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Praia da Luz (pronounced , "Beach of Light") is a village and resort located about 6km from Lagos in the Algarve, Portugal. The resort grown around the old fishing village. It is a holiday destination drawing visitors mainly from Portugal, Britain, Ireland, France and Germany.Praia da Luz (also known as "Luz de Lagos" or "Luz") is the name of the village and also of the beach. Residual activities from its origins as a fishing village are now only found in isolated pockets to the west, and it is now dominated by several holiday-villa complexes.// HistoryIts origins date back to Roman times. Ro

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Charmed :

Does anyone know of a beach commonly known as "Lost beach" in the area of praia de luz? it could be instrumental in locating Madeline. Anyone who lives there- or has visited and knows the beaches there, would be appreciated. I cant seem to find "Lost beach" in praia de luz on the internet. Thanks to all who reply

jenesuispasunnombre :
"No beach of that name on the map. Lost in Portuguese would be something like Perdido, and none of them have that name."
Adam :

We read that openly devout Catholics Kate and Gerry McCann deceived Father Jose Manuel Pacheco of the church in Praia de Luz. The did not even say goodbye or hand the keys back when then fled back to England. Just how low can the McCanns stoop when it comes to using a man of god for their own scheming purposes ? source: Source:

sarahmac :
"cos shes an opportunist, A using selfish spoilt mad woman. You can tell. Shes cold & hard. Gerry just looks like a lamb following its mother. I would say shes the one wearing the trousers."
lorie v :
"I wonder if we will ever know the truth, i hope so , i went and read the article thanks for the info ."
I Love My Vauxhall Nova :
"more twisting of words I see Not handing keys back and not saying goodbye is hardly deceiving!!!! I would say that yes they should have said goodbye personally etc but to say that not doing it is deceiving???? Its ridiculous!"
silent_lambs :
"Strange..Why does he feel decieved? It also sounds like he knows something, Why don't the McCanns tell the priest he can talk to the police in order to clear their names? Can't they see the fact the priest is saying I will take what Kate said to my grave implies that Kate has told him something and if all she has told him is she misses her little girl then what would be the harm of the priest talking to the police? This would be one way of the McCanns of clearing their names but they seem to have overlooked this. Wonder why."
freeliberation :
"Interesting! So people seem to be seeing Kate & Gerry for what they really are, using the poor priest like that although I'm not surprised with them to tell you the truth! I just hope the truth comes out soon. Enough of the Mc'Canns charade!"
yoda1canobe :
"Never, who the McCanns, never i do not belive you , you mean St McCanns, No no no, the the most honest people living on this planet. you most of misread something. well i will have to change my God then, if he's Pro-McCann Oh dear he we go its comming- Yoda, get a life you are sad go home to your mummy"
trancebabe :
"They will use anyone or anything and call in all favours to achieve their ends. They are without scruples. The terrible part is that they are going to escape justice as once again Prime minister Gordon Brown has intervened on their behalf with the Portuguese Prime Minister. Something that is never done for other British citizens abroad. I for one will now NEVER vote labour while Mr Corruption Brown is leader. As his involvement in this case is sinister to say the least."
Chris :
"They couldn't stoop any lower, could they?"
bluebellsx2 :
"like they have deceived most of the world! They might be innocent of the murder, if there is one, but they are not innocent of neglect. until they stand up publically and admit they neglected their children, people will have only bad thoughts of them"
Jingo :
"Well pointed out Adam. As always, you are the voice of unbiaised reason on this site. Thanks heavens . I've said this all along and no-one has believed me - the Pope and Tony Blair are both in on this. This latest event just proves it. Well done for making the connection. There is a clear Catholic conspiracy. It goes right to the top. Keep going Adam, I think you have almost got it cracked."
News2Me :
"I think this is just media making up stories"
viper :
"i heard that gerry cheated in a school conker competition when he was younger too. he must be guilty"
Caesar's wife :
"In what way could he possibly be deceived? He obviously believed at one stage that the McCanns were innocent, otherwise he would never have allowed them anywhere near the Pope. He woudl simply have told his superiors that "it isn't advisable" and they would have followed his lead. So what has changed his mind? As the McCanns have not being charged with any crime, I suggest that the speculation and gossip have got to his superiors who have told him to tone down his support, in the light of the "evidence" against them."
failte1950 :
"Just how low can we all get here. This has become a huge character assignation! Oh things were done and not done, but lets stop all this please"
flamebolt666 :
"He says 'deceived' and yet he is refusing to help the police progress with the investigation by talking about what Kate and Gerry said to him. I appreciate that he has religious beliefs, but this is a missing child we are talking about, and surely he would do everything he could to help? He is technically obstructing the course of justice, because if he says whether or not Kate made a confession, then the police can then either move on, or take the appropriate actions. I don't understand why he would say he was deceived, and then not say what it was about. More confusion, not helped by the media."
"I heard he disappeared for a while on Sabbatical. (Cannot for the life of me find where I heard this) I asked a friend of mine why (a member of the Catholic Church) and he said this usually happens when a priest is in difficulty with something he has heard in confession or to take him out of the limelight. I personally feel very sorry for him, to have his faith used in such a way. Still what do you expect from the McCanns!"
stormy :
"I think she confessed to him, and its playing on his mind. he feels really guilty."
toi-et-moi :
"Adam, If Kate and Gerry confessed to the priest that they killed her, then they did not deceive him. If they did not confess, again they did not deceive him because as far as we know they are still innocent. Unless of course you think that the priest felt deceived because the couple “did not say good bye and have not returned the key” Do you think a Priest would go to the Daily Star and cry out that the McCanns did not say to him good bye!"
Dom Perignon :
"The not so subtle implication is that Kate McCann killed her child and confessed to a Catholic priest. The priest has perhaps knowingly given them sanctuary and allowed the body to be stored in the chapel and/or buried in the grounds. For a newspaperman, a great way to sell a paper is to print a story that your readership wants to believe and that supports their point of view. Stories like this are designed to appeal to people that have already acted as judge and jury and found the McCann’s guilty. There's no one here like that I hope!"
James M :
"If you cannot even spell Priest, how can anyone take seriously anything you say and to use the Dailymail as your source material, well that says it all."
Van der Elst :
"It makes the McCanns come across as cheap users. What a nasty thing to do. Its an old saying, " You may take a man out of the gutter, but you will never take the gutter out of the man. Shameful behaviour. Gets all British a bad name in Europe."
paula :
"And yet again a story from a newspaper, did you know last night aliens landed and have taken over the world."
Curious :
"He must know something. Why would a priest say he was deceived? The poor chap can't divulge what was said in confession and now has to live with the information for the rest of his life. Not saying goodbye or handing back keys isn't being deceitful, so he leaves everyone intrigued." :
"Deceived? mmm..... very suspicious. And how convenient for the MCcans to have to keys ah? so they could come whenever they wanted, even very late at night. I hope they do a good job searching the area."
TAB, the avid bibliophile :
"If he was "deceived" that easily, he's admitted to being stupid. Yes he's a man of God, but that doesn't mean he's very intelligent."
threepenny53 :
"The priest believed he had been deceived - allegedly - because the McCanns did not tell him that the children had been conceived using IVF, which is against the Catholic Church teachings. However, I too think there was more to it than that. Their relationship with the priest came to a very sudden end and it's wellknown that the McCanns had IVF so I don't think that could have been the reason. Here's the link anyway."
17pdr :

