came here through the proper immigration channels. Please read the article it does not say illegals are going to be given the job. It states people who are not US citizens but are LEGAL RESIDENTS."
numbscul :
"(crash...boom...bang....!!!) Sorry, just fell out of my chair. That'll be great, maybe now pot will be easier to buy... Just kidding KIDS. Don't buy drugs! (Get them free like I do Nyuck, nyuck, nyuck...)"
sb :
"There is something between being "illegal" and being a "citizen". That's where your confusion lies, I think. If someone is a permanent resident (i.e. a green card holder), s/he is not yet a U.S. citizen, and therefore continues to be a citizen/national of his or her home country, but s/he is not illegal and also not a mere temporary visa-holder. Green card holders are subject to many of the same obligations as US citizens but do not have the right to vote or work in some government jobs."
hera :
"I think I am going to go and get sick now! People need to wake up and ask them WHY this congress and a few select people are wanting you really think it is to be nice, or to get something else? Me thinks the later."
"I have to assume they are LEGAL residents, although Mexican nationals."
slew :
"It's outrageous. THere is no such thing as a shortage. If they give the police a raise, then more people would apply. Thats what capitalism is about. Same with them medical jobs here. The entire medical field is short of employees and so all the employers ask to import nurses and other medical employees from the Philipines. The thing is that My job had its pay frozen for about a decade. Our pay fell behind and so no one wanted to study for these jobs. Only a handful of politicians are paying attention on legal immigrants being used to muscle the middle class Americans to accept a lower pay."
jason_heffel :

I've heard that Santa Fe Homes require more upkeep than a traditional home? Is this true? How much more would one cost than the other? I heard the roof is especially an issue on a Santa Fe? Any comments would be appreciated! Also, Standard Pacific would be building it so any comments on the builders themselves would be great! Thanks!

jeff :
"They are don't generally require more than others."


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Date: 2008-02-05 20:03:18

Huh? Santa Claus in Dicken's "A Christmas Carol"? Apparently so - only this is Jim Carreys world so anything goes. Check out the new poster for the 3D movie that is pegged for a November 2009 release.

Date: 2008-02-05 20:03:18

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Date: 2008-02-05 20:03:18

NVIDIA To Acquire AGEIA TechnologiesSANTA CLARA, CA — FEBRUARY 4, 2008—NVIDIA (Nasdaq: NVDA), the world leader in visual computing technologies and the inventor of the GPU, today announced that it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire AGEIA Technologies, Inc., the industry leader in gaming physics technology. AG

Date: 2008-02-05 20:03:18

A bunch of middle school kids interview Juno director Jason Reitman at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival.“Since you really have no chance of winning the Academy Award, was it still fun being nominated?”

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