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source: Cuaderno Estadistico Municipal Growth related problems Water pollutionVisibility in the water off of Puerto Vallarta, close to the mouths of the rivers is poor in the summer, but away from these locations visibility in the summer is greater than in the dry season. In Puerto Vallarta the sewage is treated by a British/Dutch company with a "State of the Art" facility. Outside of the City there may be no connection to this and in the rainy season some pollution can happen around the river mouths, but it quickly dissipates in the bay, which is a huge body of water. The comments below are

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steph :

I will be going to Puerto Vallarta during Winter break. I would like to stay in an all inclusive hotel w/ kids. Any good suggestions and good pricing?.. what should I take the kids to do around there?? Im thinking of staying there only 2-3 days I will be going to PV because I will be in Mexico for 3 wks and that is a nearby location for us to check out.

almunoz@verizon.net :
"In my opinion don't even go there, i went there with my family it was all humid and we all felt extremely sticky, to top it off we went to the beach because we heard the water is extremely blue which wasn't all the water was brown and extremely dirty looking, we were all miserable and left early."
Rachael C :
"The water isn't as blue as it is on the other (gulf - Cancun, Cozumel, etc.) side of Mexico, however it has more waves (not huge, but fun small ones!), which I love. After we went to PV, we never want to go back to the other side again! We stayed at Dreams and it was awesome. My friend stayed at RUI w/ her young (6 year old) son and other family and she said they had TONS of stuff for kids to do. Both of these properties are all-inclusive. Check for traveler reviews. Have fun!"
Janet C :
"During winter it won't be sticky and the water won't be brown, as someone else said. It would be sticky in the summer, into early October, because of the extreme humidity/heat. The brown water he/she mentions was caused by rain runoff - which occurs in the summer also. Winter weather is very nice.....warm and low humidity....perfect time to go. If you don't care about being right in PV, you might be interested in going to Paradise Village in Nuevo Vallarta not too far north of the airport. All inclusive, beach "toys", beautiful beach!!! There are other A-I resorts in Nuevo Vallarta, but I never remember their names (and sometimes they change)."
BB :

I'm planning to puerto vallarta in may and I am unsure of the weather.

jjjgreene1 :
"its great"
coolsitesguy :
"The weather is great. Mid 80's to low 90's and right before the rainy season."
Shikha :
"Download Weather Toolbar - Instant weather reports, forecasts, and radar images anytime for free -"
garyrbeck1 :
"I am in PV every May and love this month. It is hot enough to please you, not cold enough to cover with a blanket at night, a cool breeze usually and humidity high but since pre-rain, not heavy wit moisture. Also, keep in mind the May restaurant festival 5/15-31 with hopefully around 37 spots offering 3 course dinners at vast bargains. Able to dine in places which would easily be double otherwise. My yahoo group has posted messages and more will follow. I am so jazzed and urge you to GO...plus you should be able to find better lodging rates, too. Gary San Francisco, CA./Puerto Vallarta, JAL."
Tim K :

I am going to be living in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico for two months in Dec/Jan of next year and am looking for work. I am a Canadian university student taking a year away from school to do volunteer work and to make some money in order to afford returning to school. I have extensive graphic and web design experience, and that would be my preferred job. I would also love to work in tourism, and Dec and Jan are big tourism months in PV. I speak some Spanish, but will be taking a course before I move to Mexico. I would really appreciate any information on design/tourism jobs in Puerto Vallarta. Thanks! It's not so much that I'm concerned about finding a job - I have a few potential employers lined up - it's that I would prefer to work in either graphic/web design or tourism. I have searched job posting websites, and there have been short-term (1-2 month) design jobs in Puerto Vallarta, I just haven't been able to find any current such jobs.

