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In case there was any doubt concerning man's savagery to his fellow kind, then the Thai-Burma railway, all 415 kilometres of it, stands as a horrific testament to human brutality. Constructed under order of the Japanese by prisoners of war and enslaved locals during WWII, the Death Railway's most famous section, 'The Bridge Over the River Kwai', now acts as one of Thailand's major tourist attractions. The bridge is located in the small town of Kanchanaburi where the majority of guesthouses back onto the infamous Kwai River. The bridge is, well, a bridge. The history behind it however is far from ordinary. As the Japanese extended their invasion of Thailand into the West of Burma, their success was hampered by the difficulty in supplying troops with provisions and so a supply line, the railway, was built. The Japanese, using POWs and civilian conscripts, adopted a brutal and barbaric work regime that saw the completion of the railway in one year rather than the three it was estimated to take. These 'speedo' tactics cost the lives of a staggering three hundred thousand men.

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Rusty :

I want to make an 8-foot long bridge, similar to the one on "Bridge on the River Kwai". Does anyone know where I can get plans...heck I'd even settle for a picture of it?

Carol H :
"http://www.robertbeatty.com/images/thailand_2002_gallery/images?M=A Brigadier General James Gavin (Ryan O'Neal) plans the attack on Nijmegan Bridge. ... The Bridge on the River Kwai (UK, 1957) begins with British prisoners-of-war ...www.historicbridgefoundation.com/ipages/film/7essay.html Death Railway The Bridge over the river Kwai Map of the Death Railway The Death ... Directly at the bridge is a memorial plaque, and a historic locomotive is on ...www.answers.com/topic/death-railway"
brainyandy :

The River Kwai is 760ft wide and, as I'm sure you know, is spanned by a famous bridge. One fifth of the bridge stands on one side of the river and one sixth on the other side. How long is the bridge over the River Kwai?

Dr D :
"x = length of bridge x = 760 + x/5 + x/6 19/30 * x = 760 x = 1200 ft"
sweet n simple :
"let bridge is x ft long x- x/5-x/6=760 (30x -6x-5x) /30 =760 19x = 22800 x=1200 so bridge is 1200 ft long over the river Kwai."
Twiggy :
"If the width of the river is 760 feet, then the length of the bridge over the river is 760 feet. If you meant the total length of the bridge, then you should have said so. In questions like this, the way you phrase the question is very important."
Knownow't :
"From one end to the other."
brainyandy :

I'm sure we've all heard of this famous bridge so I felt that it would be appropriate to produce a puzzle in its honour. The River Kwai is 760 feet wide. For a bridge to be structurally sound there is a need to build part of the bridge on each side. To this effect, one fifth has been built on one side and one sixth on the other. How long is the bridge? For the geographically minded, I'm aware that there is some doubt regarding the location of this bridge but hey...it's only a puzzle!

giddy :
"760 feet as the bridge spans the river (750ft) the excess is spanning the road"
genericman1998 :
"It's 1200 ft long. Think of the bridge as divided into three sections. 1/5 of 1200 ft is 240 ft. on one side of the river 1/6 of 1200 ft is 200 ft. on the other side 760 ft of the bridge are over the river. The 3 parts add up: 240 + 200 + 760 = 1200, so the answer checks out OK."
Frank :
"1,035 ft. 8 in.?"
joytoy1963 :
"1038.66 feet"
cribbich2006 :
"it's incomplete"


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Comedy Football Compilation with Music of River Kwai march.

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Travel by minibus to Kanchanaburi to see the world – famous bridge over the River Kwai, visit the JEATH Museum where the lives of the P.O.W ’s during the 2nd world war are portrayed through many photographs, illustrations and relics.

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The Bridge on the River KwaiInternationally famous, thanks the several motion pictures and books, the black iron bridge was brought from Java by the Japanese supervision by Allied prisoner-of-war labour as part of the Death Railway linking Thailand with Burma. Still in use today, the bridge was the target of frequent Allied bombing raids duri

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Kanchanaburi is a city in rugged central Thailand. It is known for the Bridge over the River Kwai, but there are numerous sights to see outside the city.

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