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♣☼†ღ Haruhi ღ†☼♣ :

Ok, I'm trying to find information on Relics in Reims (Rheims) cathedral in France and I am having a lot of trouble finding any information. i'm not totally sure what a relique is, but i think its like a statue or something in memory of someone...? I think jesus on the cross is one, right? I found one relique of St. Remy but i dont know if it is from the reims cathedral........ Any info on the reliques in reims would REALLY help! Thanks!

xo379 :
""A relic is an object, especially a piece of the body or a personal item of someone of religious significance, carefully preserved" An example of a relic would be a piece of the cross on which Jesus was crucified. However, a 'cultural relic' is the term for something that has survived the passage of time, especially an object or custom whose original culture has disappeared, but also an object cherished for historical or memorial value--so the Cathedral in itself could be a relic. The Reims Cathedral (Notre-Dame de Reims, I believe), was baptized by St. Remy, but this doesn't mean that there is a relic concerning him in the church. But here's what I found about what's in the Cathedral: --"Louis XVI had the relics (remains of his body) of St. Marcoul (Abbot of Nanteuil (d. 552) brought to the Abbey of Saint-Remi --"In 1891 the canons of St. Peter at Rome presented to the chapter at Reims a portion of the relics of St. Petronilla; the translation of these sacred bones to Reims took place on Whitsunday, 1892." -Relics of St. Remigius --The plough used by St. Theodulph (d. 590), Abbot of Mont d'Hor --A 12th-century chalice for the communion of French monarchs (can be found at the Palais du Tau, built in 1690 as the official residence of the bishops of Reims, next to the cathedral.)"
aidan402 :
"Relics are objects...not usually statues. Personal belongings of saints, bits and pieces of their bodies, like bones, teeth and hair,pieces of the true cross....these things are normally kept in a container called a reliquary. One I know of in Rhiems is the ampula, which was placed with a golden needle and a silver paten into a glass reliquary."
Cabal :
"A religious relic is an object that has a religious significance. You find them in many religions. The bones of a saint, pieces of body (a finger, a hand, a nail...), a nail of the cross of Jesus (don't laugh, there's enough nails around to build a house), a piece of the cross itself. It is usually put in a beautiful container, with silver and precious woods or metals, precious stones. Those relics were brought out during religious ceremonies. Churches tried to have as many relics as they could during the Middle Ages as those brought plenty of pilgrims and thus plenty of offerings and money. The holy flask (l'ampoule sainte) was kept in the Reims Cathedral. It was a container where blessed oil was kept to anoint the French Kings as this was where the Kings officially received their crown in a religious ceremony. A little bit of holy oil on the brow and voila. The flask was broken during the 1789 revolution, there's still a fragment on show with the rest of the treasury. Ahem... your picture is not a relic. Here is a picture of a relic (a bone) within its reliquary. "
duoak :

What are the different ways to get from Paris to Reims, from Charles de Gaulle or Orly airport? My husband and I usually rent a car and drive, but I know it's possible to take a train to Reims. Can anyone provide detailed travel directions for taking the train, including estimated time and fare? Thanks.

NS :
"You need to go to the railway station called "gare de l'est" in Paris and then there are trains for Reims in 1 hour 1/2 timetables and booking available on"
ironduke8159 :
"Travel time by train from Paris to Reims is one hour forty minutes. There are two 2nd class options; one is $32 and the other $44 per person. First class is $65 per person."
macarthur1977 :
"Go Garde du Nord, the North train station, it's in Paris.If you want to go by car, look for the signs that say Soissons. Then look for the signs that say Reims. September is harvest time for the champagne grapes. Visit the champagne houses. Heidsack, or others, have free tours and you could check out the cool champagne cellars where the bubbly ferment over time. It's easier to get to Reims by Charles De Gauille airport, Orly is south of Paris and you'll have to face the bumper to bumper traffic. If you take the train, it would be quicker. I think the TVG, the superfast train, 200 mph, from Paris to Reims is ready this year, If it is, the travel time is about 30 minutes between both cities."
michael :
"by car, it cost 12$ / 9€ for the road and 25$/20€ for oil. 150 Km 1H50 some trafic near paris and Paris but a very nice road between the two city. some parking near downtown Reims. tourist center with cellar adress is near the cathedrale. 2H00 by train, take gare de l'est and you will arrive near the center of Reims."
motomotorzee :

I'll be in Paris in late Sept, early October for 9 days and I think I should throw in a day trip. I see online ads for bused champagne tours to the Reims region for US$120. A tour through the caves holding the barrels of champagne would be pretty cool, but $120 is too much for me. Are there any cheaper ways of getting there- bus, subway...? Any champagne houses with free or cheap tours with easily accessible locations via rented bike, walking, etc?

duoak :
"You don't need a tour, you can just go yourself to any one of a bunch of champagne houses. The cost of the tour will depend on how many different tastings you want - you can have a choice of 1, 2 or 3 tastings. It is possible to walk to one or two from the Reims center but many others are in Epernay - the next town over. The easiest way to get there is to rent a car. Most of the cellars look the same - I think one tour should be fine to experience the cellars. Otherwise, it's free to just enter the souvenir shop - I think the souvenir items are much more interesting than the tours. I think the best tours are Mumm and Moet & Chandon - these are the most informative and the best tastings. The other places in the area are Veuve Cliquot, Pommery, and Pieper Heidsick. All of these places have websites with info on the cellar tours. If you email me at I can also give you a list of the websites, email addresses and approximate prices for the tours."
paris :
"I was this July in Paris and I did this trip with a tour company, located in "Place de la Pyramide". It was wonderful, we went with a modern bus, we saw the two most famous houses for champagne(with subway guided tours and free champagne in a saloon), a visit in Reims, free time and a visit in all Champagne region (in the bus were guides for different languages). I suggest to do this trip, even is expensive for you, but is the easiest way to see all these, with explanations."


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Date: 2008-02-05 19:33:07

GETTING THERE: The Champagne region is about a two-hour drive from downtown Paris (quicker from Charles de Gaulle International Airport). It's also possible to take a TGV train from Paris to Reims (45 minutes) or a regular train from Paris to Epernay (about 1 hour 20 minutes).

Date: 2008-02-05 19:33:07

"Is the answer 2,397,207,667,966,701?" Saided the French mathlete Alexis Lemaire after about a minute of pondering. Yes, that is the answer. This 27-year-old student of artificial intelligence from Reims, France, who don't consider himself a nerd, managed to solve the 13th root of random 200 digit.. Read more!

Date: 2008-02-05 19:33:07

En France pour le travail pour une semaine, voilà mes impressions.La dernière fois que j'étais en France, c'était en juillet, à Reims.

Date: 2008-02-05 19:33:07

La jeune agence Rémoise, DR Création, a été choisie parmi plus de 5500 sociétés pour une publication dans le semestriel PARI.PARI, Parcs d’Activités de Reims Industries, magazine des parcs d’activités de Reims et sa région, est un semestriel édité par la CCI de Reims et d'Epernay, chargé de l'activité économique du bassin de Reims.

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