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Oxford has numerous major tourist attractions, many belonging to the university and colleges. As well as several famous institutions, the town centre is home to Carfax Tower which offers views over the spires of the city. Many tourists shop at the historic Covered Market. In the summer, punting on the Thames/Isis and the Cherwell is popular. Religious sitesChrist Church CathedralThe Church of St Mary the Virgin (the University Church)Martyrs' Memorial Museums and galleries University of OxfordAshmolean Museum, Britain's oldest museumPitt Rivers MuseumMuseum of Natural History, home of (the re

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Angad C :

I live in punjab india h m currently pursuing my bachelor in engineering.I m doing it in a state government collage but i certainly dreamt something else.My father wanted me to get admission in a top university like the IITs and the oxford.....but the circumstances were not with me.My father died this year of a deadly desiese known as fibrosis.He was suffering from it fom the last two years n those two years were really important for....so i ended up in an ordinary college.But still i want to make this dream a reallity.I want to get admission in oxford n wanna do undergraduate studies in engineering sciences.The problem is that i could'nt understand the admission requirements...website did'nt help either.I ve got 80% marks in maths n 84% marks in physics in my +2 grade.In India they r really gud marks....but m not sure whether they r gud enogh for oxford,,,pls help me out n tell me evry possible aspect of the admission process......pls help to fulfill my father's dream.

I miss you (RIP Mikey & Devan) :
"Just do what is right for you not your dad and your doing great on your marks"
Business boy :
"good job dude"
travwell :
"I'm being totally serious, you should pick up a good grammar book and learn how to form coherent sentences. I am not trying to mean, I really would like for your and your father's dream to come true. 1) Choose what you want to study. 2) Choose which Oxford college where you can study what you choose in (1). 3) If English isn't your primary language and you haven't been taking classes in English in the past two years, you have to take these tests: 4) Uh...the rest of the steps are here:"
J .LO :

I am a Tunisian girl, I want to know more about Oxford (the British University).. What are the subjects taught there? What are its rules? Please give me some information , thanks!!!

thecharleslloyd :
"Yahoo search Oxford and there is plenty for you to read up on. Good Luck"
Twopence :
"You'll learn everything you need at :"
whit92 :

I am a business major and one of the programs I'm looking at --Brockport-- has programs at both Oxford University and at Oxford Brookes University. I read that Oxford University teachers tutor you one on one, but students are in a traditional classroom at Oxford Brookes. I want to be part of a distinguished program. Are there are any other programs just as good as Oxford?



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Date: 2008-02-05 17:26:42

It’s so bizzare to see a “Bridge of Sighs” in Oxford, given the history behind the original version in Venice.

Date: 2008-02-05 17:26:42

A recent Oxford University study confirms that the contraceptive pill reduces the risk of ovarian cancer.

Date: 2008-02-05 17:26:42

Outside of London, Ashmolean is considered to be one of the best of British museums.

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Date: 2008-02-05 17:26:42

The analysis is published in a new study in the 29th January issue of the Journal of the National Cancer Institute and was conducted by Dr Andrew Roddam of the University of Oxford, England, UK and colleagues at the Endogenous Hormones and Prostate Cancer Collaborative Group...

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