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davie :

As I have said I want to land in north island and travel south to the southern island. Are there any busses like in Australia they take you to various areas and then at certain points for accomodation. I will be stopping in YHA's. Time of travel hopefully mid November to mid January. Then possibly fly from Southern Island to head home. Any advice appreciated or good web addies that give advice. Thank you

vivi :
"The two major bus lines are InterCity and Newmans. Website listed below. These 2 are listed on a site saying they give more freedom of locations, so worth a look as well. Have fun exploring the sites and NZ - it's a great country!"
Kevin S :
"Fly into Auckland, then bus down to Wellington via most of the attractions - Rotorua/Taupo/Hawkes Bay. Ferry to South Island Nelson/Abel Tasman/ Kaikoura/ Hamner Springs/ Glaciers and leave from Christchurch."
chez1madpom :
"Fly into Auckland , North Island... For travel and stay check out and for return from South Iand fly from Christchurch... Hope you have a fantastic stay here..."
yankiwi :
"Hi, Check out the answers to the question(s) posted by abluebobcat "
blogger3133 :

We are going for our honeymoon around the end of April for 7 days - should we do north island, south island or both? Any recommendations? Thanks!

prepx3 :
Dr Universe :
"visit both you`ll love it i did"
egrundy73 :
mrsgavanrossem :
"Much depends on what you like doing, so if you're into outdoor activities I'd get a brochure and check what's available where. Queenstown is very good for extreme outdoor activities (although you should check your insurance carefully because if anything goes wrong you won't get compensation in NZ even if the operators are negligent). If you want warm and gentle, try the Coromandel peninsula. But may I offer a couple of pieces of general advice? New Zealand roads (especially in the South Island) aren't built for speed, so if you're trying to estimate driving time between A and B it could be a good deal more than you expect; Wellington is the windiest city on God's good earth, and Auckland is a huge urban sprawl ... if you want to stay in a city, Christchurch is lovely and probably has the most reliable climate, but in your place I'd choose a small town as a base rather than a big city. By the way, the two islands aren't very far apart, so it depends how much you want to travel. And the weather can be very, very variable except in the tiny little sheltered niches, so take layers of clothes as well as stout shoes if you want to go walkies. Plus - especially for the most beautiful part of the South Island - insect repellent. The mosquitoes around Te Anau have probably got very, very hungry since they ate me."
Scott F :
"id travil to south island the heart of the country beautiful land scape north island is just a big place to shop"
Trish from NZ :
"if you come to NZ - you have to do both - would be a shame to miss out on either the North or South Island. But 7 days isnt enough."
Nemesis :
"7 days North Island go to Auckland airport when you land go to Paihia Book into the Copthorne Resort as your base camp and spend your time in The Bay of Islands. Congratulations you will have a ball.Best honeymoon I could think of."
Phil :
"7 days definitely isn't time to do both islands justice, or even to see a few highlights of both... in fact, it isn't even long enough to do justice to one island! Having said that, it definitely is long enough to have a great time somewhere, so you should sit down and think about whether you want to be in cities or the countryside, what kind of scenery you like, what kind of activities you're interested in, etc. It also depends if you already have flights booked, though internal flights are quite cheap and easy to arrange. My personal preference would always be South Island, but of course this is totally subjective. I'd fly to Christchurch, spend a few nights in the mountains, a couple in Queenstown or Wanaka and then fly out of Christchurch again. Have a great trip!"
Jess :
"I recommend the South Island. It has the adventure capital Queenstown, Alexandra is really pretty. Dunedin and Oamaru are historical, Blenheim (marlborough) is gorgeous. The town with the most sun. Blenheim has lots of vineyards so winery tours are a must! I feel safer in the south island...not too sure why but thats just me :)"
iansand9876 :
"If you have seen Lord of the Rings, North Island is The Shire. South Island is everything else."
thenaki :
"Both! I'm originally from the North Island - so many places to go to, especially in Auckland, check out websites on NZ, Auckland,etc. I Hear Christchurch is a beautiful place to visit and Dunedin. There are so many places, check out the websites on tourism in Nz."
wiredangel24 :

My hubby has 12 years in the NAVY and we have a few different options. Hawaii, San Diego and Fallon. Can anyone tell me about North Island or Hawaii? I have been to Fallon. Thanks so much! Support our Troops I DO!!!!

~*Allypooh*~ :
"North Island and Hawaii are both great! I'd pick Hawaii, then San Diego...Fallon is a bit too close to home for me...."
winefp2000 :
"I was in the Navy in San Diego back in the late 60s/early 70s (fleet sailor). In the 90s I was back in La Jolla. North Island NAS is a northern suburb of San Diego. There is sooooooo much to do in southern California from the ocean to the mountains, sand to snow, I think I would opt for North Island over Hawaii. Cost of living in both places is high, real estate especially, but if I were in Hawaii, I'd soon get island bound. San Diego offers many more opportunities, and you can go to Hawaii on vacation. Good luck, and Peace be"


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