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Pattaya (Thai: พัทยา, RTGS: Phatthaya) is a city in Thailand, located on the east coast of the Gulf of Thailand (12°55′39″N, 100°52′31″ECoordinates: 12°55′39″N, 100°52′31″E), about 165 km southeast of Bangkok located within but not part of Amphoe Bang Lamung in the province of Chon Buri.Meaning the 'south-west monsoon wind" and correctly pronounced "Patti-yah" not "Patt-eye-yah", it is located roughly 150 kilometres from Bangkok and ranks as one of the most successful beach resorts in the world, with some 5.4 million visitors arriving in 2005. Increasing numbers

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MicD :

hi, what are the shops / malls available for shopping in pattaya? I am going to be for a limited time in pattaya and may not get a chance to shop in bangkokk so will I get the same stuff of bangkokk in pattaya? will the pattaya prices be more than bangkokk? Where can i get givenchy sunglasses in pattaya? pl help!

penguinhound :
"There are many many street vendors where you can buy just about anything you want. There is also a 4 story shopping mall on the main street in Pattaya. Please don't be shy to negotiate on all prices and items if you shop at a street stall. The "stuff" is "same, same" (favorite Thai expression) as you would find in Bangkok. There are many independent stores as well on Walking Street but be prepared for the many ladies of the night possibly interacting with you. Have a blast!"
traveler :
"There are two major shopping centers on Beach Road, Mikes Shopping Center is one of them, the other is about 2 blocks towards Walking Street (the ships anchored out) from Mikes. Behind Mikes Shopping Center on 2nd Road about 3 blocks to the left (back towards Mikes) is the local market. Big C is on 2nd Road toward the northern end of town. Do a map search of Pattaya and a good tourist map will have the shopping areas marked. I would assume the prices in Pattaya are a little cheaper then Bangkok but that is just a guess. Regardless of where you get stuff, bargain, then bargain some more. Don't be afraid to tell them you'll give them xxx price, the most they can say it they don't bargain. Enjoy."
Wulfie :
"You can buy anything in Pattaya really cheap. There are also some really nice shopping centers like malls. The best deals are clothing, shoes, and jewelry."
Oliver G :
"Pattaya is packed with shops, finding genuine Givenchy sunglasses will not be difficult at all. I find Pattaya more expensive than Bangkok for shopping. They sell very similar items so it should be okay."
love911 :

Is there a flight from Pattaya straight to Krabi? Also, we land in Bangkok at midnight then we were going to take a bus or cab to Pattaya, would it be hard to get a hotel that time and should I get the cab driver to drop us off at a certain area in Pattaya. Please help.....we are coming from Canada.

xty :
"Bangkok Airways ( flies between Pattaya and Phuket which is just a couple of hours by road or sea to Krabi. I don't think there's other airlines, unless you go to Bangkok first. Although there's always chance you'll find the hotel, better to book in advance, otherwise you'll waste your one day of vacation just to find the hotel, especially if it's peak season. Plenty of website you can try like"
African Farmer :
"No straight flights. Don't worry about not finding a hotel in Pattaya. First of all, Pattaya and Jomtien have so many hotels that you are bound to find one with vacancies. Secondly, it is now low season, so no hotel is likely to be fully booked this time of the year. But it will help your search, and the taxi driver's work, if you beforehand decide which are you want to stay ... Pattaya North (Nua), Mid-Pattaya (Klang), Jomtien, etc.. and whether you want near the beach or whether a hotel on 3rd beach road (still walking distance but cheaper) is OK for you."
Maureen G :
"There are flights between Pattaya and Phukett. Bangkok Air you can also check AsiaAir and Nok. It won't be a problem finding a hotel, even at that time of night. You can ask the cab driver about a hotel or area."
majid d :

I want to go pattaya in 7-16 february : Is there any event or celebrate in bangkok & pattaya? The best disco in bangkok except hollywood? The best places in pattaya except crocodile & water park? And please your guide. Thanks for your attention.

your friend :
"hi u go there in chinees new year, therefore it is highseason now. I recommend u go to pattaya park, elephant show.there is many points about there but I think u r there now!!! i think u will have a dream travel. age soali dari azam mituni beporsi"
shoe s :
"any massgae parlour would be a great destination there"


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