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Steven :

I want to go to Positano, Italy during hte middle of March. what's the weather like in positano during that time? Also, what activities are there to do in Positano during that time?

jaimilynn :
"for the temperature you can use worldclimate.com."
coxy :

My partner and I have booked to go to positano Italy next June. We are looking at spending 11 days here - is this too long? If so can you recommend some where else near we could also visit? We will have a car. Also can you recommend somewhere to stay in Positano - we are thinking 3 to 4 star but would like a swimming pool. I think we prefer boutique.

worldsowide :
"I love Positano -- it's my favorite place on the Amalfi coast -- but I think that 11 days is a lot to be there unless you want to just really be hanging out. Both Amalfi and Capri island have a bit more going on and are also better connected by the ferries. Ravello is also a fantastic town but it's perched on a rock outcrop and has no beach. I'd suggest you split your stay between Positano and one or two of these other places or even the city of Napoli, which is much nicer than it is given credit for. As for hotels, the best hotel in Positano and quite frankly, anywhere in my opinion, is Le Sirenuse. It's a noble family's former summer home and it's got this intimate appeal coupled with great views and a wonderful staff. It's costly to stay here but well worth it if you can splurge. In the least eat dinner here. Other than this there are not a ton of places with pools in Positano -- the Hotel Regina is a nice option. Have a great trip."
Richone :
"if you're spending longer than a week, why don't you try a villa or apartment. There are some fantastic places in positano and you'll get more for your money. I've used this company before You could also try breaking up the trip and stay in the amalfi coast for a few days or one of the villages near to Positano. Nocelle is a wonderful small village that overlooks Positano so the fews are amazing."
sb290176 :

Hi, i am planning a honeymoon trip in the region and plan to combine it withmy stay in capri. After reading so many reviews am pretty confused as to base myself in positano or amalfi. also how many nights should be ok in capri?(2 or 3) i am looking forward for an experience of romance and fun. Advice on this issue would be greatly appreciated.

~*Brooke*~ :
"I cant make the decision for you...But stay at least a week to get that full effect of the countries beauty! Have fun and good luck!"
askheidikins :
"I worked as a tour guide in that area 6 years ago and would say that Positano is the more romantic of the two destinations although from Positano you can easily take a boat trip and spend a day in Amalfi. Positano has a beautiful hillside location and there are plenty of hotels suitable for couples while Amalfi is a little more family focused. Since you are on a honeymoon you will probably be in full relax mood after all the organisation stress of a wedding but I would say that two nights on Capri will be ample. You could also consider Ischia which is pretty much the same distance away and has loads of spa hotels. Have a wonderful time whatever you decide on"
rgobio :
"I suggest you go to the Amalfi coast. While Positano is beautiful, you cannot do much there. Base yourself in Sorrento instead and spend at least 3 days in Capri/Anacapri. I did that a few times now and it has been by far the best time of my life. So much so that I want to move there. Feel free to contact me if you have any more questions and good luck/congratulations on your wedding. Have a great time in Italy. It is hard not to. ;-)"
jetgirly :
"If you're looking for a glamourous, romantic holiday I suggest staying in Ravello, which is a twenty or thirty minutes outside of Amalfi. It's not right on the sea, but rather it's perched HIGH above Amalfi and has amazing views of the coastline. There are LOTS of five-star hotels in the town, and by staying there you avoid the cheap touristy hustle-and-bustle of Amalfi and Positano. However, it's easy to get from Ravello to Amalfi by rental car or by public transportation. I'll link to some hotels below, and also the information from my recent day-trip to Ravello. If I were going on a honeymoon in the area, I would NOT consider staying anywhere else. I walked past Hotel Caruso when I was in Ravello and it looked spectacular, but Palazzo Sasso is the better-reviewed of the two. Most people do Capri as a day-trip, I think you'd get quite bored on the island if you stayed for more than one night."
baja annie :
"The Amalfi Coast is pretty accessible via bus and boat. Don't rent a car as the drivers are crazy. I stayed in Positano for 3 nights and loved it. Definitly a great place for a honeymoon. Amalfi is a little busier and doesn't offer the same atmosphere. I would like to recommend a nice little hotel: The Punta Regina For details check out&&iFixDept=0&iDept=332&iSessionDept=0&iNoRooms=1&diffRms=111 I would probalby spend 3 nights in Capri. 2 would be adequate - but why rush it if you are on your honeymoon. Make sure you go on some walks around the island! Capri is more expensive - so kind of depends on your budget While you are in Positano - take the boat and bus and visit Ravello. There are some amazing Villas and Gardens up there and it offers splendid views of the water. Congratulations and have a great time in Italy!"
Herman707 :
"I stayed in Positano and it was great. A B&B called Vila Rosa. You can visit Amalfi for a day trip without any problems. Have fun!"
samsnedecker :
"Base yourself in Positano - it's absolutely brillant! A daytrip to Capri should suffice."


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The Amalfi Coast - La Costiera Amalfitana, is a stretch of coastline on the southern side of the Sorrentine Peninsula of Italy (Province of Salerno), extending from Positano in the west to Vietri sul Mare in the east.

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Hotels, Villas, B&B, Accommodation in Amalfi Ravello Positano

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Alberghi, Ville e B&B, Accommodation in Amalfi Ravello Positano

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