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luckygem :

before anyone says anything about the park rides i already know, ive been to the park in total 11times. but ive never stayed at the hotel. my mum recently came into enough money to take me back to spain since we both love it there. we would of gone to our usual hotel but since it was only an extra £100 to go to pot aventura (and i'd of been getting tickets to go the theme park which would of cost us about that much anyway) we decided to stay in the port aventura hotel. has anyone stayed in the port aventura hotel? if so how was it? is it easy to get into salou without a car or will we need to rent one? not that i'll be going out into salou much i'll be more interested on throwing up after going on the dragon khan 10times but my mum will want to go into salou at some point in the fortnight

Hibee :
"Is it not Porta Ventura?"
yuna_julia :
"hola,he ido a salou hacen 2 años y el hotel nos salio bastante barato.para llegar a salou vas desde la estacion de tren con un taxi (te sale bien de precio) o sino en bus .desde tu hotel a port avetura se coge un bus (pregunta en tu hotel o en la calle,la gente lo sabe)espero que te valga de algo mi respuesta.bye"
Kari L :
"I have not been at the hotel, sorry. But here you will find reviews about it:"
N17 :
"Stayed there in August last year with my husband and two boys and we loved it. The hotel port aventura is great and the food was really good. You could also get vouchers and use them to eat in restaurants in one of the other two hotels on the complex. There is plenty going on by the pool all day or there are other pools where it is quiet. There are loads of public buses running through the complex to salou, cambrils or wherever and the hotel actually has its own free shuttle to salou and back. The main advantage of staying at port aventura is the unlimited access to the theme park and the water park (I think the access to the water park is restricted a bit in august) and what really worked for us was to relax by the pool or go to the beach during the day and go to the park in the evening when it was much quieter (no queues) and much cooler. Most of the day visitors have left by about 6pm and in august the park was open to midnight We'd love to go back - hope you have a great time if you book - try Direct holidays they are a bit cheaper."
sarge :
"not stopped there but near to it,town centre is easy to get to by mini road train or taxi"
.o.o. :

We are visiting Port Aventura after Sept, and our youngest (of four) will be 19 months old then. Rather than lug tons of 'baby stuff' over with us, does anyone who's travelled there with little ones, have any advice about what we HAVE to take, and what we can buy easily when we get there? Thanks! I seem to (inadverently) upset people by making it look like you can't buy goods/modern stuff in Spain! I'm so sorry, I didn't mean that at all honest, I just worded it wrong obviously! I meant, should I wait until we're there before buying baby stuff to save lugging loads with us, and it may be awkward to get out 'shopping' with the baby. Sorry if it sounded patronizing, it wasn't meant like that! S

Tony P :
"Not really an expert anymore cos our son is now 38.but as we live in Spain it seems to me that the big supermarkets and hypermarkets have whole aisles dedicated to baby products and foods.never forget the Spanish have kids too and now live in a modern convenience age."
Joe M :
"Hello i am a frequent traveller and if i was you i would take as much babby nappies wipes and food ect as possible however there will be supermarkets and hypermarkets like Eroskie and Spars over in spain so i would recomend for you to take as much as possible P.s Portaventura fireworks is a must see and is on at 12pm at nigh and is BREATH TAKING"
Peter A :
"Please believe me Spain is very moden and all super and hypermarkets have even more items to buy for children, then you´ll ever need. Take care and enjoy your holiday with no worries."
pmgled :
"You can do a google search for hire of cots etc in the area. I have this service on the costa blanca to make it easier for those who visit the area, If you do find anything let me know so I can keep it on record for future. Most of Spain there are general hire centres of which will hire travel cots highchairs etc but you would be best off looking for specificly cot hire etc first, If you are staying in a hotel give them a ring they bmay be able to direct you to a company the same if you are renting a property of which there is a keyholder he or she may know"
Darren F :

Furius Baco is the new port aventura ride foes anyone know when it opens?

slh74 :
"already open didn't go on it, didn't think queuing for 21/2 hourws was worth it"
pracgamer :
"It's now open!"
mole :
"I keep thinking august 9 but im not sure. try port aventura website"


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Date: 2008-02-05 19:01:58

Details on the portaventura one of europes top theme parks

Date: 2008-02-05 19:01:58

Thorpe Park has held, and still continues to hold, a number of records for its rides. These include:Colossus was the world's first (and until recently, only) roller coaster to feature 10 inversions. Stealth is Europe's fastest launched roller coaster. In 2007 Stealth will lose the speed record to PortAventura's new rollercoster, "Furious Baco

tyler johns

Date: 2008-10-14 01:24:47

porta aventura is well cool im going there with family one day

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