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Coordinates: 38°07′00″N, 13°22′00″EPalermo was founded in the 8th century BC by Phoenician tradesmen around a natural harbour on the north-western coast of Sicily. The Phoenician name for the city may have been Zîz, but Greeks called it Panormus (see also List of traditional Greek place names), meaning all-port, because of its fine natural harbour. It should be noted however that the city was never a Greek city-state, but was later part of the Greek speaking Eastern Roman Empire. Palermo is widely considered to be one of the most conquered cities in the world, as shown in the follo

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madame94 :

Can any find me soem good info bout leisure activites do in Palermo?( ex.sports,nightlife..ect) info would be nice too =D NOT ATTRACTIONS - just things to do there

blt_4 :
Splinter :
"Have a look at these two links. =-ty2nosv3ytdd1o&dx=485&dy=200&empriseW=970&empriseH=400&productId=41104&from=MAP and "
timarnold1973 :

Hey! I arrive in BA the mo’ for three weeks. I am in a hotel for a night – don’t trust these agencies they are crap, just want yourdollars and they are no help at all. Tell me, is Palermo one area with lots of barrios or are there numerous places called Palermo? What is it? I am confused.

"Tim, Ouch! Buenos Aires traveller – you are too cynical! My name is Andrew McCance and I represent and two of Buenos Aires’ leading travel and BAStay consultancies. My life is so lame I spend my Saturday mornings answering Yahoo! questions! In all seriousness, I kind of understand how you may be put off by some websites and their ways of working, it is why we got into the business, to inject a touch of ‘customer service’ into the industry. I must add that the industry has become so competitive that people have really shaped up their ideas and there are many great companies in the sector. So do not be put off. My tips- check out how long a company has had a site, if they have been in the business for a while and their content on the site is good, you probably will be good to go! Google search their trading names, research! Do not pay more than 20% to secure your booking, do not hand over your credit card details by phone or email to a non-merchant based system of payment (request to use Paypal or something like it) and do not bother with the cheap ‘plug ‘n’ play' sites that copy the photographs of other sites, they usaully operate without a database and reseravtion system and then call us for half commission. They come and go and usually exist for around six months and then disappear. So! Give us a try if you are looking for an apartment. We are open on Sunday, after we have been to mass of course. I guarantee first-class local knowledge and the best service in BA. Guarantee! We have local agents in BA who will advise you and find you a great place to BAStay. Sales pitch over - Palermo Palermo is known for its many parks and plazas. The Japanese garden in Tres de Febrero Park should not be missed, it benefits from a great contemporary Japanese Restaurant; the planetarium, zoo, botanical gardens, polo fields, race track and the Rural Society Convention Centre are all located in Palermo. It is an extensive barrio in the northeast of the city close to Belgrano and Recoleta. Palermo has absolutely everything; it is the barrio I suggest most to both young and old alike. Every time I venture to Palermo I find something new, especially in my favourite shops. I will be writing on Buenos Aires fashion later in this year so please book mark this page. Palermo has quiet residential streets, with first-class apartments and houses, or you can choose to be part of its shopping and partying Mecca. The choice is yours. My advisors will provide excellent first-hand knowledge and advice, just ask, our advice is free and not dependent on your renting an apartment in Buenos Aires. Within greater Palermo you have great apartments that are some of the best and modern in BAires. Its many and diverse neighbourhoods are what make this barrio such fun: •Alto Palermo that is downtown Palermo, with the main shopping areas and transport. Villa Freud, based around Plaza Güemes, is a residential area known for its high concentration of psychoanalysts and psychiatrists. I am told that Buenos Aires has more practitioners of this black art than any other city in the world. •Palermo Viejo or old Palermo is home to much Spanish architecture, which betrays its early origins. It is divided by a train track, to the north is Palermo Hollywood, so named for its links to TV and radio and Palermo Soho in the south, so named for its likeness to London and Manhattan Soho - this fabulous area is explained in greater detail on this website. •Palermo Chico (Small or exclusive Palermo) is the most up market part of Palermo, it borders Recoleta. The Buenos Aires Museum of Decorative Arts is located in Palermo Chico in a dazzling old palatial home. Neighbouring Barrio Parque is a strictly residential area laid out in winding streets by Carlos Thays; many of the wealthy and famous own homes in Palermo Chico and Barrio Parque. •Las Canitas is a small but thriving part of Palermo; it is named after the crops of cane that once grew there. It is a former slum that has been given a great makeover and although approximately six blocks square (growing) at the north end of Palermo, it is fast becoming a favourite of the young middle classes. It warrants its own section on this website. Speak to our advisors for free advice on apartments in Buenos Aires or the barrios de Buenos Aires. We have many off-line properties and can conduct a Buenos Aires apartment search within a Partner Network. My fav’ Palermo Viejo or old Palermo is home to trendsetting bars and clubs, great eating and the best shopping in Buenos Aires. I love this part of BAires, it is where I tend to spend far too many evenings and know too many bartenders and shop girls on first name terms. I intend to write about my favourite shops and bars later this year. So book mark this page. This part of Palermo is dissected in two by a railway track and multiple crossings that create Palermo Hollywood to the north and Palermo Soho to the south. The north is a great residential neighbourhood and famed for TV and radio production. There are lots of very quiet residential streets with great Buenos Aires Apartments. It is chosen by many of our more mature clients who prefer a quieter BAStay, quality dwellings, peace and quiet. We have tons of great apartments and houses in these two areas and no matter what sort of BAStay you intend, this has got to be top of your where to stay list. It is expensive, but still great value. We have a constant battle with landlords over price, but supply and demand have made this one of the more expensive areas. Holidays come but once a year for most; this barrio is well worth the extra Pesos. Palermo Soho is part of old Palermo and is a fantastic neighbourhood of smashing low rise buildings that extend from the leafy cobble stone Plaza Serrano, also known as Plaza Cortázar. These expensively renovated buildings are home to some of the trendiest bars, international restaurants, art galleries, design studios and the trendy young crowds who frequent them. This neighbourhood is alive with Buenos Aires’ most vibrant nightlife with some of the best pubs, clubs and gay bars. Palermo and Buenos Aires in general has embraced the pink Pesos and Buenos Aires is a gay friendly destination. I write about gay Buenos Aires on this website. Palermo Soho catches Buenos Aires’ great sense of style in the many boutiques that make this a shopper paradise. I often shop in Soho and stop for lunch at the many good eateries. I am always amazed by the quality and first-world designs offered by young Buenos Aires designers. If you have eaten your fill of barbecued meats, then you are defiantly in the right area for great food. I better described wider Palermo on this website. If you fail to find your apartment in Buenos Aires on this site do not dismay! Call for a free, no obligation Buenos Aires furnished apartment search. Good luck and do give us a try – is a good egg and will get you sorted, even if you just want some free advice."
umoanev :
"Palermo is a neighbourhood in Buenos Aires. It is very nice although I personally recommend Recoleta. There are many more things to do in Recoleta, nice hotels, nice restaurants and a more interesting nightlife. Anyway, Buenos Aires is a great city, I've been there 7 times and nothing bad has ever happened to me. If you can stay in either Recoleta or Puerto Madero which is another nice place to stay with lots of restaurants and discos. My advice: once you get there visit these neighbourhoods and see which one you like best. My favourite hotel in Puerto Madero is called Faena, is like being in NY!!"
argentina_2301 :
"Hi, I am from Argentina... Palermo is an important place here in Argentina and it is a very nice city. You already have many information, so here are some pictures: "
AboveTheLaws :

