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San Juan (IPA: ) (from the Spanish San Juan Bautista, "Saint John the Baptist") is the capital and largest municipality on Puerto Rico. As of the 2000 census, it has a population of 433,733, making it the 42nd-largest city under the jurisdiction of the United States. San Juan was founded by Spanish colonists in 1521, who called it Ciudad de Puerto Rico ("City of Puerto Rico"). In addition to being the oldest city in Puerto Rico it is the oldest European-founded U.S. city, older than even St. Augustine, Florida. Puerto Rico's capital is the second oldest European-established city in the Americ

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Danny is my Marine :

Im dying to go to Puerto Rico July 23-26 with my bf, we are both 19 and want to do a lot.So far we like these hotels San Juan Water Club, Hotel El Convento, Sheraton Old San Juan Resort, San Juan Caribe Hilton...But what we want to know is are these hotels have walkable areas where there are stores, restuarants, shopping places,tours,beache??Please help me

Rose :
"All of them, excluding SJ Caribe Hilton, are in Old San Juan so for sure you are going to stay where the action is. You will find good restaurants (fast foods either), stores, enterntainment and historic places to visit. If you want to visit the beach I suggest EL Escambron, a public bus or taxi will get you there (next to Caribe Hilton). Caribe Hilton is about 11/2 mile from Old San Juan. This one is next to hotels, casinos, etc., but I think that the others above will work better for you. visit: Have fun."
short2stuff1922 :
"San Juan Caribe Hilton does have access to the beach. So does the Normandy that is next to it. But walking around is not much to see you would have to take a cab or the Metro Bus to go to Old San Juan. Now, the Sheraton Old San Juan is in Old San Juan, and is a bit expensive, but from there you can take the trolley up to the center of San Juan and to the old forts. Also you can walk up. Senor Frogs is on the south side of the Sheraton and so is the new Post Office. Hotel El Convento, is beautiful. It was a convent back in the 1800's, then used as a casino. Then abandoned. Then it was restored to the present hotel that it is today. It is historical and lovely. The central patio inside has palm trees and you can sit there to eat and enjoy the beauty of the hotel and contemplate its history. Now it is expensive for sure. It is two block up from the center of Old San Juan. Across the street on the side is a cute little park and the Children's Museum. From this park you walk down and you come to part of the wall of the Morro Fort and the path way to walk on. You are near the Paseo de Princesa, which is a beautiful walkway that goes to the wall. It is lovely and great for pictures. Also there down from this little park on the other side is Felisa Rincon De Gautiers home. She was the first female to be a mayor of a town and she was mayor of San Juan. Her house is on the corner across from the original gate entrance to San Juan. All her antique furniture, keys to different cities of the States, and all her clothes are on display. The visit is free. From the Convento Hotel directly across the street, if the Old San Juan Bautista Catholic church that is like over 200 years old. It is historical and interesting to visit. Walk up then left and you will come to the Museo de Americas or the Museum of America where all art and articles of the original habitans are on display. Across on the corner is the Juan Ponce de Leon White house. There he lived after moving from Caparra. It is historical and very interesting to visit, fee is a small price. You can even walk the garden of this home. From here you can go to the other museum that was years ago a hospital. Then from there is the Morro. The entrance to El Morro you have to pay, but it is a small fee. For those who are elderly and disabled persons and present ID of this, you get in free. There is a theater with airconditoning where you can sit and enjoy a documentry on Puerto Rico in English and Spanish. The Condado San Juan Hotel is in Condado and there are restaurants and you can walk around. Now, if you want to you can take but 21 which goes to Plaza of Americas, but if you do not want to see modern things. You can take the Metro ll bus to Bayamon which is a nice town or take the train. The train is $1.50 per person. The busses are 75 cents. Staying at the Hilton you are across from the other hotels. The distance from Hilton to Condado is close you can walk it by walking over the bridge or going across the street near the Milenium apartments and take the 21 bus to condado. If you wish I can get some San Juan tourist magazines and send them to you. There are car rentals such as Hertz (too expensive), Budget, Dollar, but the one that I use is Lanes they pick you up free and when you return the car they will drive you back to the hotel or airport. Their number is area code 787- 268-6151 or 6262. Condado is close to Hilton and there are stores for shopping. There is a world to visit and things to do. Enjoy your stay."
darkman :
"Sorry but Rose is mistaken. the San Juan Water and Beach Club Hotel (Water Club) is located in Isla Verde, which is closer to the airport.There is a similar named hotel in Condado. All of which is a part of San Juan but not in Old San Juan. El Convento would be your best bet since it is truly a spectacular hotel (it used to be a convent hence the name) and all of the architecture has been preserved. Almost all of the tours originate out of Old San Juan so this would be the perfect starting point. You will be right in the heart of Old San Juan to shop, eat, tour and explore. I'll be going back 7/8-7/14 and I'll be at the Water Club Have fun"
Reality Check :
"San Juan Intercontinenetal was awesome!!!! Pool bar and all. Near supermarket & liqour store so you can stock up your hotel fridge and near fast food spots for lunch. It also has a ruth chris steak house & japanese resaurant .....a place called 2j's. & oyster bar..was nearby..young crowd hip music...... Hotel offered excursions with a bus to take you....enjoy!"
dewe52 :

