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Ocho Ríos is a town on the northern coast of Jamaica, located in the parish of Saint Ann. It is a popular tourist destination, well known for scuba diving and other water sports.Ocho Ríos was once a sleepy fishing village until it was discovered. Ocho Ríos is a favored destination of many famous beachcombers such as disco diva Donna Summer, and Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones. It is now second only to Montego Bay in importance to the tourism industry in Jamaica.It is a popular destination for cruise ships.Ocho Ríos is also known as the home of Dunn's River Falls. This is a popular at

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Holly :

I'm thinking of honeymooning at the Sandals there... has anyone been there? any advice

leslie s :
"We stayed in Ocho Rios, but not at Sandals. We stayed at a Couples resort. However, I cannot say enough good things about our stay in Jamaica. We had a wonderful time. The country is beautiful. Don't miss the Dunn's River Falls tour! It's awesome. We also did a horseback riding tour where you ride bareback in the water, and the Marley Bus tour to Nine Mile. If you do go, make sure you bargain and haggle for souvenirs, even in the stores. It's fun, and expected by the shopkeepers & vendors. Get your duty free liquor at the airport, it's the same price or less and will be packaged for you and easy to carry. Also let the resort know in advance that it's your honeymoon, they may give you room upgrades or throw in freebies like massages. Have fun!"
shasha :
"wow! thank you Thomas S..very usefull for my next trip...."
kings :
"good luck"
bj :
"Sandals says it all. Ocho Rios is fabulous. Not to confuse the issue take a look at the newest Sandals in Whitehouse. It is exotic. Very private and romantic just got back. The food is to die for."
Sunshine :
"I am getting Married at the Sandals dunns resort! Heard great things! Have fun! Def Go! Congrats!!!"
nice night :

My best friend and I are going to Ocho Rios in a couple of weeks (staying at the RIU och rios). We will be there for 7 nights, and have a lot of activities we want to do. I'm looking for advice concerning what companies are good to go with and what kinds of prices I can expect to pay (in USD please). Some activities we want to do include: Parasailing Snorkeling Swimming with Dolphins (dolphin cove) Zip-lining Horeseback Riding (on the beach) Dunn's Falls (what do people do here anyway?) Also-I would love some tips about other fun things to do there. I'm thinking about checking out the Bob Marley house (love him!) and want to experience some great, authentic Jamaican food and culture. Lastly-we are two 24-year old girls, and do have a concern for safety. I've been told not to leave the resort because it's not safe. Any advice of where to go/not go and still have a good time away from the resort?

