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Normandy is a geographical region corresponding to the former Duchy of Normandy. It is situated along the coast of France south of the English Channel between Brittany (to the west) and Picardy (to the east) and comprises territory in northern France and the Channel Islands. The territory is divided between French and British sovereignty.

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Why is there an upper and lower Normandy!? and what are som good places to visit in UPPER [only upper] normandy? churches? monuments? cool buildings?

Ken Guru :
"Normandy is not really devided, Basse-Normandie (lower part) and Haute-Normandie (upper part) are just two administrative regions. They are probably separated because only one region Normandy would have been too large compared to other regions. You should definitely go to Rouen. Though the wikitravel article is still an outline it gives you several hints about interesting places. For details try the official site (but it covers whole Normandy):"
tampa1984 :

im gonna be in dover england and i wanna go to normandy to see the world war 2 d day stuff i had family that fought in normandy what do i do and can i get back to dover the following day any help would be great

Albina T :
"People on forum on can help you with a lot of information. That's the site I use to plan my trips."
Susan T :
"Certainly you can. Go on one of the ferries (Internet for prices and sailings info). Sail back next day. As far as the D Day museums, the cemeteries etc. are concerned, look again on the Internet, pick a town near your embarkation point and go for the local transport. The ferries should have time schedules etc. Best to suss out all the details before you go so you don't miss things or waste precious time. There are lots of reasonable places to stay. If you want a recognized hotel chain at reasonable cost the Ibis are good or you can just find somewhere. Plenty to choose from of all standards. Hope this helps."
Tiramisu :
"Probably you can find some association to let you know in which beach your family came. Anyway, you have to visit at least the fantastic museum in Caen, le mémorial : For that you need half a day, but really it's worth seing to understand exactly what happened. There are some very interresting films. You have also to visit the museum in Aromanches : And you have to visit probably some others beaches to see the exact place you are looking for. There is also an interesting museum in Ouistreham, which is Caen's beach. So I think you'll need 3 days if you want to find. From Dover to Normandy, you will arrive in France near Calais, and you have to drive about 350 km, so 3h30 it's highway. You can try also to come by boat and arrive directly in Ouistreham, but it will be longer to cross the channel, at least 6 hours I think from Plymouth : Some boats go in night, maybe you can spare time in sleeping on the boat ?"
firebird40622 :

Whats the best way to get to Normandy from Paris? I'm looking mainly to visit the D-Day beaches and the American Cemetary. Whats the easiest(and closest to the beaches) town/city in Normandy to get to? Im guessing trains. Are there any major train lines that run close to any of those destinations? Thanks for any help.

Magic Mim :
"Unlike america Europe is very densely populated, which leads to a larger coverage of rail per sqaure mile. French trains are also the fastest in the world and prices are not unreasonable. (the French are the main problems!!) The most important city in Normandy is Caen. It is not far from the beaches at all and is very pretty. While you are in Normandy I'd suggest visiting Bayeux and the tapestry there as well as more WWII sites. It is also possible to get a ferry from Caen to south England, if you so wish, and the prices can also be reasonable (cheaper than Eurostar)."
dot&carryone. :
"If you wish to tour around the WWII battle sites in Normandy you will need some sort of transport at the very least a peddle bike. Ideally, go on an organised coach tour specifically for that purpose. I'm sure there must be such from Paris. I know that there is from London England."
Barry :
"The best way to get from Paris to Normandy is indeed by train (Paris-Caen). Go to, click on Cars/Rail, then Search Rail. You may wish to rent a car in Caen and there are rental agencies (like Hertz) very close to the train station."
Rillifane :
"There are a plenty of regularly scheduled trains from Paris to Caen in Normandy that will get you there in 1 hour 46 minutes. Traveling second class you can pay as little as 15 euros each way. Make Caen your base for exploring Normandy. Caen is itself an ancient city with well preserved architecture and an important place in French history. The city has a good tourist website (in english) here: There is an excellant public bus system that will take you to most of the Normandy Landing sites, the cemeteries, memorials and museums. A one day bus pass can be purchased for 17.70 euros Free bus timetables can be acquired from the main tourist office in Caen on the Place St Pierre and a map of the bus routes can be found here:"


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Les élus du Conseil Municipal de Jeunes vous informent des deux manifestation liées à cette semaine de mobilisation sur la reégion Haute-Normandie.

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The stuff I didnt know about my father and the brave men and women of WW2

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Laetitia Marie Laure Casta (born May 11, 1978 in Pont-Audemer, Normandy) is a French supermodel and actress.

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If there’s one island you’d want to be stuck on, it’s Mont Saint Michel. Although it’s situated in Normandy it’s a popular sight for British people who rent some of the superb Brittany apartments or ‘gîtes’ (bed and breakfast) the region has to offer.

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