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Coordinates: 53°45′N 71°59′W / 53.75, -71.983¹These figures are adjusted to reflect boundary changes for the 2006 census.²Where a metropolitan area straddles more than one administrative region, the region of the central municipality is given.³These figures pertain to the part of the Ottawa-Gatineau census metropolitan area that is in Quebec. The total figures for the CMA, including the part in Ontario, are 1,130,761 (2006), 1,067,800 (2001). Major municipalitiesThe municipalities of the Montreal, Quebec, and Ottawa-Gatineau metropolitan areas exceeding 50,000 in population in

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pupeluvrrr205 :

what are some interesting facts about quebec's food??

frog f :
"ohhh i love the food there it is so good but dont take it from me go there yourshelf"
beb23 :
"we have all different kinds of food. anything you feel like eating, we've got it. down town montreal has tons of restaurants.many on the same corner."
Anonymous :

whats that winter carnaval thing *cat spell typeing to fast dont bug me on that*

SteveN :
"The Quebec Winter Carnival is held every February in Quebec City. It features skating, tobogganing, sleigh rides, ice carving contests, and they even have a hotel they build out of ice that you can rent a room in if you have the money (I hear it is quite expensive). To know more about it, check out their website below."
countpetez :
"Best North American event after The Mardi Gras. I've been to both a few times."
@lex LQC :

1. A passport is needed to go to Quebec? 2. How to obtain a visa and the Canadian nationality? 3. What is the validity of a resident's permit and how we can obtain him(it)? 4. What is needed for the minimun to obtain an employment(use) in Quebec? 5. In how much rises the average wage to Quebec? 6. Is the life dear to Quebec? 7. How much coute approximately an apartment to be rented(praised) for 4 details(rooms) (Lounge(Show), room(chamber), cooking(kitchen), bathroom)? 8. What are the useful sites of Quebec? 9. How much coute a plane ticket (1st and 2eme class) to go(surrender) to Quebec? 10. How much coute a note(ticket) to go(surrender) to Quebec by boat? Thank you in advance for your answers!

SteveN :
"A passport is recommended to get into Canada from all countries except the USA at this time. That is because most airlines require you to produce a passport in order to be allowed to fly. Americans can still drive into Canada with only a picture ID and proof of permanent residency. However, as of January 2008, the US will require passports via ALL transportation methods. You do not need a separate passport to get into Quebec. We are a distinct society, but we have not put up the Great Wall of Quebec yet... ;-) You can get more info on passports from Passport Canada. You can get info on immigration from the Quebec Immigration office. The Minimum wage is currently set between $7.25 and 8.00 per hour depending on if your job is entitled to tips. I'm not sure what you mean by is the life dear to Quebec...Voulez vous dire est-ce que la vie et chere? Is cost of living high? Not terribly. It depends on whether you live in the city or suburbs. Main expensive things are gas ($1.15/L) and real estate prices have gone up a lot in last 8 years. Apartment prices vary depending on the area. If you want one bedroom, living room, kitchen and bath, that is considered 3 1/2 room. Westmount, NDG, Cote St. Luc: $700+ Lasalle, Lachine: $600+ Verdun, Ville St Pierre, Cote St. Paul: $450+ Prices are per month (par mois). The cheapest (moin cher) cost would probably be by plane, depending on where you are coming from. La France? Air France and Air Canada have flights daily from CDG. You can find out more about Montreal prices and living from the local newspapers: English: Montreal Gazette French: La Presse, and Journal de Montreal"


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Date: 2008-02-05 19:23:02

Beautiful contemporary condo in Quebec City to rent for your vacation

Date: 2008-02-05 19:23:02

Our politicians' propensity to spend money they haven't got goes back a long, long time...In 1690, the colonial government of Massachusetts faced a fiscal crisis. Its soldiers were returning, defeated, from a raiding expedition to Quebec. colony expected the campaign to be profitable: The

Date: 2008-02-05 19:23:02

Guy Lafleur’s lawyer says the former NHL star will let a jury decide his fate on accusations he gave contradictory testimony at his son’s bail hearing last year.Lawyer Jean-Pierre Rancourt said that he suggested a jury trial for the prominent Quebecer because he feels members of the public would better understand...

Date: 2008-02-05 19:23:02

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For the city, see Quebec City . For other uses, see Quebec (disambiguation) and Québécois (disambiguation) . Coordinates : 53°45′N 71°59′W  /  53.75 , -71.983

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The cradle of French civilization in North America, the city is proudly preparing to celebrate its 400th anniversary in 2008. ...
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It all started July 3, 1608, for the French-speaking people of the Americas. When Samuel de Champlain decided to settle in Kébec, “where the river narrows,” little did he ...
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