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In 2002 Salamanca shared the title of European Capital of Culture with Bruges. Salamanca is a popular tourist destination, especially in the summer. Tourism is the primary economic activity in the city.Salamanca offers the amenities of a larger city while retaining an intimate small town atmosphere. Since 1923, "Los Charros", formally the Union Deportiva Salamanca, have been the Salamanca soccer team from Salamanca.Salamanca's inhabitants are said to speak the "purest" Spanish of Spain, a reputation it shares with Valladolid. For this reason Salamanca is popular with people all over the world

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120 IQ :

I saw some pictures of Salamanca, and I was completely floored. The place is gorgeous. Can I have somebody's take on Spain and Salamanca? Can you tell me what to visit and how long to stay?

ndtaya :
"Pone la loción en su piel -- hace esto siempre que se diga..."
inacoupleofminutes :
"have a look at It's a beautifull place, very "lifely"."
ryan g :
"Salamanca is nice for a couple days also try Granada and Sevilla."
n2tapas :
"I was in Spain a couple of years ago and toured around, I really enjoyed the Andalusian region the best. I really like Sevilla, I found that people in the Andalusian region are a little more lively and like to have fun. Lots of Flamenco dancing etc."
sugarplum_177 :
"I lived in salamanca, Spain for 6 months as an exchange student and it was lovely!!! With 2 or 3 days you will have enough time to walk it.. its not a big city. The interesting spots are la plaza mayor (amazingly beautiful), the 2 cathedrals, the old and the new, la casa de las conchas, la universidad (very famous university there, you must find the frog!!), palacio de Monterrey, among lots of other stuff.. just walk the city, you will find tons of things!! While in Spain you should go to Madrid, only 3 hours away from Salamanca. The south of Spain is amazing (flamenco and muslim remaining) you shouldn't miss Granada. Other nice cities are Sevilla and Cordoba. If you have the time, go north to Santiago de Compostela.. take a tour if possible.. the nature and the medieval architecture its life changing. Over all if you want to see it all take 2 or 3 weeks"
roamer :
"I lived in Salamanca for a year and it was one of the best things I've done in life! It's a beautiful University town with fantastic nightlife (and no cover charge!). Folks there are very open and I find, quite a bit more friendly and helpful than in other parts of Spain (though in general, Spaniards are open and friendly regardless). The main attractions in Salamanca are: the University and it's facade, the beautiful Plaza Mayor, the Cathedral Nuevo y Antiguo, the area around the Rio Tormes (check out the Sunday Market there), and visit cafe Cervantes on the second floor of the Plaza. Also don't miss out on the vibrant nightlife. I recommend enrolling in a language course for maybe 10-14 days or so at one of the dozens of language schools in Salamanca. You can get a flavor of the local culture, and do weekend trips to notable places in the region (i.e. the walled city of Avila, the goldsmiths in Toledo, the jaw-droppingly precarious homes set at the edge of the Jucar gorge in Cuenca, and of course Madrid and El Escorial). If you have time after the language course and want to see more of Spain, other highlights would be Picos de Europa for hiking, Barcelona, Valencia, Granada (check out the Alhambra), and Sevilla (to name only a few). Bottom line is, Spain is a gorgeous country with very friendly, passionate people, and is quite safe too. I'd spend as much time there as I could swing and would try a minimum of 3 weeks. Hope you can make it there for a visit!"
erin_leigh_hall :
"I agree with Roamer's comments. I lived in Salamanca for a year studying and it is one of my favorite places in the world. An absolutely beautiful city and a great place to visit/live."
hennessee_h :

I am going to study abroad next Fall (08) and I can not pick between Salamanca and Granada. If any body has studied in either locations do you mind telling me what your experience was like? How are the people, is it mostly students, what is there to do? Just anything that will help me narrow down my search. Thank you

romans814 :
"I studied in Madrid, but have visited both Salamanca and Granada. Salamanca is a much smaller city than Granada. The biggest thing there is the university, but it is like the 4th oldest university in the world, so that's kind of cool. It's also in the northern part of Spain and in the mountains so the weather will be colder. Granada has a lot of culture, especially a lot of Moorish influence and is in the south of Spain, so it will be warmer. It has the Alhambra, which is a must see, even if you choose Salamanca. The people were pretty much the same in both cities. Granada probably has more of a nightlife, if you're interested in that. :)"
SexyRed28 :

I asked another question about study abroad in a few different cities of Spain but after looking at all the programs, Salamanca's course offerings are better than the others by far. Does anyone have any good or bad experiences with Salamanca? It will be in the summer, does that change anything?

Countessa :
"Been half Spanish myself and having visted Salamanca it just north west of Madrid. The famous Salamanca University there. It was founded in 1218 the University. It an International University."
Jona :
"I'm from Barcelona and I've been studying in UK for two years. Salamanca is probably the student city of Spain. Madrid or Barcelona have like 7 or 8 universities each but Salamanca has a good university life as most of its population are students. It's pretty close to Madrid so you can always go there and enjoy a big city life. The problem is that in summer student life decrease, and you notice it much in mid cities like Salamanca. Also, you are fairly far from the sea. Personally I'd recommend you to go to the place where the courses are the best. That's the main reason you're going. Madrid and Barcelona are the biggest cities by far and offer you a lot. As university cities, I have to say Salamanca and Granada, less crowded but with lots of students and much cheaper than the first two. If I were you, I'll go to Salamanca because of the course. Student life decrease but is still alive (you'll have no problem in meeting people, have friends,...), close enough to Madrid if you need a cosmopolitan city. Lacks the sea, and can be real hot in summer but you can always go to the beach on the weekends, should be a 5-hour drive. You are supposed to come here to study ;)"


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Date: 2008-02-05 19:51:53

Echándo un vistazo en motorpasión me ha sorprendido ver esta imágen. Imágen que veo todos los fines de semana cuando hago el trayecto Madrid - Salamanca y luego Salamanca - Madrid.

Date: 2008-02-05 19:51:53

The Iberian ham company "Embutidos Fermín" from La Alberca, in Salamanca, the only one authorized to export to US, will invest three millions of euros on a new slice maker, boning and fresh meat packing store, to keep its exporting rhythm also in Japan, China and Europe.

Date: 2008-02-05 19:51:53

I got a chance to speak with Gail Salamanca about their upcoming Nintendo DS projects and we’ll start by talking about Jake Hunter: Detective Chronicles. While the series is new for North America, Jake Hunter has been around since the Famicom under the name of Jinguuji Saburo.

Date: 2008-02-05 19:51:53

Pais Lliones is actually a territory of Spain. It was alternately referred to as the Leonese Country and was proposed to become part of the autonomous communities of Spain, along with the provinces of Zamora, Leon, Salamanca, and Castilla y Leon.

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