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The city of Orlando is a major city in central Florida and is the county seat of Orange County, Florida. A 2006 U.S. Census population estimate gave the city population as 220,186 , making it the sixth largest city in Florida. It is also the principal city of Greater Orlando. The Orlando-Kissimmee MSA is Florida's third-largest metropolitan area, behind Miami-Fort Lauderdale-West Palm Beach and Tampa-St. Petersburg-Clearwater. Orlando is also home to the University of Central Florida, which is the second largest university in Florida in student enrollment and has the 6th largest enrollment in

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Smile :

If you had to pick! (Orlando) (Orlando)(Orlando)(Orlando)(Orlando)(Orlando)(Orlando)(Orlando)(Orlando)(Orlando)

Tina UM :
Aleathea :
"Johnny Depp"
busy bee :
"couldn't choose i'm greedy"
i created disco :
"I'd have them both together ;)"
Vincent :
"johnny ... :D"
Arlene :
skeet :
"Johnny ever time"
ask away :
"Orlando Bloom"
tilly :
"orlando coz hes eyesss yummy"
murphy :
"i have always loved Johnny Depp!!"
michaelminihan :
"Kiera Knightley"
sparky :
"Johnny Depp! Orlando annoys me in every film he's in! i dont think hes that great looking either"
Beth D :
"johnny depp"
Heather R :
"Johnny Depp"
Nina240 :
"Orlando Bloom"
kitkate09876 :
"I would pick Johnny Depp, Johnny Depp, Johnny Depp. Was it me or does Orlando Bloom look a bit like Peter andre at the end of pirates 3?"
dimplez P :
"Both....maybe Orlando"
louie3 :
"depp all the way!!!!! phwoooar!!!!"
Funky munky :
"Johnny, Johnny, Johnny."
Linda R :
"This question has been asked before !! Johnny Depp!!"
mary_jo91 :
"johnny depp pwoah captain jack is all spoilt for me cos i had 2 sit next to a trannie who had dressed like him in the cinema ¬¬"
David The Visionary :
"Umm,.. I'd have Captain Barbosa Lol you think thats a strange answer... correct lol. I would do keira until shes asleep, then keep going. It's strange that theres only 1 HOT woman in the film...???"
tWiNkLyNaDiA.. :
"definitely johnny depp hes simply hotter! n he cudd do all kinds of characters,hes been in diz biz for a long tyme oledi"
peskylisa :
"Both. It's really tough to choose."
C M :
"Johnny Depp"
deanosgirl007 :
"Johnny Depp......preferably as Jack Sparrow......."
nashvillekat :
"Johnny Depp.......enough said..."
C A T :
"johnny depp. cos he got more money than orlando."
jules :
"i couldnt choose! BOTH!!!!"
MouseyM :
"Orlando Definitely!! Although johnny is a better actor.."
Lida :
"Johnny Depp!!!! Only Johnny Depp!"
thezydekokid :
"Neither-don't particularly rate any of them as actors- Rather have Johnny Condoms and Orlando weather-lol"
katieg2006 :
"Well if it was jhonny depp been captain jack sparrow then there is no competition! i wouyld leave my boyfriend for him! and i think my boyfreind would leave me for him lol xxxx"
irishladyni :
"johnny depp orlando is a close second but i am not gonna choose him as sum other people have just because he is your favourite/"
tweedlededum99 :
"Johnny Depp of course!"
bjalover4ever :
"Both. together in a smexy pirate sandwich. lol if i HAD to pick.....um.....johnny wow. hard decision. they are both so hot and talented actors"
lizbiz707 :
"Johnny has the better character and better acting skills, but Orlando is still sooo sooo sooo much hotter!!!"
hot_rican_4_ju :

Why is up with the crime in Orlando? Was planning on moving there next April, but now I really have to think about it. I watch orlando news, and it is horrible. I'm from Chicago, so I am used to hearing about crime all the time. But, Orlando is so small compared to Chicago, so it seems like there is crime even in the good areas. Most of the time, it is those lil punk minorities. I am Latino myself, but everytime a roberry happens, or a killing in orlando, 90% of the time, they are Latino or black. What is the problem there? are they Orlando born and raised? or people coming from bigger cities like Chicago?lol Believe me when I say, not all of us Latinos are like that. Some of us, work hard, and try to become something in life. Just a lot of us need to grow the heck up and stop gang banging and making life more difficult for people. Will I be making a mistake to move to Orlando? Was planning on Moving to Altamonte Springs area, is it safe? what are the "safer" areas?