Does anyone know what happened in San Juan City, Metro Manila during there San Juan Day festivities last June 24, 2007? I don't mean the basaan. As in a schedule of the events? There were some billboards announcing that but I wasn't able to take a look. Even if it isn't the schedule. I just need to know what happened. Were there contests? a banquet? a mass? whatever. And does anyone also know which bands performed in the free concert? Unluckily, I have to talk about it for my project.

Phoenix :
"ooppps...sorry I choose the Balayan Batangas Fiesta instead of San Juan City. Both celebrate it on June 24 and both have the "basaan blues" but I prefer watching the Lechon Parade."
Alena M :

Traveling to San Juan Puerto Rico in Jan- do I need a passport since its a part of the US? I am not a US citizen yet, however I am a legal permanate resident with a valid Greencard and state issued ID (Lived here for over 15 years) can I travel to San Juan?

Molly Pitcher :
"I wish I could answer you for sure, but I don't think it would be necessary as long as you have your green card. For citizens, we are free to come and go, same as travelling to any other state. If I were you, I'd call customs to make sure before you go, just in case you do need something else."
Redsandrider VCC AM :
"The Commonwealth of Puerto Rico is considered American territory. You do not need a passport. However, the airlines require you to present govt-issued ID with photo for air travel in general, so bring your green card and state ID."
"No passport is needed for you to travel to Puerto Rico - Green Card and state ID is all you need. Happy travels"
nina j :
"no passport necessary. Take your green card just in case and US state ID like driver license."


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Date: 2008-02-05 20:01:38

Churches are a favorite source of inspiration. I am not holy, nor am I devout, but I like creeping in Churches because they do reflect some of the best achievements in art and architecture.

Date: 2008-02-05 20:01:38

Doris Ivania Jimenez was a 25 year old Nicaraguan beauty that was heinously murdered in the dress shop, Sol Fashion, in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua. The murder and conviction of American Eric Volz has created an international incident. This website is a memorial to the beautiful Doris and an attempt to one day arrive at justice........

Date: 2008-02-05 20:01:38

As an gamer not in California, I missed the meaning of the Hubologists in San Francisco. Guest speakers were Juan Cruz and Vikki Goldman, characters based on Tom Cruise and his ex-wife Nicole Kidman. The name Hubologists, and their founder Dick Hub, is a reference to L. Ron Hubbard, the founder of Scientology. This game was a well written classic.

Date: 2008-02-05 20:01:38

Arturo Guajardo Park in San Juan, Texas. The park bears the name of the then-mayor of the city. Guajardo went on to become superintendent of schools. He has since been charged in a 22-count federal indictment. Residents want to rename the park.

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