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Amelie :

I want to travel to Robin hoods bay in Yorkshire from York. The train to Whitby is 2.5 hours, yet only 45 mins to Scarborough. Is it possible to get a cab from Scarborough to the Bay? Any hotel reccomendations? Any idea how much a cab might be from Scarborough??

jojo :
"I can`t fathom how a train from York to Whitby can take 2.5 hrs. Is it going via Manchester?!! It takes less than an hour in the car. If you go to Whitby it`s closer to RHbay. Why don`t you ring tourist information in Whitby or Scarborough. A Taxi from Scarborough will cost quite a bit, there will be loads of buses from both towns."
baltus :
"You better ask a travel bureau or on Internet"
Hibee :
"Don't ask the cabbie to go down the hill.....get out and walk."
anwen55 :
Attila the auditor :
"Going to Whitby by train takes so long since the direct route was shut 40 years ago. It's now necessary to travel from York to Middlesbrough and then change for a train to Whitby. Note that although the route from Middlesbrough to Whitby (the Esk Valley Line) is noted for its scenic value there only 5 trains per day. So I'd go by Scarborough. Trains from York to Scarborough are hourly and Arriva bus route 93 also runs hourly from Scarborough bus station to Whitby, passing Robin Hood's Bay."
babyshambles :

if you have been did you go to the dolphin on folk night? did you read the bay times? What a perfect place! i am in manchester so its all beautiful to me.

Marty :
"I'm a Yorkshireman so I'm biased but it is a beautiful part of the world."
Platobeenz :
"Everything looks beautiful when you come from Manchester."
monkeymanelvis :
"I like Whitby more. I like the ruined abbey."
HELLO DAVE?...... :
"Yes its amazing. There is nowhere else like that area. You should ditch manchester!"
Cubalishus :
"Been a Yorkshire lass myself who has spend many a happy day or weekend in Whitby and Robin Hoods Bay I have to agree with you it is a beautiful place, not been to the Dolphin, though in my teenage years we spent many a good night in the pubs singing folk songs and old sea shanties up in North Yorkshire at Robin Hoods Bay, glad you like it so much and hope you get to go again soon, a happy new year to you and yours and all the best."
David P :
"Yes it is an amazing place. I first went when I was a child, we stopped right at the top, opposite what used to be the railway station. Been back a few times since, each time the road seems to have moved back a little. The road is a little steep - so if you have a wheelchair - stay at home, ask someone to send you a postcard. There is a youth hostel in the bay at Boggle Hole, a converted mill at the end of the coast to coast walk. Go and enjoy"
Small troll :
"every thing to the east of lancashire is beautiful! (just kidding, Dont report me!)"
karen. :
"I'm in Liverpool in England I'm freezing my ar*e"
empanda :
"Yes! The cliff walk to Whitby is lovely and you can get the best fish and chips in the world when you get there and then when you get back to Robin Hood's Bay you can go in the Dolphin and drink real ale and look at those funny beefeater plates with cows on above the bar. We like to walk round pretending we live in all the lovely little houses."


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Date: 2008-02-05 19:43:47

One of the most infamous pirate sites,, is back on the Web, teamed up with arch-villain (to the MPAA) ThePirateBay.While we'd like to say the site rose again with a Robin Hood-esque swagger, but the site's attitude is, well, in its words: "We like to kick ass and bow for noone [sic]".

Date: 2008-02-05 19:43:47

For the second time in as many days, Romanian hacker Vladuz broke into eBay's system and took over an eBay employee account. He once again posted to the eBay Germany discussion boards - this time during a discussion about whether Vladuz is actually a modern day Robin Hood. This break-in occurs only one day after eBay denied Vladuz had access.

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