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jaygirl :

The flights I have been quoted on the internet only fly to Mahe. How far is that from Praslin and can I take a ferry/boat and what is the cost?

surfer_ade_uk :
"take a ferry, cost around 25 ponds"
The Odd Job Man :
"When I was there I took a short flight from Mahe (the main island) to Praslin in a light aircraft. It took about 20 minutes. Can't remember the cost, sorry."
Afallon :
"Better take a light aircraft, that is what I did (so Lassie is mistaken).As I was island hopping (Mahé, Praslin, Bird Island and Silhouette) this was included in the price so I can't help you there."
lassie :
"No way to get to Praslin, except by boat. Dont miss it. "Still hv Emmanuels house"., beatifull vegetation. You must go thru Mahe, by plane and then go by boat, or small planes to other islands."
Clara T :
"My folks stay in Seychelles. At the moment in Mahe but for ten years on Praslin. You do get connecting flights from Mahe to Preslin and there are taxis that will take you to the ferry boat if you prefer to travel by ferry. Not expencive at all. I am not sure in miles how far it is, but by ferry it will take about 35 minutes."
Mz. Supreme aka Add me :
"Take the ferry, it is not very expensive at all, it takes around 20-30 pounds. It doesn't take long to get there, trust me. Tell me how your cruise goes! Email me and tell me!"
jaygirl :

Were the drinks very expensive?

Afallon :
"I've been to Praslin and stayed at 'La Reserve'. The food and accommodation were excellent. It was very reasonable and so were the drinks...No-one goes to the Seychelles to get legless every night. Make sure you visit the 'Vallé de Mer' to see the famous 'Coco de Mer' trees and the fascinating stories about them."
zilber :
"go to Paradise sun. the drinks all over are expensive regardless of the hotel you are in."
OogaBooga :
"I went to Praslin and stayed at L'Archipel Hotel. It was a bit expensive but completely worth it. The place was beautiful, the room was great and so were the restaurants. We had tons of fun while there, Praslin is an incredible place and the staff at L'Archipel was fantastic. Have fun on your trip!"
vidots :
"I'm from the seychelles. The valle de me belonged to my great grand father. There are many great hotels on praslin. I love Le'muria, but its very expensive, there are others that are cheaper but are also beautiful. All staff at all hotels and resorts are friendly, we are a friendly nation and very proud of our country. The drinks at the hotels can be varely expensive but if you go to a local store which we have many, you can by lemonade for 3 rupees for a small glass bottle or 4 rupees for the small pet bottles, for the large 1.5L bottles of lemonade its 10 rupees. We have cola, sprite, fanta, bitter lemon, lemonade, and another company makes creamy soda, portello and many more. Our alcoholic drinks are SeyBrew lager is around 14 or so rupees and a guiness is a little more. We have also the pre mixed smirnoff ice which I am not too sure of the price. But it is much much cheaper to by your drinks outside the hotel than in. Good luck and if you go on a holiday, do enjoy....may even bump into you without knowing. Remember us locals are very friendly so if you need help be sure to just ask. Also check out or coco de mer and also our great tortoises, if you get to know some locals ask them to take you to see turtles hatch. I live at anse forbans on the main island of mahe, and we always have turtles hatching..."


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Date: 2008-07-08 01:13:26

Mahé and Praslin are the two main islands, where you can relax on some of the world’s most spectacular beaches, from long stretches of white sand to small, secluded coves - Mahé alone has over 70. Beau Vallon Bay

Date: 2008-07-08 01:13:26

Matt Lauer featured Praslin, one of the Seychelles Islands, on his "Where in the World is Matt Lauer" segment on the Today Show Friday.

Date: 2008-07-08 01:13:26

Where in the world is Matt Lauer on the last day of his world wide travel adventure? Matt goes to Praslin in the Seychelles archipelago island. Seychelles is a vacation destination that's more about scenery than sightseeing.

Date: 2008-07-08 01:13:26

SUNSET can arrange an unforgettable Wedding Package for you here in the Seychelles on one of four islands - Mahe and Praslin (where this can be arranged at most of the hotels featured in our Seychelles Collection portfolio) - or on La Digue or Denis

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