Hi, i'll be in palermo for 2 days. Can anybody tell me the most important attractions to see while out there? places to see? Also, how good is the Palermo Metropolitana? and how much would it cost for a 1 day metro pass on all station unlimited? thanks gracias grazie

goldenwings :
"Prego, my family lives there. I have been there just recently, first of all it will be hot! The metropolitana is o.k, but as always as in any foreign country be weary of pocket pickers and do not go too late at night. Nice stuff to see: Catthedrale a big Cathedral, Cathacombs in a dark underground area, Saint Rosalia in top of the mountain Monte Pellegrino, the Vucciria, an antique open market, and if you like beaches go to Mondello, about half hour away. I cannot recall how much the Metropolitana costs I would think not more than 2 Euros. For more info visit the link below Have a great stay! The food is great!"


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Ordus Inferi - Well, apparently gamers in the Middle East and India are very unhappy today. Due to an accident involving a boat anchor in the Mediterranean Sea, two major fiber optic cables between Palermo, Italy and Alexandria, Egypt have been cut or damaged. These cables serve as major international communication lines between the Middle East..

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The United States Congress should begin impeachment proceedings against President George W. Bush this afternoon. Once again, he has violated the U.S. Constitution by issuing a "signing statement," this time to gut the intent of a provision in the National Defense Authorization Act.

Date: 2008-02-05 17:27:33

Progressives in Buenos Aires, Argentina have had enough!For the first time in more than 40 years, Democrats in Argentina have created a chapter of Democrats Abroad and will gather to watch the Super Tuesday returns on a big-screen slingbox hookup on the third floor of a trendy Palermo watering hole. Look out GOP!

Date: 2008-02-05 17:27:33

Salvatore Cuffaro, il Presidente della Regione Sicilia, ha presentato le sue dimissioni a seguito della condanna a cinque anni di reclusione e all’interdizione perpetua dai pubblici uffici per favoreggiamento nell’ambito del processo alle “talpe” alla Direzione distrettuale antimafia (Dda) di Palermo

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