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VidaUK :

I know Boulogne sur Mer and Wimereaux well, but I would like to visit different parts of the departement. I was told that St Omer is quite interesting? Do you know any hidden gems in the area?

Albert Heger :
"You could visit the coastal resorts of Le Touquet and Boulogne sur Mer as well as Coquelles where the entrance and the terminal of the "Chunnel" is located. Even if you do not plan to use the chunnel it is worth a visit : there is a panoramic tower and you can see one of those huge drilling machines. St Omer: I don't know . If you want some remembrances of World War II go to Armentieres."
redhead :
"there is a little town called Montreuil-sur-Mer about 45 mins drive from Calais. Lovely little town that used to be a castle or something like that and it is still surrounded by the wall. The main square has nice shops and cafes and there are nice walks around the outside of the castle. Very pretty little place"
alan :
"Wissant a small fishing village about 15 miles from Wimereaux Also the market town of Hesdin"
Santa C :
"As you probably know, Lille is the major city in Nord Pas de Calais. If you are looking for a "typical" French city to take a stroll in and look at the shops and bakeries, Lille is for you. They have a nice fine arts museum and you can do some decent window shopping downtown which is pedestrian friendly. Not huge like Paris, but ok. If you have a car, you could also visit Ghent (in Belgium) which isn't too far. You could even take a side trip (train or car) to Brugge, Belgium (full of wonderful chocolate shops and canals)."
Carmen :

I don`t want to go rail but don`t mind flying to regional airport in England (Dover area! then on to France). I`ll have three 86 years old WW2 veterans with me so it has to be easy and cheap!

parisian_fr :
"Here is a potential itinerary. 1) Fly from Scotland to London. 2) Then fly from London to Le Touquet. 3) Then drive from Le Touquet to Wimereux (45 min approx.) Now, the details. 1) From Scotland to London. can help you find, depending on the date, the best air fare. They usually go through Opodo and get the best deals with BMI?&linkid=351 or British Airways . 2) From London to Le Touquet. The airline company is Lydd: Booking: 3) From Le Touquet to Wimereux (45 min approx.) Driving directions and map:,+france+to+wimereux,+france&ie=UTF8&om=1 With deep respect to the WW2 veterans from the UK. We owe them so much! Please contact me if you need additionnal info."
oilofolaz :
"the best way : ryanair airlines from edimburgh to paris - beauvais then 1,5 heures with bus or train"
Jane Doe :

I will be living in Lille from January 2008 to May 2008 and I'm wondering what the weather will be like. Will there be snow? Rain? High winds? Very cold temperatures? etc... thanks :)

Hugh Jardon :
"Cloudy. Rain. Dreary. Lived near Bethune, Noeux les mines, for a year."
cd4017 :
"It will mostly be rainy. If you have luck you could see some snow but don't count on it. The sky will be mostly gray (so you will enjoy the when you see blue sky). The temperature will be between 0°C (32°F) and 20°C (68°F) most of the time around 14°C (57°F). No high wind to be expected at all (except on the beach on storm days)"
David :
"You can always check the forecast for Lille at"
Ingrid :
"very fresh, like england and ireland"
Bruce T :
"The winters will be bitterly cold-- windy, rainy (freezing drizzle), snowy and gray skies (no sun at all) for days. You'll be hearing "California dreaming " by the mamas and papas in your head. Apparently, the French ppl are not afraid of lawsuits from ppl falling down so many of the sidewalks are not shovelled though downtown/Place Charles de Gaulle are shovelled. Rue Leon Gambetta where you will see a lot of stores, bakeries and restaurants isn't well shovelled, but so many ppl walk on the sidewalks so the snow will be pushed aside. Get a good quilt. Many of the apartments have very poor insulation and the tiny electric heaters don't help much. A wool knit cap and some gloves will keep you warm (along with a scarf and real winter coat). Also, the French dept stores do not understand the concept of "long johns" so you might wanna bring some. Those thin leather jackets that French ppl wear are ok in the autumn, but not much help in the winter. The springtime is nice, however."


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Date: 2008-02-05 17:30:11

On habite tous près d'une communauté urbaine. La "mienne", c'est celle d'Arras, dans le Pas-de-calais. Elle regroupe environ 100 000 habitants.Je pensais jusqu'à aujourd'hui ne m'étant pas poser la question qu'il y en avait des dizaines, sinon des centaines... Eh bien non ! Il y en a en tout et pour tout, sur l'ensemble du territoire national ...

Date: 2008-02-05 17:30:11

Golf Rendez-vous, un séjour golfique réussi dans la région Nord Pas de Calais et la Flandre Occidentale en Belgique. Liste complête des Golfs et informations pratiques, les Hôtels, la gastronomie, les musées…

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