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Riga is the largest city in the Baltic States, though its population has been on the decrease since 1991. Notable causes include out-migration and low fertility rates. Some have estimated that the population may fall by as much as 50% by 2050.

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hopper13 :

Does anyone know the best way to get from Riga in Lativa to Vilnius in Lithania! I am aware the trains run every other day but what do people know about the buses. I dont want to be stuck in Riga but that is where I am starting my backpacking round europe! thanks

Pheasant Plucker :
"I did the journey by bus, about 3 years ago, but cannot remember the details, but I had no problems. Check out the Latvia forum on the link below, later. I posted a question for you under the name "ROVER ROB". *One answer - You can get the bus it takes about 4 1/2 hours, I think there is about 4 per day, look on. You can buy tickets from the Train/bus station in Riga."
snakesharpe :
drakshug :
"You can go by bus to anywhere in Lithuania but expect delay sometimes at the border. There are lots of bus companies and lots of buses but eurolines are the best. You are better off getting your ticket in advance. You can also get the train to Vilnius. It is the Riga - Truskavec route, leaves at 7.40AM and gets into Vilnius at 12.34 pm. The bus station and the train station are almost right next to each other in Vilnius at the top end of the old town. The buses are cheaper but the trains more comfy. Also you can get off the bus at stations to stretch your legs and hit the toilet, have a smoke etc. Just check the board at the bus stance for when the bus is leaving. When in vilnius buy the guide Vilnius in your pocket at any kiosk. It is excellent."
sweettraveltrudy :

Is Riga safe for solo women travellers? Where should I avoid? Any ideas or tips you can give are appreciated. Thankyou thanks magpyre

magpyre :
"http://www.fco.gov.uk/servlet/Front?pagename=OpenMarket%2FXcelerate%2FShowPage&c=Page&cid=1007029390590&a=KCountryAdvice&aid=1013618386109 there ya go"
xavier p :
"absolutely safe. the primary tourist attraction is the "old town" with historic buildings and touristy restaurants. you can easily venture out of old town on public transit to see the greater city, with new buildings juxtaposed next to old run down, bombed out soviet-era buildings (remember the baltics are ~50% soviet)... very nice to see and i never felt in danger people speak english and are especially nice as with going ANYWHERE, use common sense and be wary at night of drunks/stag parties/petty thieves lifting purses/wallets. this is just a common tip , not at all specific to riga."
Konix :
"Yes, of course it's safe.There aren't unsafe places in Europe."
it h :
"i think it's the safest place on the planet for women... locals are totally fine, some people may be pushy when they're drunk but i haven't heard anything major. Latvia, specially Riga, is women dominated place.Not only woman population is much more than man but also they are involved in every step of life. The on trick I can give to everyone going to Riga, don't take taxi around old town, specially when you're drunk. Better walk or just call one. if you need more info about riga/latvia, here are some links;"
Bazza :

just spent a long weekend in riga,latvia.anybody else been?we thought it was amazing.especially old riga.outstanding buildings,friendly locals,loads to do etc.couldnt balance out the prices of things tho.80p for twenty cigs,yet an hrs train ride only costs 83p.then we saw a mug for sale sumwhere that cost £17! strange but true.anyway,anyone got any other storys/feedback? id deffo go back myself.oh yeah,and the food,fantastic,wow.

monkeymanelvis :
"I've been wanting to go for a while. I am a big fan of eastern Europe and love the cities there. Prague is magnificent. I think I will have to visit Riga later on this year (probably in Oct/Nov). I am glad you had a great holiday. I hope you did not buy the mug!"
Dana :
"Lol im from Riga in Latvia :) Heh and im glad u like it there! its sad that so many people know nothing about it :( lol u like latvian food? :D cool!!! heh i love it too :D"
undir :
"I went there a couple of years ago and I loved it there too. It's a beautiful city, the locals are friendly and the culture is interesting. Our stay coincided with a nice cultural event. Thousands of school kids marched the streets for several hours, singing and dancing and wearing nice clothes (many wore the national costume). It was a fun day. I also love the Latvian food. I did not experience problems with prices though, the prices I saw were pretty reasonable. I can really recommend Riga, it's a great place to visit. I would like to go there again one day."


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