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Paradise Island is an island in the Bahamas, north of the island of New Providence which is home to (Nassau). It is best known for the sprawling 'Vegas-by-the-sea resort' Atlantis.Paradise Island is connected to the island of New Providence by two bridges that cross Nassau Harbour. The first was built in 1966 and the second in the late 1990s.Paradise Island was formerly known as Hog Island. Huntington Hartford, the A&P supermarket heir, arrived on Hog Island in 1959 because his sister Josephine Hartford Bryce lived in Xanadu near Lyford Cay. Josephine was married to Ivar Bryce, Ian Flemin

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rachael c :

can anyone tell me how is the paradise island harbor resort??? i will be staying they the second week in december. i just wanna make sure its a decent place to serve its purpose, comfortable to sleep . i have been told the location is great because i am not to far from things. normally i stay at the wydham so i really don't know too muhc about staying on paradise island. thanks for all the help also ~ can anyone let me know whats going on down there from 12/15-12/24??? thanks again hell for a 10 day trip that i got for a very good price ( timeshare so what ) .. i just bascically need a decent place to keep my bags and get a decent nights sleep if ever i am there. through the years that i have been coming down i have met quite a few people so i won't feel that alone...... not too worried by all the " glory of atlantis " seen it once and its just too much for me

trini empress :
"never been but my friend said its wonderful!! Plus that Christmas time so all of the Caribbean is jumping! go to their tourism boards' website and they should have a listing of activities....look up your resort too or go to and ask your question."
stella39 :
"Paradise Island is gorgeous. The water and the beach is beautiful. You will be close to the Atlantis, just a short work so you will not run out of things to see or do. From what I have read about the resort it is nice. It's a 3 star resort. It use to be the Holiday Inn Sunspree. On they have reviews and candid photos of the resort. You lucky girl to be on such a lovely island. Enjoy and have fun)"
Shelley L :
"Paradise Island will be happening around the holidays, but the PIHR is really NOT a great place. the beach is tiny and on the harbour, and the rooms are old and musty. A 10 minute walk to the public beach (they rent lounge chairs and umbrellas ) but have no restrooms or other facilities. Food is mediocre at best, and booze is not name brand. This is a budget "spring break" low end hotel at best 2 stars. It's not even close to a wyndham, but will suffice, if you must be on Paradise Island. I hope you realize that most everything on Paradise Island evolves around Atlantis.. which is only partly open to the public. You can use the casino and marina village, but everything else you'll need a day pass. which cost about $155 pp. per day. PI is just over the bridge from Nassau.. so yes, it's near to everything."
celticsbeatLakers :

Paradise island habour resort? can you tell me about this resort and will me and my family be able to visit atlantis!! pls as much information as possibkle

jayrayroller :
"bahamas are niceee"
Freckled aquarius :
"Bahamas is beautiful, I took a cruise there. We docked at night and caught Atlantis at night for free. You can see it for free at night. We also hit Senor Frogs and got wasted. So much fun. There was also some good shopping there. I wish I could go back. The stores are pretty expensive, but it was nice."
stella39 :
"Of course you can visit Atlantis. For a fee you can get into all the water activities and the aquarium. read all about the Atlantis. go here for more info on your resort enjoy)"
Shelley L :
"PIHR is a budget resort that is on the harbour. Not the greatest, but it's a cheap alternative to the high prices on Paradise Island. It's about a 6 minute walk to Atlantis and 10 minutes to the public beach next to the RIU. Atlantis lobbies, marina village shopping and the casino are open to the public. If you want to use the pools and slides, you'll need to purchase a day pay for about $150pp/ per day. The Aquariums are available for $32pp. Passes are sold in the casino at the center kiosk. Personally, I don't think that Atlantis is worth $150pp for use of the property. Most water parks cost about $30. This is not a world class park."
Lisa J :
"I visited paradise island when my cruise ship arrived in nassuau, we took the water taxi 20 minutes. The beach is awesome, the hotle is even better. Best vacation I have ever taken. Great shopping in nassau,. Alot of things to do, great service."
Horse Lover :
"when we went to the bahamas, this is what we did:: went to a good snorkeling island off of abaco stayed in a rental cottage for a week rented a golf cart to get around when we left, did a day trip to atlantis. you can use the resort for day trips if you don't want to stay there. they have an ok aquarium. but i wouldn't stay there for a night if you forced me to. it's expensive and an extreme tourist trap for mostly americans. but take the time while you are in the bahamas to enjoy the cultural life, not the tourist traps."
Thandie :

Has anyone here been to Paradise Island in Orlando? I will be taking a trip at the end of next month and I was doing some research and I read that it is a nice place for young adults, lots of clubs and good music, anyone have any feedback? I know you can't believe everything you read.

Sam G :
"Its actually called Pleasure Island. It is excellent for young adults. But... can be $$$"
Janelli :
"do you mean pleasure island?"
1985 & going strong :
"Actually, almost anything you ever read or hear about Disney and it's venues is absolutely correct. We have been to and through Orlando, several times since 1993. It has always lived up to the hype and beyond. My spouse & I usually go to Pleasure Island in the evenings with my sister and her ex when the children are in bed. There is generally something for everyone (teens and adults alike). We frequent the jazz clubs, but my daughter, while a fan of jazz, usually has other plans when she goes (every visit since she was 18). We leave every year, happier than the last. It is a great experience. However, only one or two of us have ever gone before 7pm. I don't recall the reactions, but I do know the consensus is we prefer the nightlife. If you decide to take a look, try to have your first peek after sundown. Hope you enjoy yourself as much as we always have. And I hope this helps!"
twix :
"It's lots of fun. There are clubs for everyones taste. The interactive comedy club is extremely funny. They really work the audience so watch out. There is a cool dance club where the dance floor spins(dont drink too much cuz its hard to get on and off) lol! It's more current dance music. There is a hip hop clud and also an eighties club. These are just to name a few. Drinks can get pricey but it's just one admission to get onto pleasure island and you get into everything. I think its around 25.00 I say do it up and have fun you only live once. Have a great time!!!!"


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