sparks_mex :
"Sell time shares - other than that you are dreaming if it's only for 2 months"
Redawg J :
"Your best bet is to just find something when you get there. I am so jealous !! I love Puerto Vallarta...just got home (Canada) from there a few days ago! And practice, practice your Spanish...then you can talk with everyone and make some good contacts."
carmeezy29 :
"when I went to Cancun I met an American couple that lived in Mexico. they told me most Americans or Canadians that move to Mexico have Internet businesses or are retired and recvd checks. It is hard to find a regular job because most people dont want to take jobs from local Mexicans to give to foreigners"
Annie C :
"Going to Mexico to make money is a little backwards...When I lived there, I worked 2 jobs (teaching English, working at an internet cafe), 14hr days and 7 days a week and I didnt have anything to show for it and I did not go out every night and I wasn't a big drinker. I was on a strict budget and there were times that I had to save money to buy shampoo and toilet paper."
cancundivers :
"hello, to start with: i'm german living in mexico since more than 14 years in total (2 years puerto vallarta (bucerias),2 years cancun and since 10 years in playa del carmen).please excuse my way of putting it together for you...english is not my first (or even second) language.i may have a funny way to explain it to you. FIRST:in order to work legally in mexico you need a what's called FM3 (after 5 years it turns into a FM2 and after another 5 years you will be an "immigrante").it will take an average somewhere between 4 to 6 weeks from the day on you apply for that permit till it is approved...depents on how busy they are and in which state you would like to work.during that time it is ILLEGAL to work.like everywhere else in the world:your papers are in process? you wait.buttom line.most companys will tell you:"don't worry...nothing is going to happen." ....of course they do so...if immigration comes they pay a little fine and your little behind is on fire.i couldn't care less what everybody else says...i saw it to many times. second:even if you have that FM3...that permit is only valid for ONE company.you are only allowed to do one job for one company at the time.there is no way that you are legally allowed to do two jobs at the same time.THAT'S THE LAW.if you do so you are no better then every mexican who swims across the rio grande and works in the u.s. or canada without papers.beside that...you will only get a working permit if you do a job which a mexican is not able to "fullfill"...well that law is like gum...there is always a way. and to the idea to work in timeshare:if you tell to who ever is in charge that you plan to stay for two month only....nobody will hire you without experience....meaning if you never worked in the industrie before.why? they would have to train you first.that will take somewhere between 7 and 10 days at least.why should they train you...invest in you...if they know you will be gone in a few weeks.other then that....till you have your first deal and the commision is payable you are already on your way back home."no way jose". in other words...between you and me: if you find something to simply "job" for a few weeks...bartender,reception or what ever...i don't seriously think anything will happen in such a short time period.....but whatever it will be....be aware that it would not be legal.the pay? well that's a whole different story....do not expect much...or why do you think so many mexicans are on the run? if you do have more questions you will find my e-mail adress in my profile. good luck, cancundivers p.s.:before somebody says:it did this and i did that....i talk about the law."


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Date: 2008-09-22 19:43:34

Isolated resorts like the Turkish coast and the central western coast of Mexico (Cancun, Puerto Vallarta, Cozumel, Mazatlan, Acapulco, Ixtapa) are a wonderful place to "get away". In business this is one of the best opportunity to think and plan. My friend didn't just vacation, he put together a whole plan for a blog and a new marketing strategy.

Date: 2008-09-22 19:43:34

magine the joys of a summer home that makes you money whenever you are not staying in it. This kind of place would be beautiful to visit, comfortable and easy to live in, and ready for you whenever you want because it would be yours. A timeshare cannot offer you all of that no matter how desirable the location, since it can be difficult to get the

Date: 2008-09-22 19:43:34

Located on a quiet secluded beach, this luxurious vacation resort offers guests a relaxing vacation retreat just 20 miles from Puerto Vallarta. Read More ----

Date: 2008-09-22 19:43:34

Brrr - the cold is coming, the cold is coming! Check out these 5 Hot All Inclusive Destinations for this fall & winter season - from the Caribbean, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Puerto Vallarta in Mexico, Waikiki in Hawaii - find out where to go for the best warm & sunny beaches, activities, and experiences!

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