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Olinda is a historic city in the Brazilian state of Pernambuco, located on the country's northeastern Atlantic Ocean coast, just north of Recife and south of Paulista. It has a population of 376,800 people (2005) and is one of the best-preserved colonial cities in Brazil. The city's name can be interpreted as an exclamation regarding the beauty of its setting ("Ó, linda!" is Portuguese for "Oh, beautiful!"), but a much more likely source is a literary character in the chivalry romance Amadis de Gaula.Olinda features a number of major tourist attractions, such as a historic downtown area (Wor

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ec :

Trying to figure out if the travel agent put us in the safer part of Avenue Atlantica in Rio. She booked us at the Olinda Othon Hotel which is at 2230 Av. Atlantica. Sounds like there's a part of the street that we should stay away from because there are no businesses there and muggings are more common. Is the hotel near that area? I've already been told not to go to the beach at night so I won't be doing that.

greenreema :
"Hi, I just went to Rio for Thanksgiving. It was amazing. Muggings are nothing to worry about if you use common sense. A lot of Americans looked ridiculous holding their purses to their chests. The big problem is prostitution. I can give you info on the non-prostitute clubs to go to in the area of Leblon, if you are interested. You will see the club "Help!" in Copacabana - that is on your avenue and it is 98% hookers. Anyhow, you asked about your hotel...It is great. I stayed in the Copacabana, down the other side of the Avenue. You are in Ipanema - a very safe and beautiful area... further from the prostitution. However, I recommend you walk down to Copacabana Beach. It's a great 1/2 mile walk from your place. Also, my boyfriend and I walked 2 miles one night, to get to a restaurant. We thought we'd bypass the taxi for one night. The walk was safe and romantic. On the way back we walked through the beach where young boys were playing soccer. We never felt unsafe at any part of the trip, even the crowded night clubs. A map of the hotels, note that there are a lot of Othons, they are excellent hotels....yours is on the right hand side, where it says "Ipanema Beach" Don't forget to get a visa, and enjoy!!!"
blarney :

Looking to stay during Carnaval if anyone has any further tips about carnaval in Olinda?

amrhappy1 :
"Try looking at this site and see if it helps, Good luck to you."
TD :
"Looking for small bed and breakfast places in Brazil can be a little tricky, especially in smaller cities. Often, the smaller, cuter places might not have a website. Try using the Brazilian "google", called "Cade?" as a tool for your searches. Try words like "albergue", "pousada", "cama e cafe", "hotel", etc. Another approach is to try the local Youth Hostel They often have single rooms and are generally clean and cheap. You might need to get a membership, but that is also cheap. If you chose that option, you should get a reservation in as soon as possible, especially if you want to go there for the carnival months. Also, use Cade? to find Olinda's city website (try "Cidade de Olinda") or their tourism bureau website. If that still doesn't work, e-mail me and I'll try to come up with more ideas. Good luck and enjoy your trip!"
Bill H :
"Cama e Café is the brand name of a network of B&Bs in Rio de Janeiro. They're planning to expand, with Olinda as one of the first targets. At the end of the page in the link below, you'll find information about a couple of "pousadas" (inns) in Olinda. Have a good trip."
sushi :
"try google"
Will :
"I from Brazil, more not of Olinda, i'm of another place Café in Portuguese is Coffee: =&q=Olinda%2BCaf%C3%A9"


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Date: 2008-02-05 17:22:57

Date: 2008-02-05 17:22:57

Para quem está longe do estado ou mesmo para quem quer conhecer a folia momesca de Pernambuco e mora em outra região ou país, a dica é assistir pela internet.

Date: 2008-02-05 17:22:57

IMPORTANT ADDITION TO VOLUNTEER BRAZIL CARNIVAL PROGRAM...It is rare for non-Brazilians to participate and be a part of Carnival Parades - you can if you wish, help out and be a part of some of the parades in Olinda and Recife - this is exclusive to Volunteer Brazil bookings...

Date: 2008-02-05 17:22:57

A member of Brazil's Kayapo nation reacts after competing at the bow-and-arrow competition during the IX Indigenous Nations' Games in Olinda, north-eastern Brazil November 25, 2007. Some 1000 Indians from 40 ethnic groups will compete in sporting events including tug-of-war, spear throwing, blowgun and soccer from November 25 to December 1.

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Olinda is a historic city in the Brazilian state of Pernambuco , located on the country's northeastern Atlantic Ocean coast, just north of Recife and south of Paulista

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