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doggielover :

I want to know this, and what are some crops in Piedmont? And some industries. Piedmont, Virginia. Not Italy. Anyone please answer!

Just Try It :
"Tobacco Cigarettes"
Doc E :
"Crops include Tobacco, grapes, poultry, cattle, dairy products, soybeans, and hogs. Major industries include textiles, furniture, chemical products, paper products, machinery, and tourism. Biotechnology is also on the rise in North Carolina's research triangle."
chris14799 :

HOHNER Piedmont Blues Harmonica is this a good set ?

logan1963uk :
"Cheap and cheerful, (about £35 in the UK) it has most keys you would need to be starting out playing blues, rock etc, and a very useful case. I'd recommend it for a serious beginner, and once you get used to playing in various keys, you can graduate to better more expensive harps, my personal choice being either Lee Oskars or Hohner Marine Bands (about £20 in the UK). When it come to Harps, its very often a case of you get what you pay for."
martin couch :
"I haven't played them, but they seem cheap to me, and have gotten poor reviews. I prefer, in descending order, Special 20s, Marine Bands, Pro Harps, Blues Harps."
Dan :
"I gave mine away to orphans. A harmonica plays for about 10 cents an hour before you blow it flat. You won't save money by buying cheap ones unless you play for one day and quit. The Piedmont Blues will make that 10 cents an hour a very difficult and unpleasant experience. Which harmonica should I buy? Diatonic! Hohner; Hand Made; Golden Melody; Special 20; MS Big River; Blues Harp, Pro Harp Lee Oskar Seydel Blues: Session; Soloist, Soul’s Voice marketed by Bushman Music Hering: 1923 Suzuki: HarpMaster Tremolo and Octave! The better Huangs and Hohners. All Seydels are good. The Seydel Concerto and the Hohner Autovalve are excellent. Keys D to G are best in both models. What key should I buy? Where can I buy a harmonica? Online! They won’t let you test them in a music store except with a bellows. Online prices are pretty good anyhow. How much should I pay for a harmonica?"
muskie999 :
"in One word BAD. Plastic made in china throw out the harps buy some special twenties and keep the case."
Now and Then Comes a Thought :

Is it likely that the low grade metamorphics sandwiched between higher grade metamorphics in the Inner Piedmont of Alabama are the result of two episodes of hydrothermic flow through different levels (where the higher grades are?) I'm not at all familiar with the geology there, so extra detail is welcome. Your answer to the "bizarre geology" question is what made me ponder this question.

p. dynasty :
"trying to help you with your qs sense you helped me with 2 of mine but i have no idea what this means srry"
Geomatic7000 :
"That's one thought. Read the Hatcher Merchat 2006 paper on channelized flow. There are a lot of ideas about this. There are all sorts of problems going on in the Inner Piedmont of the Appalachians in general, and Alabama is no exception. There's a just a lot of quirky stuff going on with the Towaliga and the Brevard zone to lend credence to stuff being brought down from NE Georgia, like the Dadeville Complex and the Jacksons Gap group. Lots of shear zones and some normal faulting evidence where shear faulting was thought. Read M.G. Steltenpohl (my adviser), Mike Higgins, Bentley and Neathery, R.D. Hatcher, Jonathan Grimes, there's a bunch. Everyone has an idea. I'm trying to put the Dadeville back in Georgia. Its curious you ask this after we posted answers in the bizarre geology question."
Κrιsτέn Geogenius :
"Here are some interesting sites I found for your question pertaining to Alabama. Hope this helps (best site) "


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Date: 2008-02-05 18:53:43

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Date: 2008-02-05 18:53:43

Written by Eve C. White and just publisehd by Italy Travel notes, this article relates how in the 20th century, wine in Italy frequently meant low-cost, low quality and high volume-think straw covered bottles-with little to get excited about. However, things have changed in past 25 years and thanks to new laws further regulating Italian vintners.

Date: 2008-02-05 18:53:43

Dave Matthews Band's Live at Piedmont Park album debuts at No. 68 on this week's Billboard 200 album chart -- the worst chart performance by a DMB album, by far, since 1994.

Date: 2008-02-05 18:53:43

John Edwards was born in Seneca, South Carolina and raised in Robbins, North Carolina, a small town in the Piedmont. There John learned the values of hard work and perseverance from his father, Wallace, who worked in the textile mills for 36 years, and from his mother, Bobbie, who ran a shop and worked at the post office.

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