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lexi :

how far north and south do the rocky mountains run in the united states

Stone :
"Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico Montana the farthest north, New Mexico farthest south"
hznfrst :
"They go past the 49th parallel into Canada and also past the southern US border with Mexico at about 30 degrees north."
nicpiperloe :

What do you think the Rockies mean to Canada?

Noota Oolah :
"They are part of our defining landscape. A Canadian landmark and a source of resources, beauty, recreation, adventure and scientific discovery. To many people they mean Banff, Lake Louise or Whistler. To others they mean the Burgass Shale and yet to others objects for photographs or painting. When talking about such a HUGE region in such a HUGE and VARIED country, its hard to pick one meaning."
rofe :
"For one thing ,The Canadian Rockies are a defining feature that controls the climate in most of Western Canada. They cause snow patterns, runoff for irrigation and municipal use. The climate on the western side is much milder than the climate in the prairie provences. They are a source of recreation, mineral resources, and scenic beauty."
Amy L :
"Here in the U.S., I love the Rockies almost as much as I love the high Sierras! They are a chance to see shimmering glaciers, scores of wildlife, beautiful lakes, stunning waterfalls, deep canyons and thick evergreen forests ...and rugged mountain peaks as far as the eye can see. A friend just returned from a vacation there and the photos were incredible. She said they didn't do the area justice, but even so, the scenery was awesome. Canadians are lucky to have the Rockies for their beauty and the tourists they attract!"
portuglish08 :

I am wondering where is the best place in Canada to visit the Rocky Mountains. I would like to take a road trip there, mabye stop at a big city on the way, visit a few attractions there and then go camping in the mountains at a National Park. Any recomendations on parks and cities? I have no clue in which park the mountains and the scenery is the best, so if you can fill me in, that would be great!

writersbestfriend :
"Well the only places i can think of are Fernie BC and Jasper in Alberta, and a major city to vist would be Calgary...which has its olympic park. Have a good trip!!"
jimmy crack corn :
"There are four national parks connected to one another in the canadian rockies; banff ( the most famous ), jasper, yoho and kootenay. Calgary is the closest major city to the rockies, about 1 million people, it is about 1 hours drive from the rocky mountain front and 1 and a half hours to banff"
Dangermanmi6 :
"Just about anywhere in BC is fantastic I wouldn't go to Vancouver right now because the city workers are on strike so there is a lot of garbage everywhere and I think that you would get a bad impression of a really good city. I like Lake Louise for that postcard type beauty spot"
Grand pa :
"Banf alberta"
Pichi :
"Where are you driving from? Here is what I would suggest: Drive through the Idaho panhandle, through Coere d'Alene, and over the border just north of Bonners Ferry, then on up to Calgary, AB via crows nest pass and Black Diamond. It's a lovely drive. Spend a day or two in Calgary, then head to Banff, being sure to go to Morraine Lake and Lake Louise. If you have the time, drive up the Columbia Icefield Highway and see the Columbia Icefields, then on in and through Jasper National Park. While Banff is awesome, Jasper is even more so! Take your time, and visit the websites to plan your trip. Most of all, take a camera and enjoy!!! ."
kent_shakespear :
"Banff (the park, not the town) is a must! Lake Louise is worth putting up with all the crowds. Moraine Lake is nearby, too. Further up north is the Columbia icefields... go walk on the glacier! there are a bunch of campsites, but if you're going at a peak time... reserve!"
M A D :
"Jasper, Alberta is a truly majestic sight. Great camping, and stay clear of the bears."
Lydia :
"Banff, Lake Louise, Jasper - the big city nearby is Calgary."
Peace! :
"I have one huge reccomendation: BANFF! it is unbelievably beautiful there! It is in Alberta and in between Calgary and Jasper. Also visit Lake Louise and Lake Moraine!"
shaheensta :
"i think so and i live in toronto" :
"I"vie been to Ba niff, n Lake Louise: It is very beautiful!!! Even just to walk around the old castle like hotels is very picturesque. But dress warm"


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Date: 2008-02-05 19:44:23

While our resident New Orleans Outdoor Retailer, Massey’s Outfitters, is taking the week off, our partners Summit Canyon & Ute Mountaineer in the Rockies are supporting Mardi Gras Mountain Style.

Date: 2008-02-05 19:44:23

The array of lights that I saw over Tucson on 11/11/07 reminded me of my experience in March of 1997 when the Phoenix boomerang glided over the state. It was 10 PM on a Sunday night. A jet pilot from Davis- Monthan Air force Base had left the landing pattern and headed for the Rocky Mountains and I was looking in that direction to the east.

Date: 2008-02-05 19:44:23

Aghio Galas, is built on the top of a rocky mountain Underneath the village there is a complex of caves. The village's name came after

Date: 2008-02-05 19:44:23

This summer’s political conventions are expected to be “a boom in business” for “the sex and adult entertainment industries,” but according to one veteran sex worker who spoke to the Rocky Mountain News, the GOP conventions are “a lot better for the sex workers.” “We get a lot more business,” Carol Leigh told the paper.

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