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// History 1940 to todayDuring World War II, Oban was a busy port used by merchant and Royal Navy ships. The RN had a signal station near Ganavan which is now a private house. Also near Ganavan was a anti-submarine indicator loop station which detected any surface or submarine vessels between Oban, Mull and Lismore. There was a controlled minefield in the Sound of Kerrera which was controlled from a building near the caravan site at Gallanach. There is one surviving air raid shelter in the centre of Oban.There was also a Royal Air Force flying boat base at Ganavan and on Kerrera. The airfield

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Hi does anyone know if or when Oban Star Racers will be out on DVD??? as Play Asia hasn't got it at all... :| ... Ive tried to download it but can only get Episode 1 - 11 and really want to see the rest as I'm totally Addicted to it now... :| ... Can anyone please help me here??? And does anyone possibly know where I can download the rest of Oban Star Racers Episodes 11 - Upwards that have been Seeded??? Thanks!!! ^_^ hehe...

samcsamcsamcsamc :
Iknowsomestuff :
"Sorry, but that's how many episodes are out right now so unfortunately there are no more to download. The dvd won't be available for about another year until all episodes have broadcast in the all the European countries. They're being rolled out in different months depending on where you live."
CrispyEd :

Howdy. If a bloke were to fly into Glasgow, what would be the easiest way to get to Oban from there? Is there rail service direct into the city? Bus service maybe? I know the Oban airport is not open to commercial flights yet so... About how long would it take to get there? Once there I plan on taking a ferry to Coll. It will be good times. Thanks!

AndyGLA :
"The train would be best I think. BTW Oban “airport” opened earlier this month I think, the only flight is a sea-plane service from Glasgow City Centre, the flight leaves from the River Clyde next to the Science Centre and takes around 20 minutes."
brigadoonlass :
"There is also a bus from Buchanan Street bus station."
Grant R, 13 :
"the train is best... my cousin uses train from Oban to Glasgow, heres the times here! this will tell you when the train is leaving, arriving:= full timetables glasgow-oban oban-glasgow: Hope I helped!"
riboid :

i would like to try and find three girls i met at oban festival in late july 2007. names were stephanie, lou and marrianne. stephanie stayed in govan, glasgow, copland road i think, lou stayed in pollokshields, never got marrianes address or location. i know this isnt people finder but not sure any other way to do it. i was with francis and my name is scott from glasgow.

midnite rambler :
"1 girl not ehough for you then,,,,,:)"
dimblonde :
"Was one a blonde with measurements of 35C 23 34, who just lurved wearing stretch PVC? Then it might have been me. Sorry darling, I've moved on now"
gazzump123 :
"next time you go to a festival take a pen and get second names...lol"
E.J :
"You'll be lucky!!"
Mental Mickey :
"Without a last name = Situation hopeless Even with a last name, your chances would be slim to none, but at least you could try online phone directories or search the electoral roll. Next time, take a piece of paper and a pen and pencil!"
Veronica Alicia :
"Hi Riboid As already mentioned, more information is needed - I have a copy of the Electoral Roll on disc, but I need surnames. You could try Friends Reunited or the Glasgow newspaper and send a letter to the "Readers' Letters Column" asking the above question."
bikerbear :
"i bet you caught it from marrie anne !! lol !"
``*~♥~Debbie~♥~*` :
"Omg...i've been looking everywhere for u....i've got sumthing to tell ya...ur going to be a daddy,but hey the festival was brillant eh????Lol xxx"
ShelterBelter :
"I'd love to find 3 girls. One for midnight rambler, one for Bikerbear and one to torture when I was a bit lonely!!!"
falgee2 :
"i met those three at the outsider festival in aviemore in june. boy, they were good fun!"


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Date: 2008-02-05 17:22:11

Midge larvae found in water supply near Oban, Scotland.

Date: 2008-02-05 17:22:11

People in Oban have complained to Scottish Water after finding worm-like creatures in their drinking supply.

Date: 2008-02-05 17:22:11

The seaplane is back - a new service has been launched which will link the Scotish city of Glasgow to the Argyll town of Oban. The company said further destinations were planned, with the Isles of Skye and Mull likely to be added.

Date: 2008-02-05 17:22:11

Want to see how it all ends?

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