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The City and County of San Francisco (IPA: /ˌsænfrænˈsɪskoʊ/) is the 4th most populous city in California and the 14th most populous city in the United States, with a 2006 estimated population of 744,041. One of the most densely populated major cities in the U.S., San Francisco is part of the much larger San Francisco Bay Area, which is home to approximately 7.2 million people. The city is located on the tip of the San Francisco Peninsula, with the Pacific Ocean to the west, San Francisco Bay to the east, and the Golden Gate to the north.In 1776, the Spanish settled the tip of the penin

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paulrb8 :

Whats it like to live there... is it like in the film vertigo, all charming and gorgeous or am i looking through rose tinted glasses? whats the best things about San Francisco and the worst........? & are the locations used in the Vertigo film, Fact or Fiction ? cheers

thequietone2005 :
"i think quite alot of fruits live there"
jxt299 :
"Its dirty and noisy and cold and windy and the people are rude. Rudest people in the country, its like a requirement to live in SF. You might get 10 pretty days a year there. Oh and its overpriced too."
Vivi :
"According to South Park, everyone there enjoys the smell of their own farts!"
tonalc1 :
"Yes, it's charming and gorgeous. That's not to say we don't have our eyesores, some run-down neighborhoods with homeless people on the street. But every city, no matter how beautiful, has its ugly parts; it's just that in SF, since it's only 49 square miles, you see every part of it. At the time Vertigo was filmed, it hadn't gotten that bad. Some of the locations in Vertigo were real; in fact, there's a "movie tour" that takes you to the sites. "
rossonero_2006 :
"It is charming, in terms of natural beauty probably the most beautiful city in the US. It's got fun neighborhoods, and there's never a dull moment here. It's cosmopolitan and has a mix of people from all over the world (which ultimately means lots of really great restaurant from many nationalities) and has tons of screens showing indie/foreign films. The bad: It's usually foggy and cool, there's barely a summer at all. The city council is full of... shall we say interesting people who come up with interesting laws. The homeless problem is very evident. And it's very expensive. I love living in the bay area, I'd move to SF if I could afford it."
fortunata :
"San Francisco is great. You should move there. Everyone is friendly and relaxed(except the damn yuppies who are not from SF)."
SFdude :
"Well, Vertigo was filmed in the 1950s. At the time, San Francisco was a very conservative place. What most folks don't realize is that the Republican Party ran San Francisco from 1912 to 1964 (over half a century). The move to the left didn't happen until the arrival of the hippies. It is considerably different today in other ways too: In the 1950s, San Francisco was mostly a low-rise city. You could see the ocean from any practically roof. Today, it's an increasingly full of high-rises and apartment blocks. In the 1950s, like many U.S. cities, San Francisco did not really have a problem with the homeless because they were locked up in mental institutions. That policy was reversed in 1963. And homelessness has only gotten worse since the Vietnam War ended in 1975. Crime has also gone up over the years. Although San Francisco is still much safer than Detroit, Washington DC, or Miami. In the 1950s, San Francisco's population was largely white and catholic (mostly Irish, Italian, and German). The only major minority group was the Chinese, as the Japanese were removed to concentration camps during WW2. Today, San Francisco is considerably more diverse and cosmopolitan, with whites accounting for under 50% of the population. And catholicism is now merely the "plurality" religion rather than "majority." Here's my personal thoughts on the best and worse of San Francisco today... Pros: - Beautiful and Atmospheric Hills - High Density, Pedestrianized Streets - Excellent Public Transportation - Interesting Arthitecture and Skyscrapers - World-Class Food - Egalitarian, Laid-back, and Friendly Nightclubs - Famous Universites (Berkeley, UCSF Medical Center, and Stanford) - Redwood Forests, Wine Country, and Ski Resorts Nearby Cons: - Homelessness is Epidemic - Rising Crime Rate - Corrupt and Inept Local Government - Overcast/Rainy/Icy Winters - Overzealous Traffic Cops and Lack of Parking - Earthquakes"
deaddude_rc :
"I don't know what it's like to live there, but it was a pretty cool place to visit!"
sita c :

when i say i'm from san francisco what are some sterotypes that pop into your head?

