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Picardy is an historical province of France, in the north of France. The historical capital and largest city is Amiens.According to Edward Gibbon,Whimsical enough is the origin of the name of Picards, and from thence of Picardie, which does not date earlier than AD 1200. It was an academical joke, an epithet first applied to the quarrelsome humour of those students, in the University of Paris, who came from the frontier of France and Flanders.

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Weas :

Going on a weeks holiday near Noyon in Picardy. Never been before, if anyone has what are your top places to visit whilst there. After this we go on to Traben Trarbach in Germany-again top tips please!

Ken Guru alias aussie_oz :
"I can't tell you anything about Picardy, but from Traben-Trarbach you should go to Trier. It's the oldest city in Germany and had been one of the Roman Capitals. Also I'd recommend taking a Rhine River Cruise from Mainz / Bingen to Cologne. Mainz and Cologne had been founded by the Romans as well, and each city has a very famous cathedral. The Rhine Valley is a UNESCO world heritage of nature, very impressive with all those villages, vineyards, and castles. You could try wikitravel or wikipedia also for some french destinations For France (Picardy) I recommend buying a Michelin Green Guide. Very good travel guides."
life :

How can I do this? no, not miss, Mme, the one for married women. I found a site on-line for Miss competition, but can't find for Mrs.

Inconnaissable :
"You mean, Miss Picardie ! First, come to France and then apply ! tout simplement"
emma :
"you find a guy who's last name is Picardy??"


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Date: 2008-02-05 18:53:26

Rachel is current Miss World France 2007. Rachel was born and grew up in the Picardy region in the North of France, a country famous for its gastronomy and fine wines. Read More about her and see her beautiful pictures at her BabesDB profile.

Date: 2008-02-05 18:53:26

The town of Picardie in France is worth a look for investors looking to buy property in France

Date: 2008-02-05 18:53:26

In a study of 61 healthy women led by a team of Dr Angelo Picardi from the Italian National Institute of Health in Rome, researchers found that those who had difficulty establishing close, trusting relationships showed signs of weaker immune function.Noted that this report is in the current issue of the journal Psychosomatic Medicine

Date: 2008-02-05 18:53:26

Samedi soir à été élue notre Miss France 2007. Il s’agit cette année de Miss Picardie.A vrai dire ce n’est pas vraiment pour Miss Picardie que je suis là, mais plutôt pour Miss Limousin.Mlle Sophie VOUZELAUD qui représentait notre région est classée première dauphine. Connaissant le handicap de notre miss, je me décide à chercher des info

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This article is about the historical French province and cultural area of Picardy. For the modern French région of Picardie, see Picardie . For use in music , see Picardy third
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