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Domestic and international flights are handled by the Mariscal Sucre International Airport in the northern part of the city, although a new airport is being built in Tababela parish, to the east.The public transportation system, with a total ridership of 1.8 million passenger trips per day, includes an extensive network of privately-operated commuter bus routes; a trolleybus line (the Trole), in operation since 1995; and two bus rapid transit systems: Ecovía and Metrobus. These rapid-transit lines are connected to outlying neighborhoods by an extensive "bus feeder" system. Rides on the rapid

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Mrmojo6068 :

Hello, I'm planning a trip to Quito, Ecuador with my girlfriend. I keep reading more and more that it's not exactly a safe city and muggings/theft is quite common. I'm actually growing a bit concerned from what I've read so far. Are there any tips to stay safe and avoid getting mugged? Also, are there any areas in Quito that are dangerous and should be avoided at all cost? Thank you very much!!! PS: I already bought a money pouch to keep my money under my shirt (to avoid my wallet getting stolen). I also know not to wear flashy clothing/jewelery.

Jack C :
"I was there last december. It is a safe city. However, Quito is just like any other major city in the world. There are parts that you should avoid. Don't walk around with expensive jewelry, watches, and cameras. I visited the Equatorial Line (Mitad del Mundo), the colonial section, the Panecillo (on top of a hill where there is a giant statue of the Virgin Mary.) I had absolutely no fear or concern for my safety. Stay in the modern section of Quito, as it is safe and clean there."
Sabri :
"I live here and it is like any other big city. Yes, there is a chance that you get mugged but as in any other city. As safety tips: Leave your passport, air ticket and extra money in the safety box from thee hotel. Bring a copy of your passport with you. If you want to get money from the ATM look for a mall or a place with security in the building. If you want to get money with a AMEX there is just 1 bank that gives you money. Street with a few people become dangerous and from 7pm until 6am it is better to take a cab if you intend to have a long walk do it in the morning. Parks are not safe at all at night. There is a nice street in which there are cafes is a place to hang out it is calles "Plaza Foch" in a neighbourhood called "La mariscal" Very important bring paper money 1 - 5 - 10. High denomination paper money is very diffucult to get change an don´t show how much money you have. Make a budget on how much you pretend to spend each day and bring that with you. It is not a problem here and it is a really nice city. I hope you enjoy your stay here."
magus :
"i agree with sabri and jack Safety in Ecuador Ecuador is considered one of the safer countries in the Andean Region, however, it is always a good idea to be cautious during your visit. Ecuador's urban centers, especially Quito and Guayaquil, are generally more dangerous than the countryside. The best way to prevent crime is using your common sense and reduce the likelihood of being a crime victim by following a few basic precautions: TOP Safety in the City * Travel with trustworthy companions. * Find out where the unsafe sectors are and avoid them. Find out which are the best hours to visit tourist sites. * Keep all important documents in a secure place, such as an inner pocket or a pouch that is hidden under a layer of clothing. * Make copies of your important documents, such as passport, travel ticket and card numbers. Leave originals in a safe box in your hotel. Keep always a copy of your passport with you. * Carry travelers checks and credit cards instead of large sums of cash. * Walk confidently with your head up. Never stare at the ground, it makes you look nervous and weak. * When you feel unsafe listen to your instincts. If you get that feeling grab a taxi or go into a place with lots of people. * Be wary of people who are too friendly too quickly, or that offer to show you around. Use your judgement. * Don't wear expensive jewelry or wristwatches. They make you a target. * Your cameras are also valuable, take them inside your bag or keep them out of sight. * Keep an eye on your carry shoulder-bags and purses. Take them in front of you in crowded places. * Keep all bags and other valuables where you can see them in restaurants, ground terminals, and other public places. * Change your currency in a bank or in your hotel. Don’t do it in the street * If you rent a car, park it in parking lots, don’t leave valuable objects in the car. * Don’t take hitchhikers."
its_ken_kaniff :

We have an influx of people from Ecuador coming into our town and I would like to be able to call it "Little Quito" only in spanish. Translators online call it "Poco Quito" But I would think it would be "Quito Poquito" or possible "El Quito Poquito". HELP! Obviously I never took spanish in school...

I like friends everywhere,esp.+D :
"You could say--Quito pequeno or even pequeno Quito.The spanish diminitive is -ito{a].However it would not work here like in--chico and chiquito or casa and casita. Poco of course also means little but you could not use it here. Hablo poco espanol y mi casa esta pequena."
onetwothree :
"Pequeño Quito. ."
Robin_Charlie :
""Pequeño Quito", "Quito Chiquito" or even "Quitito". There are cities and towns in the world that have been named after other bigger or more important cities, using any of those three forms of diminutives; the most popular though, is the first one."
MuchMalignedMonster :
"I doubt if the correct translation is "pequeño Quito" and not ·"pequeña Quito". As a city, is it not a feminine word?"
pvlar1 :

I have a wood carving that was made in Quito, but I'm not sure in which country Quito is located.

ACDixon :
"Quito is the capital of Ecuador, if I'm not mistaken."
soon2b_cst :
"Quito, Ecuador."
coogle :
"ecuador which is sort of near peru"
matttruedson :
"neither it is in ecuador"
Flint :
"I last saw Quito Mendez in Mexico."
Tango55 :
"Quito is the capital of Ecuador, in south america."
Beefalo_Baby :
"The capital of Ecuador, in the north-central part of the country. Settled by the Quito people, it was captured by the Incas in 1487 and held by the Spanish from 1534 until 1822. The city has frequently been damaged by earthquakes. Population: 1,460,000."
ThePole :
"Right between Google and Idiot."


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Date: 2008-02-05 19:26:15

QUITO (Reuters) - Ecuadorian authorities are investigating the massacre of 53 sea lions in the pristine Galapagos islands in an incident fueling concerns over the government's capacity to protect the famous archipelago. Park rangers found the...

Date: 2008-02-05 19:26:15

Los piques son ya una parte de la vida nocturna urbana, ahora los piques en bicicleta redefinen el ciclismo urbano nocturno y muestran otra cara de la ciudad.

Date: 2008-02-05 19:26:15

Good and Evil at the Center of the Earth[Quito] I don't know what the hell seized me. In the middle of an hour-long interview with the President of Ecuador, I asked him about his father.

Date: 2008-02-05 19:26:15

Despite its relatively small size, Ecuador is one of the most geographically diverse countries in the world. It has the Andes Mountains, Amazon Jungle, pristine beaches, the Galapagos Islands, and a classic South American capitol city in Quito.

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