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Oslo  (called Christiania from 1624 to 1878, and Kristiania from 1878 to 1924) is the capital and largest city of Norway. It is also a municipality, and a county of its own. It is the third-largest Scandinavian city, after Stockholm and Copenhagen, and it forms the third-largest urban area in the region, after Copenhagen and Stockholm.The city of Oslo was established as a municipality on 3 January 1838 (see formannskapsdistrikt). It was separated from the county of Akershus as a county of its own in 1842. The rural municipality of Aker was merged with Oslo on 1 January 1948 (and then tra

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Confid321 :

We're thinking of going to oslo, norway for easter.....will anything be around to do? i want to take a ferry to the fjords, maybe visit the gallery with the munch paintings, etc. Thinking of going good friday-monday......thanks :)

Bush has the button :
"take your long johns"
Fred :
"It's just as well that you mentioned that the Oslo you were thinking of going to is in Norway as we may have got it confused with the one in Etheopia."
STL Biker :
"It will be cold."
lisa. :
"yes, theres plenty to do... Get the boat to the Bygdoy peninsular to see the folk museum and Viking Ships. The folk museum is an outdoor open museum where you can walk round and see all the old wooden houses and way of life. The Viking ships are in a building not far (you can walk there from the folk museum) and are pretty impressive - well preserved. I also really enjoyed Vigeland Park where there are some amazing sculptures (huge pillars in the form of men, women and children all standingon top of each other). You can get to this by tram, its just on the outskirts of Oslo. Akershus Fortress, castle and harbour views are fairly good. and like you said, the fjords and art gallery are great. A fantastic city to visit, hope you enjoy it as much as i did."
Mike L :
"Oslo is a top place, you'll love it. It's pretty steep though, and if you plan on drinking, take a good chunk of cash with you and you'll be fine. Beer is about a fiver for 3/4 of a pint, so...! Try the south side of the city for good shopping. Go down to Aker Brygge and have a shufti round the harbour. The castle and battlements facing it are pretty cool too. There is a dedicated Munch museum, it even has its own stop on the underground. If you don't have to go at Easter, the best time to go is the for the May 17th Independence Day-Oslo goes into full Norwegian mode, everyone dresses up in national costume and gets completely bolloxed. Norwegians are generally very friendly, especially after a few drinks! Try the Ryanair website, they do ridiculously cheap flights to Torp airport, about 2 hours from Oslo. I paid £30 inc taxes last time."
whycantigetagoodnickname :
"Oslo is a mice town to visit, and it depends what you like to see. If you havent been there before you could spend a day looking round the town, a couple of museums, the gallery and that should take up the 2 full days (sat and sun), Friday and monday depend on the flights you get. In the evenings there are loads of places to eat and drink - perhaps you could buy a guide book to look for ideas. To be honest with you a weekend trip to Oslo isnt enough time to get to see the fjords - they are on the west coast and an hours flight away, or 7 hour train but there is sstill loads to do"
janeco56 :

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truest_color :
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LJ :
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funky_wunky :

I have booked v cheap flights for 6 days in Oslo in mid October for a bunch of 4 girls, but am wondering if anyone would recommend somewhere to go for a couple of days out of the city. Perhaps a picturesque lake, spa, quad biking - something fun and non-city-ish! Is there enough to do in Oslo for 6 days (I think 1 musuem and 1 art gallery will be tops for our concentration spans!)? I have heard that Tusenfryd theme park is worth a visit too? Thanks!

Samantha G :
"Hi, I just came back from a 2.5 week vacation in Scandinavia. We had a stop in Oslo. From all my research planning for this trip, every guidebook said that a day or two was enough to see Oslo. We stayed a day and a night. I didn't feel like we missed out on too much. We went Frogner Park, Viking Ship Museum, and the Norwegian Folk Museum. I suggest that you guys rent a car and drive around to the fjord region. It is AMAZING there. You can get there by train too. Look up Norway in a Nutshell for more info on the fjords. As for things closer, a popular bike route is from Fronersetern downhill and pass lakes to Sognsvann. They are both accessible by T-bane. The latter is also a beach, so you can just hang out there. Hope this helps."


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Date: 2008-02-05 17:25:23

OSLO (Reuters) - Global warming this century could trigger a runaway thaw of Greenland's ice sheet and other abrupt shifts such as a dieback of the Amazon rainforest, scientists said on Monday....

Date: 2008-02-05 17:25:23

(Oslo, Norway) Without going into detail, the chief of the Norwegian Police Security Service (Politiets sikkerhetstjeneste PST), Jorn Holme, said the young, Norwegian Muslims are being recruited to carry out terror attacks overseas.

Date: 2008-02-05 17:25:23

Trolltech, a company from Oslo which provides cross-platform software development frameworks and application platforms, will probably be bought by Nokia, one of the biggest mobile phone manufacturers in the world, to accelerate its software strategy.

Date: 2008-02-05 17:25:23

During the volatility in stock markets the last few days, the Oslo stock exchange has turned out to be the most volatile of all. While the DJIA went up 1.45%, the Oslo index dropped 2.6%, and the DJEurostock index went down 0.31%. Analysts in Oslo say that the market is dominated by fear and greed.

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