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Notes^ French 2002^ The word b'aakal is the adjectival form of the word b'aak. Therefore, the ancient name for the ruling lineage at Palenque was probably simply B'aak. The instances of b'aakal seem to be in phrases such as b'aakal ajaw (BAK-la AJAW) where the adjective b'aakal modifies the word ajaw (lord).^ Stuart 1979, 2005:21-23; Bowen and Anderson 1994^ see Stuart 2005: 129-131^ Martin and Grube 2000:^ Berlin 1959, 1965, 1968^ Mathews and Schele 1974^ Schele and Freidel 1990; Martin and Grube 2000^ Berlin 1963; Wald 1999; Freidel et al. 1993; Freidel and Macleod 2000; Stuart 2005: Chap

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midnite_oc :

I am planning a trip to Chiapas, mainly just to visit the Mayan ruins of Palenque, I need to know what airport is closer to Palenque so that I do not have to travel by Taxi so much. I also need to know what city would be the closest to the ruins in Palenque and what hotel would be a good place for me to stay.

Mad Mex :
"The closest airport is at Villa Hermosa, Tabasco. But it is unlikely it will have international flights from your destination. You probably will have to flight to Mexico City and get a connecting flight. You can even check internal flight from Mexico to Villa Hermosa directly with Aviacsa. There is a little town outside Palenque which has quite a few hotels. Also their are some camping grounds and small hotels between the town and Palenque. Check Trip Advisor site for current recommendations. I hope you can manage to go. It is an amazing place."
bridge :
"Palenque is a small but beautiful town (very peaceful and colonial) and you can stay there, but the closest airport is in Villahermosa, Tabasco (about 45 minutes to an hour away from Palenque). The ruins are very close to the town of Palenque. Enjoy your trip."
posadaarigalan :

Hi. We are a group of 5 traveling from Huatulco Oaxaca and would like to drive to Palenque Chiapas. How many hours would it take? Would it be better for us to stay in San Christobal the first night? Also does any one know of a nice hotel/palapa for near the ruins? Thanking everyone in advance for your reply. Rose

celine8388 :
"Hi Rose...I am from El Paso Texas..I dont know Mexico that well..but it would be better for you to stay in San Crisotbal the first night and travel by day..for safety reasons..the hotels out there are excellent and provide excellent service...I have stayed at some while visiting Mexico...good luck"
Rolf :
"Well, it is a very long way, you must need to drive more than 12 hrs, and the road is no exactly in a good shape, It would be much safe and cheaper to take a bus from one place to the other and it wont exceed 20 US per each. Try here:"
parrotjohn2001 :
"It's about 300 miles from Huatulco to San Cristobal, much of it up some pretty wild hills. The drive from Tuxtla to SCLC is amazing, it's like the coolest roller coaster ever, but a little hairy. Stay in San Cristobal, get a nice meal at the Casa del Pan, and there's a great hotel right down the block. From there, it's about 100 or so miles to Palenque, most of up in the highlands. Stop at Casacadas de Azul, it's right on the way on Mex 199."
lucyanddesi :

Went to Oaxaca and Palenque some years ago. Had a good time. Got some great pics, but they have since been lost in a fire. Might have to go back.

High Jack :
"Palenque is a Maya archeological site near the Usumacinta River in the Mexican state of Chiapas, about 130 km south of Ciudad del Carmen (see map). It is a medium-sized site, much smaller than such huge sites as Tikal or Copán, but it contains some of the finest architecture, sculpture, and bas-relief carvings the Maya produced. The name The site was already long abandoned when the Spanish arrived in Chiapas. The first European to visit the ruins and publish an account was Father Pedro Lorenzo de la Nada in 1567; at the time the local Chol Maya called it Otolum meaning "Land with strong houses", de la Nada roughly translated this into Spanish to give the site the name "Palenque", meaning "fortification". Palenque also became the name for the town (Santo Domingo del Palenque) which was built over some peripheral ruins down in the valley from the main ceremonial center of the ancient city."
moonwalker :
"just as nice as ever i stay Maya bell camp ground walk to ruins. min bus to town,it runs all day. if you like cool nights go over the mt. to San Cristobal de chiapas, if you haven't been you will enjoy. nice to stay for a few days i would rest up and cross in to Guatemala for a month or so on to tela Honduras. stop in Santa Rosa de copon get a big home grown hand rolled cigar they export all over th world."
harrimicat :
"Or if you want photos, just ask. I have lots. Went to Palenque about 2 years ago the last time and went crazy with the photos."
yocera :
"Hi, Amazing place, my favorite arquological site! Under the name Palenque goes the Mayan Ruins and a town both in the state of Chiapas, Mexico. Not are only the ruins beautifull but the jungle that surrounds them is fantastic. If you take a little tour behind the piramids you will find an awesome river just like the one in the movie "The Mision" (a movie of a jesuit settlement in the Amazon jungles). Great to take a swin and just chill. Sorry have no pics!"


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Date: 2008-02-05 17:27:06

Sarcophagus lid recovered from the tomb of the Classic-era Maya ruler of Palenque, Pacal. Some believe the design represented a seated astronaut, whereas the iconography and accompanying Maya text clearly identifies it as a portrait of the ruler himself with the World Tree of Maya mythology. What do you think?

Date: 2008-02-05 17:27:06

An invaluable collection of lectures and discussions held by Palenque Norte, the annual community forum at Burning Man. Topics range from the nature of experience, eschatology, pharmacology, rave culture, spirituality and more.

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