djm749 :
"Hippies and homosexuals seem to have stereotyped San Francisco forever."
Spades Of Columbia :
"Since your a female there is nothing that really pops into my head...but I guess Hippies and maybe greenies."
patriot07 :
"treason, homosexuality, mental instability.........but these are NOT stereotypes."
Walter E :
"I'm from San Jose (50 Miles south) and the stereotypes are: Hippie Gay Green Anti-Business Anti-white Anti-Christian Anti-U.S. Hate Republicans Most left-wing city even compared to NY and Boston Hate statistically-normal people Hate historical European dominance and think all cultures and their achievemnts through history are equal and equally valid Think illegals should have more rights than citizens Love abortion but are against the death penalty Would prefer to chant the Islamic articles of faith instead of supporting the troops because it trashes America (I personally saw that at a demonstration with an Imman having a crowd recite it near Van Ness Avenue) Glorify Allen Ginsberg, a known pedophile Think they are better than others Would rather rescue a cat from a shelter than feed a homeless person Thinks it's normal/desirable to have 8 piercings and a body covered with tattoos Don't go to a normal Church - but would go to the Church of John Coltrane (No I am not making this up) or a Buddhist Temple An unmaneagable city from a Mayor's standpoint, with divisive ethnic groups all fighting for political control Yugoslavia-type neighborhoods with no melting except (ironically) Black and White, who at least KNOW what the other is about High land/rent prices High taxation and extortionate unions Way overpriced restaurants (read the previous stereotype) Spoiled Yuppies paying $100 for lunch consisting of barbequed tofu and raw fish Love the ACLU and are in a state of denial that the founding fathers were almost to a man religious, and that that somehow makes them evil imperialists that they are, or ought to be, ashamed of I know you think I should have said North Beach, Lombard Street, Chinatown, Cable Cars, Rice-A-Roni, Grace Cathedral, The TransAmerica Pyramid, Coit Tower, The Masonic Temple, AT&T Park, Alcatraz, The Golden Gate Bridge, Fisherman's Wharf and Pier 39. That's all tourist stuff and I never knew ANYONE here who ever ate rice-a-roni - - in fact, when the adds started showing up San Franciscans all scratched their heads (we did even in San Jose) and wondered WTF is THAT!!! P.S.: I have personally observed that the above list is more often true than not. I can also say that I have hardly ever run into what the rest of the country would consider to be a normal person in SF. Why? Because living there drove them nuts and they moved away!"
Billy Bob S :
"awesome open minded happy sunny bay person =)"
Thinks2Much :
"Tolerance, beautiful city, high cost of living, not enough straight men for the number of single women."
said mentese :
"i actualy from the bay area when heat the word San francisco i imediately think of high costs of living and astronomical land value; i also think of great climate and cultural diversity."
B K :

Does anyone here go to St. Anne School in San Francisco? Just wondering...

Dani :
"i go to school in San Fran"
innocent.. :
"lol I went to Marina, class of 04!!!!!!! now i go to GWHS, go eagle!!!!!!!!!!"


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Date: 2008-02-05 20:00:03

By Eric Auchard SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Business software units of Yahoo Inc and Google Inc are introducing beefed-up versions of their Web-based software that compete with Microsoft Outlook, offering yet another clue why Microsoft Corp made a $45...

Date: 2008-02-05 20:00:03

Is censorship the answer to cyberbullying? A school district near San Francisco, Calif., apparently thinks so. It has blocked access to all social networking sites from all school computers. But not all parents and educators agree with the tactic, so the district is now engaged in a controversial battle over the policy.

Date: 2008-02-05 20:00:03

If you listen carefully, you can hear it. It's the sound of Phonic and this time the audio vibrations are coming from the toll of a birthday bell. So, come out and show the world that San Francisco knows how to party after hours on a weeknight.

Date: 2008-02-05 20:00:03

Daisy Tan, mother and muse of "The Joy Luck Club" author Amy Tan, has died of complications of Alzheimer's disease. She was 83. Amy Tan's 1989 book, a best seller and a popular movie, was dedicated to her mother, who died Monday at her San Francisco home.

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