Tina B :
"Stopped in Ocho Rios on cruise this past December. Did Dunn's Falls. It was awesome. Took a VERY scary bus ride up a one lane road with steep cliffs. Got to the top Jumped on an innertube into a beautiful blue/green river and floated down. Have heard many bad things about venturing outsided of tourist areas. I know you aren't taking a cruise, but visit, check message boards under destinations, click on Jamaca and get some first hand accounts from people who have been to Ocho Rios. They will steer you to the best vendors to use for excursions, best places to eat, best nightlife, you may be able to books some online and save $$."
harp1123 :
"Just as any country, Jamaica has crime too. First.. Dunns River falls is one of the most scenic falls in the world tha dumps into an ocean. The Attraction is to go to the base of the falls and climb to the top, there are guides who will sho you the best way to go up..cost is about 1-2 American dollars. All the stuff you want to do really should be book through your resort or hotel. it is not to much more expensive."
jess :
"I went to riu in ochio rios last year. (you'll love it). We went through apple... our travel agent found us a trip for about $1,200- $1,300. When you get there apple has a little meeting where they explain what trips you can go on and there is an agent available to help you during the day so you can sign up to do one. I went snorkeling on a trip that combined dunn river falls. (snorkeling was not that great, i didn't see anything!). At dunn's river falls you climb the falls. It's actually pretty fun! Horseback riding on the beach was also cool because they bring you into the ocean and the horses run though the ocean. Zip-lining i did also, it was on a trip where we also did atv rides and hung out. You have to try jerk chicken and ribs while you're there... there is a hut on the beach. All of the trips you just sign up with your agent there and a bus will bring you to where you want to go. I never felt unsafe when i went! the shows at night are really entertaining! You guys will have fun! I'm sorry this is so long, but i hope it helps!"
Sane :
"Ocho Rios is better than Montego Bay, stay away from Montego Bay. We just returned from a cruise there and a Carnival excursion was stopped by a gang, the people were beaten and robbed. We booked our excursion via our cruise line RCCL, and went to a private beach. It was secluded but very nice. To get there though we had to drive through some pretty slummy places. I would suggest having your travel agent help you book excursions or have the hotel help you with that. Jamaica is a paradise but its very poor. The poor people who chose to use that days stop to shop were sorely dissapointed. Once they got out of the excursion bus area they entered a run down area with horrible stores and rude vendors. If your Hotel package is all inclusive they should be able to book excursions with vendors they know and trust. I would take full advantage of all of the activities they offer before I booked an outside event or excursion. The things you mention are about all there is to do. The Dunn's Falls are a big stinking deal for some reason. Every tourist on the planet wants to go there. Its not a big deal. Its a big waterfall in the middle of the jungle that people try to climb. Bring sea shoes or you'll cut your feet up. The other BIG negative about the falls and the White River is that its COLD. The water is absolutely freezing cold. So be prepared to get frozen to death as its very uncomfortable. You can take a raft (preferred) or a tube down the White river to where it empties into the caribbean sea. There is an old resort there, and the beach is secluded, thats were we went and were wondering why the caribbean was so cold there. Then we discovered the source of the freezing water was the White river. Just make sure that any excursion you book includes transportation BOTH ways. I don't know if you can get to Bob Marleys or not. I know you cannot get to Mick Jaggers place which is huge and quite visible up on the mountainside. We found prices fairly reasonable and close to US prices you'd see in shops etc."
bashmentgyal :
"10. Ocean 11 Owned by businessman Manley Bowen, this ocean-front property, comprising bar, restaurant and coffee museum, is a must-see. Ideally located beside the Urban Development Corporation pier, Ocean 11 is a favourite for cruise passengers and hotel visitors. And now that it boasts Latin night on Thursdays and its signature event, karaoke night on Tuesdays, Ocean 11 is a major part of the town's tourism offerings. 9. White River Valley Surrounded by lush green vegetation and an ambience to die for, White River Valley is your ideal getaway spot, especially for couples yearning for some quality time. If you are all about picnics, river tubing and horseback riding, then look no further. 8. Fisherman's Beach Fisherman's Beach is Ocho Rios' version of Helshire Beach in St. Catherine or Little Ochi in St. Elizabeth. Bluntly put, no other place in Ocho Rios offers quality authentic Jamaican seafood. Whether you are a lobster, crab, fish, conch or sea-cat lover, Fisherman's Beach is definitely the place to go. Nestled neatly between the Island Village Shopping Centre and the Reynolds' Pier, it has come a long way in its aesthetic appeal to visitors. 7. John Crows If you are into enjoying your meal at a streetside café while listening to a steady flow of local music then this is definitely the place to be. Clean, exciting and blessed with a top class atmosphere, John Crows is now a major hot spot. Like Fisherman's Beach, it is one of those 'new kids on the block' that should be around for a very long time. 6. Ruins at the Falls Now here is a quality place that is hard to ignore. When you talk about location, ambience and natural beauty, it's not difficult to see why this establishment is considered one of the best that Ocho Rios has to offer. It continues to be the first choice reception spot for newlyweds. 5. Prospect Plantation Wherever you find camels, ostriches, horses and enough wild life to make you believe you are somewhere in the tropics, then that has to be a must-see. No, it's not east Asia or Africa; it's Prospect Plantation in Ocho Rios, where nature in all its splendour awaits. While this place has not done much by way of local advertising, visitors will be pleasantly surprised at how wonderful a tour of this property can be. It is fun, it is exciting and an experience that visitors will not soon forget. 4. Dunn's River Falls Still one of the most popular attractions in the Caribbean, Dunn's River Falls is a favourite for locals and tourists. 3. Margaritaville The real happening spot in Ocho Rios is Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville. Owned by two of the brightest business minds in the country, Brian Jardim and Ian Dear, there is no doubt as to the establishment that commands the bulk of the nightlife in Ocho Rios. Always very innovative, Jardim and Dear have created a top class signature attraction that has served the resort town very well. 2. Hard Rock Café While the jury is still out on this new establishment, it should be able to outclass its competitors in terms of quality and international appeal. I suspect the best is yet to come from this internationally renowned restaurant and bar and if anything, it has raised the bar in terms of quality attractions. If you haven't been to Hard Rock Café yet, then hurry, it's worth going miles to see. 1. Dolphin Cove This is without a doubt the number one attraction in Ocho Rios today. And with the new expansion on the verge of being completed, it's difficult to see how anyone can compete with Dolphin Cove. Other Places to See: Spring Gardens Seafood Bar and Grill, Bi Bi Bips, Evita's, Mama Marley's, Jerkin at Taj, and Coconuts."
Birdies♥ :
"Snorkeling is very fun and free but you have to put down a $100 deposit and whne you come back to return the gear you will get your money back, they donn twant people sleeling things. You cannot go swiming with dolphins unless your rich. OVER 200 DOLLARS A PERSON!! Dunns falls is amazing you go to this place and it a bunch of waterfalls and you walk through them it's SO FUN(more exciting than I put it). And you are staying at the same resort I stayed at in Feb. Just be prepared to be malled by drug dealers. And DON'T leave the resort unless your on a tour. ITS VERY FUN GO HAVE A BLAST!"
sadiekanesam :

