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Coordinates: 43°18′06″N, 00°22′07″WPau is a town and commune of southwestern France, préfecture (capital) of the Pyrénées-Atlantiques département. It is famous for the Boulevard des Pyrénées, a walk of three-quarters of a kilometer from the château to the Parc du Beaumont and the royal Beaumont Park with magnificent views of the mountains in the Pyrenees mountain range. Along the elevated path the iron hand-rails have plaques explaining which mountain is directly in front of you and how high it is.The Université de Pau et des Pays de l'Adour (founded in 1972) is situated in

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P J :

On ESPN Radio, Mr. Wallace (a high ranking official from Memphis i guess) appeared on the Chris Vernon Show on ESPN Radio and let it be known that Memphis wants to part with Gasol and be a major player in the Free Agent market for next year the first destination he brought up was Chicago...but since Deng and Gordon are restricted free agents, it looks like Chicago might have trouble dealing with Memphis The second best destination? LA LAKERS For Kwame Brown (9 million expiring contract WHICH IS THE FIRST THING MEMPHIS IS TARGETING), Chris Mihm + Sasha Vujacic + the Lakers 1st round Draft pick in 2008 for Pau Gasol =&cash= Memphis gets 3 expiring contracts, a first round draft pick and about 14 million in cap space (which the Memphis official repeatedly said is what they're targeting) What do you think about this deal? --Pau-Gasol-.html WAIT THE DEAL JUST WENT DOWN the terms are different but PAU GASOL IS NOW ON THE LA LAKERS!!! PAU GASOL ON THE LAKERS!!!! YESSSSSSSSS "February 1, 2008 - 2:41 pm The Commercial Appeal has learned that the Grizzlies have traded Pau Gasol to the Los Angeles Lakers for center Kwame Brown, rookie guard Javaris Crittenton and first-round draft picks in 2008 and 2010. The decision was made that the Grizzlies could no longer move forward with Gasol on and off the basketball court. The deal allows the Grizzlies to gain salary cap relief, as Brown is in the final year of a deal that pays $9,075,000. Also today, a Grizzlies source said that forward Stromile Swift has been traded to the New Jersey Nets for center Jason Collins. T

El Cantante :
"i dont think that trade would ever happen"
dimsumonly :
"I can understand Kwame and Chris Mihm. But Sasha is too good for the Lakers to let go off. But hey if you get a big man like Paul Gasol. Lets do it. But I would trade J-crit instead of Sasha."
" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Mcdick :
"Were is the dotted line, both Phil Jackson, Jerry Buse and Kobe should be ready to sign up for this deal. Only problem is it make LAL weak in the center giving up Kwamme and Mihm while Bynum is out makes a problem. Mihm is nothing and not playing, but until Bynum gets healthy it just leaves DJ and Ronny to play in the center....not great deal. Love Kobe, Odom, Gasol on the perimeter and Bynum in the middle, this team would contend immediately....get it done if it can be done, you are the GM of the year if you can pull this off."
mpgrulez :
"Wow this is amazing!!!! damn i like this, im a laker fan and this is the first good news since malone and payton!!! i mean PG fisher and farmar SG Bryant and Vujacic SF Odom and Walton PF Gasol and Ariza or radmanovic or whatever C Bynum and Turiaf!! damn im happy for my lakers:-D"
AJ :
"Wow I have doubted Mitch all these years but now I have totally gained respect for him now, but wouldn't be a coincidence if this was a bad trade jk, any trade by getting rid of Kwame is a good deal."
Xtremejeffhardyfan :
"He was already traded, here's the details. Pau Gasol For Kwame Brown, Javaris Crittenton, Aaron McKie, draft rights to Marc Gasol, and 1st round picks in 2008 and 2010 As a Lakers fan, WHOOOOOOOOOPPPEEEE"
Busboys4me :
"Anyone that reads Laker Rumors knows I have been asking for this for two years!!! This works perfect for the Lakers. Pau will excel with the Lakers with a true big man (Bynum) and a superstar (Kobe). The now have inside, outside, and midrange game. They will challenge the West and if they make it to the finals, watch out Boston (or Detroit). Ladies and Gentlemen, the Lakers have arrived!!!!"
Sports Authority Guys :
"Interesting trade indeed. Lakers picked up a pretty talented player and didn't have to give up the core of their roster. However, people should hold off on the excitement and lower their expectations just a bit because Gasol is going to need time to adapt to playing with Bryant and the Lakers."
numonedukefan :

