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Stranger In Paradise :

I'm from Singapore and I'll be travelling to Phuket with my aunt towards the end of Sept this year. Have a few questions to ask, do hope you guys can help. Thanks! - Is Sept a holiday month in Phuket? Will there be many tourists, etc.? Also, will the hotel prices be marked up? - Is it very dangerous in Phuket? I know danger is everywhere but some places are more dangerous than others. Is there alot of theft in Phuket? I'm more worried for my aunt. She has leg problems and is not the adventurous sort. - Which is the best place to stay at in Phuket? Preferably, this place will be near shops, amenities, the beach and for sight-seeing. -Are there any cheap, safe motels/ bed & breakfasts places in this area? - My trip will last for a total of 6 days and 5 nights. A friend of mine recommended that I stay in Phuket for just a night and spend the rest of the days in Krabi. Is Krabi really all that beautiful and are there many things to see in Krabi besides the beach? Do help. Thanks!

Tummi :
"Hello and glad to know you're visiting Phuket! It's a lovely island and September is not high season yet....high is Nov - Jan when rate will rise. You can expect tourist from both domestic and overseas year-round, though it won't be so crowded during off-peak. Rain may still be expected during Sept...but so far it's ok. (I just had a recent trip myself.) Danger-wise....I guess it's pretty safe in Phuket. Since it's a tourist area, you can expect to see locals taking care of visitors. You will love their hospitality. But of course there're some rowdy bars and will know to avoid those from afar. Stays are plenty! You can find boutique hotels, lovely b&b up to 5-star resort. Some recommendations: Patong Bayshore Hotel, nice and quiet, Thai style decor, about USD33 per room per nite. Deevana Patong Resort & Spa, hip, contemporary thai style, about USD38 per room per nite. Old Phuket hotel - if you love the classic look & feel....this is the one! Krabi is beautiful. What tourist enjoy is the boat trip from Krabi to nearby islets for snorkelling. I guest you'd love both. There're more activities and shopping in Phuket, though...and food are plenty with lots of variety. Krabi is more quiet and good for unwind, diving, snorkelling. Depends what you're looking for! Also, if you want snorkeling or get a boat-trip, you can get those from both Phuket and Krabi. Have a great trip!!"
African Farmer :
"September is not busy as it is rainy season. Apart from crazy drivers, it is not dangerous in Phuket. There are many places to stay in Phuket. Almost 1/3 of all tourists going to Thailand visit Phuket. Personally, I don't like being one among a million and go visit Krabi, Trang, and Satun provinces. The Khao Lak area (Phang Nga Province) 70+ km north of Phuket airport was great up until the tsunami hit, but now it's being taken over by large upscale resort operators just like Karon Beach in Phuket. The links provide more info."
gschaney :

I am planning to visit Phuket for my Honeymoon trip...can you guide which of the online travel package organisers (makemytrip or yatra etc) can offer me the best value for money deal....or any other mode rather than going through online travel organisers ?

gemrtz56 :
"These links may be nothing more than travel organizers but still may be helpful for planning your trip just click on them below:--/SIG=12ao543nk/EXP=1201799251/**http%3a//**http%3a//**http%3a//**http%3a//**http%3a//**http%3a//**http%3a//**http%3a//**http%3a//**http%3a//**http%3a//"
gbdelta1954 :
"Unfortunately, Asia is not that popular a destination for Americans. Therefore there are not that many good discount websites for packages. I still check Expedia and Orbitz for airfare rates. From what I know there may be direct flights to Phuket. More than likely you will have to fly into Bangkok and then take a local flight to Phuket. The airlines from the USA that fly in Bangkok are numerous. I would suggest to you EVA Air and try to book a Deluxe Economy class seat on a 747 or a Elite Class seat on a Boeing 757. This is a business class seat for about USD150 more round trip. A regular economy seat costs from USD760 to 1,000. Thai Airways does have a direct flight for around USD 1,000 The you would have to book a flight from probably Suvarnabhumi or Don Muang Airport(about 35 minutes away in good traffic) to Phuket. For hotels, I would check either or or for the best rates. there are also reviews of the hotels and resorts on each site. Overall, you would either check prices on or and you can check for packages too. Good luck."
andyguenthard :
"For good hotel deals in Asia, try: all have great last minute deals ... For flights you can also try - and depending where you want to fly from there are a number of low cost airlines serving Phuket. from Singapore, from Kuala Lumpur or Bangkok and many more. Enjoy Phuket! It is a great place. Andy p.s. if you want to try something more quiet and relaxed, you might want to check out Khao Lak - about 1 hr drive from Phuket Airport on the main land ..."
love911 :

Staying in Phuket for 5 nights then leaving to Krabi. How long does it take from Phuket to Krabi?Which transporation would be the easiest and quickest way to get to Krabi?? Will be in Phuket, then leaving to Krabi..fastest way there from Phuket?

NY :
"fastest would be flight have you been to bangkok? you can stay there for years hahahah"
Gerald J :
"It's about 175 km. from Phuket to Krabi, there are flights on Air Andaman, but by bus or private car would probably be the best way, this website lists the different ways to travel from Phuket to Krabi:"
dave o :
"by the time you've done check-in you will have got to krabi on the bus,so go by bus,you'll save quite a bit of money and see some nice scenery,especially round phang-nga bay"


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