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The prospect of civil war in Ireland was seen by some as likely. In 1914, the Third Home Rule Act, which contained provision for a temporary partition, received the Royal Assent. Its implementation was suspended for the duration of the intervening First World War, which was expected to last only a few weeks, but, in fact, lasted four years.By the end of the war, the Act was seen as dead in the water, with public opinion in the majority nationalist community having moved from a demand for home rule to something more substantial: independence. David Lloyd George proposed in 1919 a new bill whic

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smitters06 :

I just noticed that everyone seems to enquire about Dublin and staying there for breaks, does anyone ever go to Northern Ireland or thugh of going to Northern Ireland and if not why, just curious how we as a country are viewed by possible tourists Please not that airports is no longer military guarded and since the peace process interface violence is a thing of the past

ThePerfectStranger :
"More violence in Northern Ireland. Airport is more closely guarded by military. Dublin and southern Ireland is more comfortable - especially from a visitor's point of view."
Jane B :
"I have family and friends in Nor'n Iron and have been there many times. It is great place to be and live in. Belfast is also home to a kick a$$ hockey team, GO Giants! Dundalk home to Team Ireland, Ireland's Olympic hopefuls in hockey. NI is also the where some of the worlds greatest poets,writers and musicians come from and find inspiration. As for the politics I remember I am primarily a Yank and keep my mouth shut out of my cousins kitchens. It is a place of beauty and complexity that people I love have lived in for hundreds of years. That is how this FBI and sometimes "tourist" sees Ulster. How, I can't wait to see her again....."
sandand_surf :
"I love Northern Ireland and have gone there on all but one of my 5 trips to Ireland. I have cousins in Bainbridge, and enjoy visiting them, but I'd head to the north regardless. Anyone who thinks there are real "troubles", hasn't been there and hasn't been paying close attention. You can't even tell when you cross from the north to the south anymore - no checkpoints, no guards, only a sign that says "Welcome to X". Some of my favorite places - driving through the Glens of Antrim, visiting Dunluce Castle, Dundalk is a cute town, even Belfast itself."
blah de blah de blah... :
"It is a little known fact that in a recent UN report Belfast was the city with the second lowest crime rate in the WORLD! I don't know why the NI tourist board is not telling everyone who will listen about this under reported fact. I read it in the local papers when it came out and then never heard another word about it. I am from NI but spend most of my weeks working in the Republic. I work in the arcitectural business and meet people daily who tell me that they have never been to NI but would love to go...well just get in the car and go there then I feel like shouting! It is not more than 5 hours drive from the furthest part of the Republic but if we can't even attract people from the same island we must have a serious problem - and will never be able to attract people from anywhere else I guess."
Mark F :
"I took a trip to Ireland five years ago and went all around the island. It seemed safe then, and I can't imagine how it could ever have gotten worse now. I visited Londonderry, Belfast, and the Giants Causway, and wouldn't mind going back."
Jan P :
"I spent 11 days in Derry (Londonderry) in 2004 and loved it...I'd go back in a heartbeat if I could....beautiful place and beautiful people."
tartu2222 :
"Belfast has to be one of the true "hidden gems" in Europe. What a city. Great people, wonderful things to see and do. I loved it and if I'd only had a bit more time I'd have gone back there this year as well."
Denise :
"Hey im from the north in Tyrone to be specific...there hasnt bin any army men or gurads or wat ever in year, its a good running countyr now,,, even tho the political situation is aload of bollocks! ITS A BEAUTIFUL place to go! there is so much to do! much nicer people than down south an u can understand us better lol! bu im not stayen in ths country.... wen i know that the majority of the population hate me cuz i was born catholic...and im not even a practicing one!! ANYHOO NAT THE POIN come on u know u wanna stay...tiz class craic!!! u will love it!! Slan!"
hanibal_smith_2000 :
"Can i just say dundalks not in northern ireland its been said twice in the answers"
Sam V :

Is Bangor, Northern Ireland a good vacation spot for a student?

rxing :
"very slow paced, but they have good bars and clubs."
sasa :
"Not bad but Belfast has a livelier night life and sometimes Bangor can be more expensive"
ice100 :
"Nope, the best places would either be Belfast or Portrush."
ferrarifan :
"bangor is good for a day out,but not really if you want to spend a long time there on holiday, there are a few bars and clubs, but getting back to Belfast late at night is tricky."
danny a :
"It a lovely place to visit for a day or 2. Bangor is only about 20 mins from Belfast so it's easy enough to get to. There's a lot more to do and see in Belfast but it all depends what kind of vacation your looking for. Shoppings not too bad in Bangor and it does have a lively enough nightlife"
hi2u_uk :
"You will die of boredom, try Belfast or portrush"
Basement Bob :
"OK for a day trip but not much else to keep you occupied. It is a seaport, resort, and yachting center (site of an annual regatta), with some light industry. The Elizabethan Bangor Castle is in the town along with the remains of an abbey founded c.555 by St. Comgall and destroyed by the Danes in the 9th cent. Rebuilt in 1120, it was taken over by Franciscans in 1469. The missionary abbey was dissolved in 1542."
Rachel :
"Portrush would be better because you have Kelly's which is one of the biggest nightclubs in Ireland plus other various pubs and clubs in neighbouring Portstewart. the nearest big town, coleraine, has a uni and most students live in portrush / portstewart. you can stay quite cheaply and there is plenty to see during the day too. check out these websites. if you are planning on flying over the two nearest airports are City of Derry (40 minutes) and Belfast International (1hr 15 minutes)"
jon b :

why are there many different opinions in northern ireland amoung the people on how they should be goverened?

kent_shakespear :
"you either have home rule, or rule from London (or theoretically Dublin, but that is off the table. Or Brussels, but no one is touching that one). If you have home rule, you can have majority home rule of Protestants, some of whom have a history of bigtry against Catholics based on the events of 317 years ago. If so, the Catholic minority is going to object (violently or peacefully). If you have a coalition government which relies on majority and minority support, it is harder to get things done, but things that do get done will have a wide range of support. But some Protestant bigots may complain, peacefully or violently. If you have rule from London, you may have people of both sides who are happy that the others are not getting their say; but you will also have peoiple on both sides who are dissatisfied. If you have rule from Dublin (something Dublin officially gave up claims to in the 1990s), the Protestants are going to be very unhappy, and will be violently opposed to. Thus the best solution seems to be a coalition government guaranteeing minority rights, which has been the path of recent times."


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Date: 2008-02-05 17:20:34

It was hit by a freak wave in the Irish Sea on its journey from Northern Ireland to Heysham in Lancashire and tossed about as rescuers plucked passengers and crew members to safety in daring helicopter rescues.

Date: 2008-02-05 17:20:34

A preview of the match: Northern Ireland v Bulgaria

Date: 2008-02-05 17:20:34

According to the latest Halifax County House Price Survey, which revealed that Armagh, Northern Ireland saw the most impressive growth in the last ten years, properties on average, increased in value by 331 per cent between 1997 and 2007.

Date: 2008-02-05 17:20:34

Northern Ireland face Bulgaria as part of the midweek schedule for international friendlies. Damien Johnson has been recalled to the squad after a years absence to face off against a tough Bulgaria side.

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