Planning a trip to Couples Ocho Rios just not sure when the best time of the year to go would be. I know hurricane season is from June-Nov, but what are the months that Ocho Rios gets the least amount of rain? Any help or advice would be much appreciated!!

sprinter :
"February 80-90 degrees - no hurricanes...not too hot...actually Jamaica is nice all year round..except hurricane season"
Mike B :
"Just look at the weather in Florida and you will know the weather in Jamaica.."
use your imagination............ :
"the only advice i can give you about ochos rios is watch your back at all time. the ppl come up to you and try to sell you weed, and other worthless stuff. if they are desperate enough they will follow you.. i went in june this year and the weather was fine."
paul j :
"the spring months i believe are the best and the busiest. my wife and i actually went to montego bay in july 5th-12th last year and we loved it. perfect weather not really crowded etc. although storms came through about a month later. just make sure you always opt for the trip insurance, it covers problems, storms etc."
Mark :
"The Climate for Ocho Rios, and indeed the entire Jamaica is generall good all year round!. Our climate and weather is typically Caribbean, with temperatures in the 80's and 90's during the day, around the 70's at night. In the winter months its a bit cooler while the summer tends to be a bit warmer as well-but nothing significant-the Jamaican climate is beautiful all year-round! Traditonally, the rainy season begins in May or June and extends through November or December- with the heaviest rains in September and October. Rain can fall at any time of year, however, and it normally comes in short, heavy showers. We are considered to be in the 'hurricane belt' but few hurricanes ever hit Jamaica. This hurricane season runs from June 1 to November 30 each year. August and September are the peak months. Generally though the climate and weather for Jamaica is splendid all year round! "
naynay :


Comments on Ocho Rios

Date: 2008-02-05 17:22:30

Ocho Rios, Jamaica. Probably the most famous site in the region is Dunn’s River Falls and we chose to tour it on our own rather than through one of the cruiseship

Date: 2008-02-05 17:22:30

I was born January in Miami Beach, Florida, and I moved to Ocho Rios, Jamaica in March.My brother is 1 month older than I am. He also moved to Jamaica with me, and my big sisterfrom Florida came to visit us in Jamaica. We had a nice nanny, a big swimming pool, and lotsof toys. In July I went to in Florida to visit my family for a few days.

Date: 2008-02-05 17:22:30

A jolly tune of a steel drum band welcomes you and so do hundreds of merchants trying to sell you almost everything: beer, cool drinks, newspapers, souvenirs. They greet you in the Jamaican manner: 'Yah Mon' (yeah man),

Date: 2008-02-05 17:22:30

Jamaica’s No 2 tourist magnet is about 70 miles from Montego Bay and around the same distance from Kingston. Ocho Rios sounds like ochos rios, Spanish for eight rivers. A more likely name derivation is the corrupting of Las Chorreras, meaning waterfalls. Dunn’s River Falls, after all, is Ochee’s main claim to tourism fame.

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