I want to trade Pau Gasol while hes real hot. 12 Team H2H heres my team Allen Iverson, Jason Terry, Baron Davis, Kevin Martin, John Salmons, Francisco Garcia, Tayshaun Prince LeMarcus Aldridge, Ronnie Brewer, Cuttino Mobley, Pau Gasol, Samuel Dalembert, Rudy Gay, i want to get 2 players maybe a C and a PFi want to move maybe one of my Sacramento Players too cuz they real hot right now too thanks for the help

azadrafid :
"try to get tyson chandler. hes killing it on the rebounds and is getting at least a double-doublein his games."
I Meg Mexicans :
"T mac"

The Lakers traded: Kwame Brown Javaris Crittenton Aaron McKie Marc Gasol (Pau's brother) 2008 First Round Draft Pick 2010 First Round Draft Pick The Grizzlies traded: Pau Gasol 2010 Second Round Draft Pick And they traded 5 crappy players for Kevin Garnett... ROFL. Is Pau worth that much? Check the news: Marc Gasol is "back" in Memphis. Marc played in Lausanne High School in Memphis.

sgt.pepper61967 :
"Yes, to the Lakers, Pau Gasol IS worth that much. After Andrew Bynum went down with an injury, a lot of speculation surrounded the team of if they would even make the playoffs anymore. Now, picking up a star big man to take Bynum's place in the middle for the time being, and giving him help when he gets healthy, could push this team over the top, and now they could very well be looking at a shot at the NBA championship."
Mahmoud the Palestinian Muslim :
"They didn't trade his brother he's going to play with his brother on same team"
randy h :
"They're still going to lose! KOBE BRYANT SUCKS!"
Tom S :
"Bad move, if they wanted good draft picks they should gave pau to seatle or miami b/c they have 9-31 record. they arn't going to get high draft picks from the lakers, lakers have an oustanding season and at most memphis will get 19 or 20's draft pick. i don't know you ask me and tell me if you think this is a good trade 2 first round picks that won't even go under 10. so you could forget about drafting derik rose or michael beasley. auron mckie who avegerages 7 points 2 assist 2 rebounds and has been playing for 14 years in the league... so this guy ain't a rookie and he sucks. The only hope for them is Marc Gauso Paus younger brother, who i doubt will be as good as paul gauso. he's a 7'1 280 center, no where near the athleticsms as pau gauso plus pau gaso was DRAFTED 48th OVERALL. Pau was drafted 3rd overall. memphis traded the 9th ranked player OUT OF EVERYONE the sports rankings in NBA for 2 rookies, 2 draft picks, 2 veterans that average under 7 points and that's a good trade? HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAH and why would you take crittention from the lakers, he's a point guard and they already got a point guard in michael conley junior and there other guard. horrible trade, i can understand the kevin garnett trade, because the timberwolves wern't as dim witted as memphis they actually got al jeferson in return who avereged 20 and 11. this trade is by far worser than the kevin garnett trade, and tops all trades. memphis is in a rebuilding phase i guess.. but why kwame brown and aaron mckie? they could have goten sun from the lakers or andrew bynum.. lakers have Pau for 3 years, everything memphis got all have a contract under 2 years, kwame ends this season. and rookies only play for 2 years with an option for 2 more."
Swift :
"Well, that was the point. As the Grizzlies want to rebuild, I'd say that they're putting up a 'fire sale', as they've also traded Stromile Swift to the Nets for Jason Collins. They're taking all of these short term contracts so that they can eventually release the players and use the money for rebuilding. Kind of like what the Toronto Raptors did in revamping their roster."
(F)akers :
"DMAN the Asian :) j/k I wonder if PJ is now going to ask if the Lakers have mortgaged their future like the Miami Heat and they are going to go downhill from now on."


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Date: 2008-02-05 17:30:48

A brief editorial on the Los Angeles Lakers trade for Pau Gasol by Sniperdog614. Welcome to the Lakers Gasol!

Date: 2008-02-05 17:30:48

Pau Gasol gives his reactions to Grizzlies' beat writer Ronald Tillery plus more fallout from the trade. There's nothing like Memphis Sports on the Edge.

Date: 2008-02-05 17:30:48

Are the Grizzlies giving up? Peter Vecsey wondered why they didn`t get more for Pau Gasol, so he asked them and got an answer.

Date: 2008-02-05 17:30:48

A fan's breakdown of how great this trade was for the lakers

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