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Queenstown.com Photo Galleries ClimateQueenstown has an alpine climate with winters that have clear blue skies and snow capped mountains. Summer has long warm days with temperatures that can reach 30°C (2007/2008). TransportQueenstown International Airport was upgraded in the 1990s to handle jet aircraft, including international flights from Australia. Due to sustained heavy growth, further terminal expansion was undertaken in 2005 and 2006, with more construction currently ongoing. The airport is serviced by regular domestic services from Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch. Air New Zeala

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andelska :

If someone wants to travel from Christchurch to Queenstown,can he go there by plane or not? If not,is there a railway going there and how far is it? Thank you in advance!

todd :
"Yes you can.. the airport code is ZQN."
camsean73 :
"You can fly or take a bus.. Check"
scratch_n_sniff :
"You can fly direct into Queenstown,or you can drive 6hrs from Christchurch not a bad drive but draggs on after a while and remember the roads arnt like they are anywhere else their windy and at times a slow drive. Buses head down but the trip is a tad longer than driveing or you could do a self drive in a camper van and go with the flow and I dont mean like a dead fish! You'll love it no matter how ya get there its well worth the trip ! ava g1"
alldressedup :

I'm heading to Queenstown in late August, can anyone tell me how cold is it going to be? Trying to figure out what to pack!

hollycatherine99 :
"Right now Queenstown New Zealand is about -2 at the coldest and +4 at the warmest. That isn't very warm."
fogjazz49 :
"Just picture Aspen, Park City, or Lake Tahoe in January... climate and dress code is about the same."
simo :
"still pretty cold around august, make sure u have a puffer jacket/goosedown jacket, beanie, thermals, gloves, scarve, etc. Drink a load of booze and you'll be right!!! hope u enjoy your trip, my favourite place"
blacksheep557 :
"August is still ski season, The sun is brilliant , but early mornings it can still be cool. Wrap up well, good footwear and socks, scarf, wolly jersey and warm jacket, keep your legs warm , you 'll be ok, I hope you are going there for the skiing, still great in August, some spring snow on the sunny slopes, and some ice, but well groomed."
aflumpire :

Im an Aussie. When I finish school, instead of going to our traditional 'schoolies' (bit like spring break for americans), I want to go to Queenstown in NZ because you can have just as much fun and drink as much booze as you want with your mates. Even though this is going to happen in 2010, I want to start saving. So, how much would the following be?? Return airfares (from Brisbane) Accomodation for a week (backpackers or somewhere extra cheap) Bunge Jumping Going down a hill in that big ball thing (tell me the name of that as well (please!)) Jet Boating Round of Golf on a half decent course White Water rafting and anything else that may intrest me and my mates and incluse prices please. And what would the best way to go with getting around as I know I won't be able to get car hire cheap enough as i will be under 25. This will be in late November, early December Thanks!

Printer :
"Hi. I'll try and give you some help. I live in Nelson at the top of the south island. Great spot! Queenstown is also very nice. Now it should cost you around $350 return. But that is with QANTAS and they are quite expensive. Not too sure about accomidation but there are many backpakers around the area. It costs $48 for a bungy jump The ball thing is called the Zorb. That's pretty fun too. Not sure about the cost of that. The shot over jet is the jet boat. Here is some information on the Queenstown golf club This is the water rafting website Now New Zealand is a pretty safe country so I wouldn't feel unsafe if I were to Hitch hike but that's up to you. I have heard some recent stories of hitch hikers being murderd and that. Just take caution. There are lots of restaurants in Queenstown as well as pubs. Well that's all the info I can give you. Hope you have a great trip and enjoy this great country. I moved here from Sydney and I can honestly say that there is no place like nz. IT IS THE BEST! have fun on your trip"
K Bear :
"I've just done all the research for my sons Schoolies week, he's off to Airlie beach this year …..but did you know that schoolies organise one in Queenstown also? If you go through the schoolies channels, you’ll get the free bus transport and the extras on offer there plus discounts! Take a look at Discount travel for student’s -http://studentflights.com.au Make sure you sign up with Virgin etc online as they email you the cheap deals going to NZ so you can keep an eye on deals. There is also a website through the Air NZ that does $1 + fares around NZ and to Aussie. Take a look at - again just keep checking in, a great place to get a bargain. Even if you get a $199 deal from Brisbane to Christchurch, then a $30 fare or something to Queenstown you will be laughing ! Queenstown is the adventure capital of NZ – especially for EXTREME adventure – must do’s Bungy jumping, AJ Hackett - The world famous Shotover Jet doing full 360º spins! (That was the best ! ) It is a very costly place especially doing all the adventure activities, so just remember to get those student discounts.... and book your backpackers in as soon as possible or you will miss out and then pay top dollar for elsewhere. You won't be able to rent a car but you can hire those motorbike scooters that you see everywhere, they are also in Queenstown. Have a great time!"
Princesspea :
"Hi Sounds like a great trip. You should probably keep a couple of things in mind though. We don’t have ‘schoolies’ here in NZ. And at the time you are intending to go most senior students would still be studying/sitting their exams (though the university students would be probably finished). This will only really effect you if you are wanting to meet other NZ people your age. Otherwise it won’t make a difference! If you are planning on boozing then just make sure you are 18 and you have ID (passport) on you. Bars and Pubs, and even supermarkets are very strict with selling alcohol to underage people. I am 28 and still get checked whenever I buy wine at a supermarket. Zorbing is awesome apparently. I would love to try it :) For hostels – try What is great about the Hostelworld website is that even if you book directly on a hostel’s website then you can at least read a bit about it (ie more objective!) on this site. Airfares – can I be honest? Air NZ’s ‘lead in’ fare between NZ and Australia is $295 (and whatever the equivalent is in Australian dollars I think around $270?) one way. A lead in fare is the regular cheap price. You may get cheaper when it goes on special (eg $199 plus taxes) but for budgeting purposes it may make sense to not expect a ticket less than $500 return. As I said, you can get cheaper and the fact you are going in the shoulder season means you may be lucky! Also, for whatever flight you see – if it is exclusive of taxes be aware that there is approximately $250 taxes added to fly to Queenstown from Brisbane! YIKES. Actually its about the same amount in taxes to fly to Christchurch or Dunedin. BUT if you fly to Christchurch then you are likely to get a much better fare. Qantas, Air NZ, Virgin, Jetstar and I think a couple of others all fly from Brisbane to Christchurch and often for a cheaper price. You could easily get a shuttlebus or regular long distance bus from Christchurch for quite a reasonable price. (approx $30?) As for golf courses -there are a considerable number of golf courses around Queenstown. There is Millbrook but this is quite expensive. There are other cheaper ones. Actually Millbrook could be quite a cool golf course to just use for a day! Quite expensive though!! Another thing you may want to do is parapenting/paragliding. You can do a tandem jump in queenstown. Finally, if you are going to look for things to do in Queenstown or NZ i would suggest checking the Google's NZ site. Rather than just using the site, the NZ site would be much easier to find things on!"


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