We read aghast that the Portuguese Police are now searching the Our Lady of the Light Church in Praia de Luz in the belief that the MAIN SUSPECTS and serial child neglectors, Kate and Gerry McCann hid Madeleines body there prior to moving it to a final resting place. Could the latest Police probe lead to revealing the true horror of Madeleines disapearance ? Source:>

made in england :
"my headache is getting worse."
Mrs Sanchez! :
"They have been saying this for ages, it is about time they dug the area, I am glad they finally are doing so. I think she did die that night, and want the whole sorry story to come to an end."
greybeard :
"Just too many conspiracy theories!, I just wish that the little girl could be reunited with her parents"
carly :
"Is there no other newsworthy stories in the UK these days. Why the obsession with these loser parents?"
Moses :
"I would be amazed if sniffer dogs did'nt detect the smell of death in a church. The would probably smell it at the undertakers as well."
purplevoodoo :
"Perhaps you can help me. I'm trying to work out why so many people have wasted so many months hating just two people, when there are much more worse people in the world doing much more worse things than not being in the same room as their children. Help me out here, cos I just don't understand it. Look at what your own government is doing in Iraq. Why doesn't that bother you so much? Why don't you have better things to do with your time than post questions like these?"
michele s :
"this is too awful to believe they might be guilty of a great deal that does not commend them but to abuse the house of god in this way would be almost unbelievable i hope that you are wrong on both counts - the murder of the child and the sacrilege"
Robert C :
"If they find her body...I assume you will be having a party?"
tabbyfur :
"This is an old story. The Sun had that headline months back. You can't just enter a RC church and start digging. There has to be substantial evidence to ask for this. This is London is a little slow off the mark with that fabrication & conspiracy about that poor family and little Madeleine McCann"
sumn :
"Sadly, that is just another baseless supposition that was put up a while ago. The search was conducted in other places, but ended in nothing. Presently, the blame is on Robert Murat and his girlfriend. Follow the link to find out more.+'spotted+with+Madeleine'+two+days+after+she+vanished/"
filya puta :
"It should have been done month's ago!"
"I thought they had done that already, know the McCanns had a key to the church"
babydoll72 :
"this was all said months ago, but they have wasted too much time on other stupid theorys..its all getting boring now."
Rodriguez :
"I'm still waiting for the Portuguese police and press to come up with the theory that she was abducted by aliens. I can't believe they haven't come up with that one with some of the other crazy ideas they've had in the past. Just sit tight and let the events take their course - sooner or later it will be uncovered, it's hard to get away with murder now with all the technology about. Just look at those bodies they found in Kent from 1991 - I bet the guy who did that thought he'd got away with it. Until now. So eventually we'll all know what happened to her and this whole thing can finally come to end."
littleredms :
"the new search of the church was carried out two weeks ago "informally and with maximum discretion" and was led by Paulo Rebelo"
oh deary me :
"someone, some where knows where that child is. I do believe that justice will be done."
paula :
"Old news as usual."
Julia Peculiar :
"why else would they want a key to the church? the only other time they go to church when the cameras are there"
bec :
"If it does, I'll eat my hat."
Ali :
"Any proof for that? I didn't think so."
Shiloh A :
"I've posted this link before, with hardly a response. I really think this could be Madeline. Too many similairitie's, and according to the Galveston Police Dept. Madeline hasn't been ruled out. This child really does need an identity. "


Comments on Praia de Luz

Date: 2008-02-05 19:12:40

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Date: 2008-02-05 19:12:40

PRAIA DA LUZ - Portugal - Team McCann's McSpinner publicist, Clarence Mitchell, has released another sketch of the Madeleine suspect.

Date: 2008-02-05 19:12:40

Portuguese Police have announced that they would like to interview Kate and Gerry McCann over an alleged piece of evidence discovered recently at the holiday resort at Praia Da Luz.

Date: 2008-02-05 19:12:40

PORTUGUESE police today searched an animal crematorium about 5km from the Praia da Luz resort where four-year-old Briton Madeleine McCann went missing four months ago, its owner said.

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