C N :
"Black people!!!!1 People are gonna get mad that I said that, but, that's cuz they dont like to hear the truth. The majority of crime is committed by African American males. There has been an increase here with African Americans, and Hispanics. Hispanics do a lot of crime too. But not as much as Black men. I see more Hispanics trying to make a real living, they work very very hard. The black people who live near me want the government to pay them while they commit crime acts. The truth may hurt or get people mad, but that's what I believe and I am sticking to it. I was born and raised in Orlando Florida. Lived here for 48years! and when the black community was small, there was no so much crime, except in "parramore", not it has taken over! If u don't want so much crime,dont move here at all. Soon, Disney will not be safe."
Arthur R :
"You are correct to watch Orlando news. Try reading the Orlando Sentinal newspaper, on-line also. Orlando, Orange County crime is out of control. The problem is home grown punks trying to imitate big town gangsters. Altamonte Springs is one of the safer areas of the Orlando metropolitan area. You are in an entirely different county. A little farther North, the Lake Mary area is about the same if not better than Altamonte Springs area. It seems like the Latinos steal the cars and the young blacks are into drugs. The entire problem is the wholesale lack of leadership in the Orlando area. Orlando is going to build a $1.2 Billion arena for the Magic to play in when that money would be better spent on education and quality low cost housing. I lived in Orlando from 1942 til 2003 when I retired. My wife & I sold our house, in South Orlando, bought a motorhome and haven't looked back. Orlando is a good town, at the moment it has just lost direction and it will take some type of miracle to turn it around. The leaders need to quit thinking of themselves and the population as a whole. Everone can't be rich and famous. There are many low income people who deserve quality life. Good luck on you move and keep your research up."
Sietse L :
"I can only refer to 3 days of being in Orlando, spread over 3 occasions, but in those 3 days, 10 murders were committed, 12 armed robberies, and I witnessed two murder scenes by the side of the road. The majority of the robberies took place just after dark outside kmarts and similar stores. You be the judge."
slw :
"I live in Altamonte. There are nice places here and there. Yes, there is a lot of crime. I come from DC which is a much bigger city with bigger problems, but Orlando has more crime per capita. It doesn't seem to be getting better. The surrounding areas of altamonte are: Winter park- mostly safe, better as you move away from the colleges. casselberry- not so nice sanford- mostly nice, some of it is old and rundown. The newer areas are good. Eatonville- a historically black neighborhood, recently received an overhaul. longwood- some nice neighborhoods, some sketchy areas. Maitland- mostly very nice. people here take a lot of pride in this small section of town. Downtown orlando- mostly bad especially the southern part. In the very central district are very upscae condos. Lake Nona- near the airport, upscale single fam homes- nice area. def try to come here and stay in the area you are looking to live in, go to the local restaurants and hangouts, try out the streets and people... basically,every area has nice places and sketchy places. You can turn one corner and go into a totally diff atmosphere. just some ideas."
Siege911 :

I'm going to Orlando Flordia in January and am staying near Disneyworld. On Expedia.com when I type in Orlando, FL, they give me an option between Orlando, FL (ORL-All Airports) and Orlando, FL (MCO-Orlando Intl.). Is MCO the airport I want to goto or ORL?

sassyone827 :
eferrell01 :
"MCO is closest."
Tirya :
Piggy :
"MCO is the biggest airport in Orlando. That's the main airport in Orlando. Mostly Int'l airports are the main airports in the city. FIY."
Macaw_Lover :
"Try any travel agent and they could book the correct one for you. You have 2 different answers posted here, which one is the right one?"
ralphwaldo45 :
"The airport you want is Orlando International Airport. The code for this airport is MCO. If you go to Yahoo! Maps and enter the code, that will confirm it's OIA. (The code is an abbreviation for the airport's previous name, before it became known as Orlando International Airport). This airport is the closest to DisneyWorld and the attractions side of Orlando. It's right off of 528, and taking 528 west to I4 and then south on I4 will take you to Disney, SeaWorld, Kissimmee, etc."
tweetymay :
"Going to Disney World you would want MCO, Orlando International Airport. If you are staying on Disney Property and using the Magical Express to transport you from the airport to the resort, this is the airport they use. Have a great trip."
momof3grmomof1 :
"orl...that's bout 10 min drive from disney"
Beach Gal :
"You most definitely want MCO. That is the Orlando International Airport. This is especially important if you are staying at a Disney Resort. The Disney busses pick up Resort guests at baggage claim and take them to their Disney Resort. Just look for the counter with all of the smiling faces and big white Mickey gloves on to the right of baggage claim. MCO is also my favorite airport in the nation. Travel Channel listed it as the nation's best airport. It has dozens of shops, a nice hotel inside, a day spa... and in order to get around the airport, you have to travel on their monorail! If you would like any help researching or planning your trip, or if you would like to read up on some fun tips and ideas, visit my Disney Vacation Services Website, I'm All Ears at: Have fun!"


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Date: 2008-02-05 17:24:46

There would perhaps be no better way to enjoy a Florida fly-drive than from behind the wheel of a classic sports car, feeling the wind in your hair as you tour the coast with the roof permanently down.

Date: 2008-02-05 17:24:46

This fitness program is designed by Harley Pasternak, the fitness trainer responsible with the figure of Eve, Val Kilmer, Orlando Bloom, and Halle Berry. This program is not based on counting calories, measuring portion sizes, or difficult exercises.

Date: 2008-02-05 17:24:46

Turkoglu turned in another dynamic performance, notching a triple double during the Orlando Magic's 107-98 loss to the Dallas Mavericks at Amway Arena.

Date: 2008-02-05 17:24:46

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. -- A 70-year-old woman ran for her life from her own daughter Monday morning. The woman was held hostage at gunpoint in a home along the 4800-block of Darwood Circle near the Orlando International Airport. Deputies ended the standoff by shooting and killing her daughter.

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