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Puerto Quetzal is Guatemala's largest Pacific Ocean port. It is important for both cargo traffic and as a stop-off point for cruise liners.It is located in Escuintla department, alongside the city of Puerto San José, which it superseded as a port in importance to the country's maritime traffic during the 20th century. Locator maps13°55′14″N, 90°47′16″W See also2007 Guatemala earthquakeTransport in Guatemala

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Teemu Selanne is coming back!! :

Puerto Quetzal, Guatemala 9:00 AM - 7:00 PM

HijoDelSol :
"Not really close. Tikal would be where you would want to go, but it would be a pretty good trek from there."
TubThumpin :
"None close enough for you to go during a cruise ship break."
Xavier :
"The closest to that area is, Takalik Abaj, is about an hour or two from Puerto Quetzal, in Retalhuleu... There should be a tourist guidance around there, but for you to get a better idea, here are two web-sites, there is more information on the web... Hope you can make it! "

We are on a Princess cruise visiting these ports October 2nd and 3rd. What shore excursions, if any, are worthwhile?

Simple_Moon :
"Well I went to Guatemala and i recommend you to go to tikal and see the beautiful ruins of the mayas"
Fulanito :
"According to Princess.com there are 6 shore excursions that you can partake in. I have read them all and can tell you all are worthwhile but in the end, its up to you. One of the excursions involves visiting the Ruins of Leon Viejo (Old Leon, second oldest city in the Western Hemisphere), it is an UNESCO World Heritage site, very beautiful city, a lot of beautiful colonial architecture. Many world-renowned poets have been birthed there, Nicaragua itself is a country of poets, until proven otherwise hehe. One place on the excursion (included) you can't miss is the Hacienda San Antonio which is home to Flor de Cana Rum. Flor de Cana rum comes in about 7 different flavors, "Gran Reserva" is personally my favorite, the bottles are super cheap, about $5-$15, the rum has one so many international awards its crazy. Another excursion sends you to the capital city of Managua, where i live. Unless its a guided tour, , skip it. It is difficult trying to navigate our streets, we don't have street signs, we use local landmarks (some of which don't exsist anymore). Beside that, many tourist usually only land here (international airport) and leave to other cities, or the Pacific and Caribbean coasts. Managua, however, is the most important city in the country, there are beautiful new malls, and many new parks. The roberto humbes market is abound with art products, hammocks made by hand, and much nice stuff that can be used as gifts when you get back home. There are also many museums, and the rotondas which have sculptures that are amazing. Ill provide you with pictures of Managua and Leon below."
Carlos M :
"Although often, and mistakenly perceived as a country inmersed in political and social turmoil Nicaragua is, in fact, an exciting destination for tourists and specifically families who seek to experience a completely different travel adventure. As documented by the United States Department of State Nicaragua is one of the safest countries in Latin America. In the DVD ADVENTURES IN NICARAGUA, teenagers Rodrigo and Tammy lead the viewer through an unforgetable journey of discovery hiking up volcanoes, discovering ancient civilizations, exploring green islands, Majestic lakes, and the tropical splendor of the Caribbean. The enjoy practicing extreme sports, snorkeling, fishing, kayaking, surfing, sailing, learning about Pirates, Filibusters, Colonial Times and having fun in the process! the kids embark on a new adventure every day and have the time of their lives! And you will, too!!, explore with us our Land of lakes and volcanoes and it wont matter if you are an investor, a person looking for your dream retirement home, a fun-seeking family, a business traveler or just a casual tourist, you will bring back home a treasure trove of wildlife, volcanoes, rain forests, and unforgettable memories.. visit the website Adventuresinnicaraguadvd.com and you can see some of the fun things a family can do here! It is awesome and safe!"


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Puerto Quetzal is Guatemala 's largest Pacific Ocean port . It is important for both cargo traffic and as a stop-off point for cruise liners. It is located in Escuintla department ...
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Bienvenida: La Empresa Portuaria Quetzal es la institución responsable de la gestión y administración de Puerto Quetzal, ubicado en el litoral pacífico de Guatemala.
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