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Northumberland has a relatively weak economy amongst the counties and other local government areas of the United Kingdom. The county is ranked sixth lowest amongst these 63 council areas. In 2003 23% of males and 60% of females were earning less than the Council of Europe's decency threshold. As of May 2005 unemployment is at 2.3%, in line with the national average. Between 1999 and 2003 businesses in the county grew 4.4% to 8,225, making 0.45% of registered businesses in the UK.A major source of employment and income in the county is tourism. The county annually receives 1.1 million UK visit

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chrissie :

Can anyone from that area tell me the names of.... the posh areas the nice areas the okay areas the rough areas Thanks What's Cramlington like? If you haven't got anything intelligent to say then please don't answer. Answer to Jamie C: I ask because I have lived abroad most of my adult life but am thinking of moving back to the UK. I have my mother out here but she's now in her 60's & wants to go back. I'm very close to her & so am thinking of joining her. I'm a Northern lass but haven't lived there for so long I'm nervous about returning. I'm not a snob but want to live in a nice area, I don't want to think 'What have I done!' I was trying to get some background on the Northumberland area because I heard that you get a lot for your money property wise. If I do go back to the UK I'll be giving up my whole way of life and it's scary, I don't know if I'm doing the right thing? Thanks to all of you who have tried to help, shame about the silly answers..... Also I have pets so I can't just come back if I don't like living in the UK, if I put them through the stress of moving then it's for good.

sylviasombrafree :
"no i don't know what it is either"
crispy :
"all of it is rough, especially blyth and ashington"
"posh? no nice? nope okay? erm, no! rough? no, they're all a bunch of puffs, If you're looking for a $h!t hole, then Northumberland is the place for you"
101 :
"posh..darras hall, jesmond nice...wickham, low fell. ok,,, lobbly hill, harlow green. rough... anywhere in the west or east end of newcastle.. cramlingtons ok, but is a 1/2 hour drive from the town centre,,,but there are some semi-rough areas in cramlington...but its not that bad,,, some of these people need to educate them selves on the northeast...ive worked all over the place so i know what iam talking about. toon army. lol at `ting tong`, hes winding you up."
Ting Tong :
"Posh area...... Benwell and Elswick... nice holiday home area. Rough area ...... Ponteland and Gosforth bloody rough as **** Vick Pollard and Rab C Nesbitt type of area."
Dr. Sharp :
"Posh areas? Darras Hall, Morpeth, Gosforth, Jesmond, Berwick, Alnwick, Bamburgh. Nice areas? Seahouses, Alnmouth, Wooler, Coldstream, Holy Island. Ok areas? Amble, LonFramlington, Warkworth. Rough areas? Cramlington, Ponteland. Hope this helps."
john c :
"Think Ting Tong is pulling yer leg..Gosforth=Posh, Benwell=Rough. Hexham=Posh and quaint."
Jamie C :
"Posh = Ponteland ( Darras Hall) Jesmond Certain areas of Gosforth. OK = Most of Newcastles suburbs & outer towns eg Heaton/ Cramlington. Rough = Benwell ,Elswick - parts of Fenham ( East & west Ends) Cramlington is OK - good parts and bad, but mostly good. Why do you ask?"
Blokheed :
"Ahem. That's all well and good but what makes you think - just because you have posted this question - that in reality the people of those areas actually want you to join them???"
katjane2004 :
"Ok alot of people on here have mentioned areas which aren't in Northumberland like Newcastle, Gosforth, Low Fell and Jesmond to name but a few. They could be classed as being in the region of Northumbria which covers tyneside as well but Norhumberland is a county in its own right. Posh/nice areas I suppose could be Alnwick (once voted top place to live in UK), Morpeth, Prudhoe Okay areas I would say are Berwick, Cramlington, Wooler etc Rough areas: Blyth, Ashington, Pegswood, Hadston etc Its all down to personal opinion." :
"Katjane2 those of us who were born in the area still class Newcastle as in Northumberland. Crispy, get a life! Ashington and Blyth are no longer rough areas, in fact like everywhere else in the world there are rough bits and 'posh' bits. Cramlington has some really nice areas and some not so nice ones but on the whole it is an ok place to live. The area is mainly 'new' housing and is very sprawling but there are few roads and most of the estates are linked by green space and footpaths. It has some great schools and a small but nice shopping centre and good bus links to Newcastle, Morpeth and the coast."
arl-268 :
"as long as you don`t venture into the slum that is wearside...full of tramps and rentboys...dirty scruffy hole"
Know-It-All or Nothing :

I don't understand what East Northumberland High means....???

flychick :
"I think its the high school that she was supposed to have gone too!"
Sarah :
"Northumberland is a county in PA. Maybe that's where she went to school??"
Flutie :
"i think its about an old boyfriend."
Lori B :
"East Northumberland High is about how Miley used to go to that high school, and she loved a boy, but he didn't love her back. When she moves from there, she moves on, but the boy loves her now that she's a big star. She's saying how she moved on and has realised he's not good for her."
collettehughes2000 :

How did Otterburn in Northumberland get its name

Colin G :
"It must mean Stream Where the Otters Live, doesn't it?"
Firebobby :
"A full history of Otterburn is available on. Enjoy reading."
debbs :
"no idea"
greatheaduk :
"No idea, maybe something of an otter BBQ or something?"
Tempy :
"yes it about 15 miles from morpeth"


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Date: 2008-02-05 17:20:59

On a pile of Roman sewage on a windswept fort in the wilds of Northumberland, an archaeologist found letters that revealed details of the daily lives of Roman soldiers that lived in the first centuries of the Christian era.

Date: 2008-02-05 17:20:59

A Northumberland couple were astonished to receive a late Christmas card from former neighbours - one of whom died two years ago.

Date: 2008-02-05 17:20:59

A WOMAN who fled the country to avoid her newborn child being taken into care has been told she is safe to be a parent after all. Fran Lyon flew to Continental Europe last month to escape a Northumberland County Council social services ruling that her child would be taken from her 10 minutes after birth.

Date: 2008-02-05 17:20:59

A video of what appears to be an object trailing a dark spiralling plume behind it and plummeting toward Prince Edward Island's Northumberland Strait is the focus of intense speculation.

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