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30th Street Station is the main railroad station in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It is the heart of Philadelphia's passenger rail network. See alsoCenter City Commuter ConnectionSuburban StationReading TerminalAmtrakCommuter rail in North AmericaSoutheastern Pennsylvania Transportation AuthorityNew Jersey Transit

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Steven C :

Do you like the philadephia kixx? I happen to like the Kixx of the Spectrum. It is very fun! They have fun promos such as the potato sack race, sabor the flaver, Dance team, and flying t-shirts!

Paul S :
"I have heard that it is a fun time, but have never experienced. I am more into the Phils and 76ers. It almost sounds like minor league ball - include the fans more than just the game?"
jingles :
"I don't have any truck wid dem Paedophilia's, shoot em, I say !"
bea j :

Hi, I just move to philadephia and I constantly hear everyone mention that they hang out in old city.Where is old city in Philadephia? I work in Center city.

Dr Dee :
"At and around South Street"
illy_squilly :
"Bounded by 4th and Front Streets on the east and west, race street on the north, and walnut street on the south."
shoe s :
"its called society hill"
Sony :
"right near the water on Front street and start moving backwards. 3rd street (between market and chestnut) has some amazing restaurants and clubs."
jdm :
"If you work in Center City, than you know where Market Street is. If you were to follow Market Street East and head towards the Delaware River, you'd run into Old City around 5th Street or so. What I think of as Old City, like the heart of it is like 2-3rd and Market. It's mostly bars, clubs, lounges and restaraunts and can get pretty crowded with people on Friday an Saturday nights. It's near impossible to find a cab around there between 1 and 3am though as that's usually where the mass exodus to Geno's or Pat's begins."
Lek :
"if people/friends are tellin you they hang out there they probably go all the same places i do :) here are my personal favorites: Dreamz here is a list of bars in old city/society hill=*&tid=357&search=&x=20&y=8 But there are alot, just walk around and go hoping from place to place, you will have an amazing time!!! I LOVE OLD CITY!!"
lana_sands :
"Old City is Basically the area from Front to 5th street Bewteen Race & say.... South st. It's called that due to many of the addresses date back to the Revolutution period."
Asojee :

Moving from Nigeria to Darby-Philadephia.What is theport of entry to Philadephia?

lana_sands :
"For a list of airlines go to the airport web site below. Darby by the way is a suburb of Phila. to the west. about 5 mins from the airport. Your best bets for air carriers are British Airways, Lufthansa, & Air France all serve PHL. However I don't know of any direct flights to Nigeria."


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Date: 2008-02-05 17:32:23

The deal that Sharp signed with the Blackhawks is for 4 years at $15.6 million or $3.9 per year. Sharp started off his career with Philadephia and played below his potential before he was traded to the Blackhawks. Now he is having an outstanding season, and at 26 years old he has plenty of good years ahead of him in the NHL.

Date: 2008-02-05 17:32:23

Now that I have your attention, this is the real story. I dislike the New England Patriots. I dislike Bill Belichick. So do many players and coaches around the NFL. Some won't admit it and if they're smart they'll keep their mouths shut. This is how it shakes down with New England and Philadephia.

Date: 2008-02-05 17:32:23

DANZIG has lined up the following upcoming tour dates:October 23 - Baltimore, MD @ Rams Head LiveOctober 24 - Philadephia, PA @ Electric FactoryOctober 25 - Worcester, MA @ The PalladiumOctober 27 - New York, NY @ Nokia TheatreOctober 30 - Las Vegas, NV @ House of BluesOctober 31 - Los Angeles, CA @ Greek TheatreNovember 1 - Anaheim

Date: 2008-02-05 17:32:23

I don’t really follow the 76ers, so it’s hard to come up with any good quips or analogies. But when Passion and Pride has posts about Hersey Hawkins and Question Marks, I don’t feel like I’m missing much. Of course, some of those question marks have fantasy relevance.


Date: 2012-03-12 11:17:53

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