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aLeXlUnA :

How can i find good quality furniture in San Luis Potosi Mexico or where? need names or directions.

gustavo l :
"hi.. excuse my poor english. im from san luis potosi mexico. and i can help you . all depend what type of furniture you want, the city have good and recognized stores like peyan with the most novel furniture in the city , this is located in the av venustiano carranza , easy to find because have two adresses in this street, another comercial stores are mueblerias alvarado, muebles maryal, with most comercial products and many branches , i know some fabrics in the borders of the city with very good quality, novel designs, and very good prices.. one is in the "dekora muebles", they sell all the production to national stores like "liverpol", "fabricas de francia", etc.. and i think have sells to the public in their offices. if you want more information or any type of aid, contact me.. its a pleasure can help you. saludos"
pooh_lobo :

I Live This City and San Luis Potosi is many people you no like Here is Best City and To You Visit or Your Live in San Luis Potosi?

peanutz :
"No, I do not live in San Luis Potosi."
sparks_mex :
"pooh -- This is a good place to practice your fake weak English but it sure needs work"
*~*Just me*~* :
ana82juarez :
"i've been there, my father is from Rio Verde, san luis potosi, I go for vacation"
idamrobles :
"dont know"
flofies :
"Yes, what can I do for you ?"
emily_68502 :

Anything helpful about travel to San Luis Potosi? Never been to Mexico, have been to Honduras! Any ideas? I am aware of the basic culture, but anything else?????

Gabrio :
"San Luis Potosi is a province in the Occidental part of Mexico, from Mexico City you will travel about 4hrs north. It's famous by their milk candies, desert and leather crafts. It's very hot place, 100º F in summer. The most known dish is the spicy quesadilla (cheese crepe). Because it's very hot, the scorpions live there also. It's a small city very clean and neat."
Jorge M :
"San Luis Potosí has a lovely baroque architecture, the city is small and charming and having every service for a tourist. It's located on a desert and the climate is quite similar to Santa Fé, NM. Hot on summer and cold on winter (some winters there's snow on the city). This is one of the safest cities in Mexico and totally different from Honduras. The population is majorly white and English is not widely used as in the southern touristic cities. Learn some basic Spanish will help. Visit Real de Catorce, a phantom town where was filmed The Mexican with Brad Pitt and Julia Roberts. Visit this site for further information:"
badtothebone :
"I live here now, contact me through my aviator, Im from OHio."
larpmanx :
""It's very hot place, 100º F in summer" NOT TRUE. In June of this year, the maximum temperature reached was 87° (June 12th). The average daily high was 80°. The overall average temperature was 69°. In July, the maximum temperature reached was 84° (July 5th and 6th). The average daily high was 78°. The overall average temperature was 71°. In August, the maximum temperature reached was 84° (August 1st), The average daily high was 77°. The overall average temperature was 73°. In September, the maximum temperature reached was 82° (September 23th), The average daily high was 76°. The overall average temperature was 68°. This year was little warmer than usual. "It's a small city." The population is close to 600,000. San Luis is very flat. The historic center is very nice with a large pedestrian only area. The city has good plazas. The Plaza del Carmen is very lively and the Plaza San Francisco very tranquil. The Templo del Carmen is one of the best churches in Mexico. It's one of the few that has both an excellent exterior and interior. In the mountains east of the city is the Huasteca Potosina. The substropical area includes some excellent waterfalls. larpman"


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Date: 2008-02-05 19:11:02

a new study by the International Research Institute for Climate and Society examines the impacts of near-term climate change to agronomic groups in three Andean river basins: the Elqui in Chile, the Mendoza in Argentina and the Huayna Potosi in Bolivia

Date: 2008-02-05 19:11:02

DCT Industrial Trust Inc. (NYSE:DCT), a leading industrial real estate investment trust, today announced its entry into two major markets in Mexico -- Guadalajara and San Luis Potosi.

Date: 2008-02-05 19:11:02

Gunmen murdered a police chief in the central Mexican state of San Luis Potosi on Thursday as he drove to a restaurant with his family, the latest killing in a spike in drug violence in Mexico.

Date: 2008-02-05 19:11:02

According to a news item published on August 21 2007 by the El Mañana de Valles newspaper, two unidentified flying objects allegedly fell in Valles and Xilitla (San Luis Potosi). The first of them was reported on the evening of Sunday, August 19 and the second during early morning hours of Monday the 20th.

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