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A polis (πόλις) plural: poleis (πόλεις) is a city, a city-state and also citizenship and body of citizens. When used to describe classical Athens and its contemporaries, polis is often translated as "city-state."The Greek polis began to rise mainly because of a taxation rise in the price of wheat, and the uprising, which consisted of the battle of Stonghorn. Elements of the Greek Polis are evident in the Dark Age, but a true example did not emerge until 750-700 BC, the final component being the unification of the demos-communities. The word originates from the ancient Greek city-st

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Alyssa C :

I am studying for my midterm in my western civilization class. In order to study, im essentially taking the test by writing out who, what, when, where,how and why the term is importent to history in a short paragraph like the test. If you could please look over what I have written and see if there is anything i have missed, just keep into account that i have 20 of these that i have to study for the test. Thank you. Polis: A polis was the name of the Greek city-states throughout the Ancient Greek world. They became centers of politics and culture. Each had its own patron god, ie Athens and Athena. The citizenry was central to the polis, and citizenship was hereditary and reserved for free, landowning, males.

jim :
"Not bad, but "polis' literally just means "city". You may wish to add that in CityStates such as Athens, the "demos" participated in all aspects of the government, not just municipal actions. Votes were taken on declarations of war, funding the military, assigning generals ("Archons" were chosen from the Demos for periods of one year), establishing trade relations and so forth. Good luck with your mid-term; if your other answers are as clearly written and succinct as this one you'll do fine ;)"
J.F.V. :

can someone tell me some facts, history, and anything else about ancient GREEK POLIS (ancient greek politics/government structures) please it's for school so please be serious

Monc :
"okay. Well, Greece's geography, with its having lots of harbors and these huge mountains dividing them, led it to develop a city-state system. Each polis had its own government and politics. Most of them had an area that was reserved for the temples, called the acropolis. The two classic foils of any discussion on the Greek polis system are Athens, which evolved into a democracy, and Sparta, which had a unique militaristic system headed by two kings. While all these polises had their own political system, they would cooperate to fight wars, such as the Delian League they formed to fight the Persian War, and they would trade with each other. (sparta was an exception to this. they weren't too fond of trade or travel.) so while the Greeks for the most part shared a common language and religion, they lived in separate societies that best suited the populace at hand."
moment of peace :

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butterball :
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Mother Of Jordan And Jaslin :
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A polis ( πόλις ) plural: poleis ( πόλεις ) is a city , a city-state and also citizenship and body of citizens. When used to describe classical Athens and its ...

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