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Coordinates: 41°0′31″N, 16°30′46″E LanguageThe official national language (since 1861) is Italian. However, as a consequence of its long and varied history, other historical languages have been spoken in this region for centuries. In the northern and central sections, some dialect of the Neapolitan language are spoken: for example the Barese, spoken in the zone of Bari or Foggiano near Foggia. In the southern part of the region, dialects of the Sicilian language called Tarantino and Salentino are spoken. In isolated pockets of the Southern part of Salento, a dialect of modern Greek

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Jezzi's Girl :

Im doing a project on Puglia and need a 5 course menu. It has to have an antipasto, primo, second e contorno, frutta/formaggio and dolce. I would greatly appreciate the help and if you leave me any recipe or type of food from Puglia please specify in which category it would fall. Thanks so much

gatto_gattone :
"here you will have dozens recipes!! and I stop here otherwise I get too hungry!! It will be a big success!!! make a good job ciao"
calabashstuff@sbcglobal.net :

I will be visiting Rome in March and want to visit Anzano Di Puglia - it is the region my husbands family originated from. Has anyone been there? Does anyone have any suggestions on travel around Rome.

meg_rocks!!! :
"i don't know how far that anzano place is but i just went to rome yesterday go to the trevi fountain the sistene chapel the vatican( visit the dome of the vatican it was 7 euro it is beautiful 320 steps walking to get to the top but really worth it) the colosseum, the spanish steps, saint peters square , saint peters basilica"
crackerjack :
"Anzano di puglia is south of Rome and slightly east, as it's in the center of the country, almost across the Gargano section, which is the piece of land that sticks out into the sea on the eastern sea board side about 2/4 down the east coast of Italy. I have traveled near there and it's about a 3 hour drive minimum and maybe longer. If you are thinking of places outside of Rome to visit, there's Ostia, by the sea, Florance, Frascati, Tivoli, Hadrian's Villa, Orvieto, Todi just to name but a few places only 2 hours away."
quicksilver_gal :

Hi, Going on holiday here. If anyone has been to any good restaurants in the Puglia region in Italy, please let me know. We're staying about 45 minutes from Rome. Thanks.

AntoSbra :
"Picton in Lecce or Antimo in Porto Cesareo. Are good,but the first isn't much cheap.Have always afresh and very good fish. You can also eat the typical Puglia's food!!!"
worldsowide :
"There is no bad food in Puglia so don't worry! But can you be more precise about where you will be -- it's kind of like asking, 'Where is a good place to eat out in Florida?'. And if you are 45 minutes from Rome, you will not be in Puglia. It's much further away than that."
subasio :
"In Otranto I can recommand you the pizzeria "Bella Idrusa"; the restourant "da Ivo". These are in the central square of the town near the port In Lecce you can have a very good pizza at the pizzeria called "Carlo V". Have a very good meals!!!"
kitiyapron p :
"Puglia is the extreme southeast and heel of Italy ; a long way from Rome . If you want to eat out in Puglia , you will have to stay there . Generally Puglese food is good ; if it's not too much effort for the waiters and waitresses to serve you . My experience around Porto Cesario , was that tourists make work and are not really welcomed . Puglia has lovely beaches ; if anybody could be bothered to clear the rubbish off them . Watch your money and posessions ; tourists are easy pickings in Puglia , don't tender the money at gas stations or shops before it is asked for , or they may trick you into paying double . Rome is in Lazio ; if you are staying 45 minutes from Rome , I recommend you remain in that area ; there are many interesting and historic places to visit . I cannot name Restaurants precisely , but you shouldn't have difficulty in eating well . Take care of your Passport , wallet and cards ; keep them separate , in safe places . Rome is a gang of theives and pickpockets ; don't carry valuables in a backpack or you'll very likely lose them . I have lived a number of years in Italy and love it dearly ; but it does have it's shortcomings . Take care and enjoy yourselves !!!"


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Date: 2008-02-05 19:20:12

An interior designer and her city broker husband have decided to give up their successful London life and move to a masseria (fortified farmhouse) in Puglia in the south of Italy. This is the start of their diary detailing the move...

Dean Jakson
Date: 2008-02-05 19:20:12

Recently overseas property analysts have tipped Italy as an area of particular focus for overseas investors. With property in Idyllic regions like Puglia still an absolute bargain compared to UK prices it is easy to see why.

Date: 2008-02-05 19:20:12

Foto della Piccola azienda Olivicola a Andria (Bari), foto di ulivi e uliveti a Bari, in Puglia

Date: 2008-02-05 19:20:12

PUGLIA, ITALY | Chicago chefs head to small village to learn region's food from a master

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